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equine-aurora's feedback thread.

Feb 14, 2011

    1. Please post feedback for user equine-aurora here.
    2. Bought a DZ new type boy body from her! Great communication and very friendly. Great condition and shipped faster than I though was possible! I'd love to do business with her again!
    3. Sold her my Dollzone Shoyo boy on a pretty quick layaway. Very friendly, reliable and a joy to work with. Since we live in the same area, I got to meet her before hand and show her the doll before any money exchanged hands. Seems like my boy found a good home :)
    4. I sold equine-aurora a pair of eyes. It was a perfect transaction, and she was great to work with. :D Highly recommended!!
    5. Purchased a DollZone Luke MSD head from equine-aurora and it was a perfect transaction - good communication and quick, safe shipping plus she was patient with my replies being a little slow due to my lack of full time internet access while I was moving. Thanks so much! :D
    6. I bought some Dollmore shoes from equine-aurora! The shipping was fast and the communication was great. Thank you again!
    7. equine-aurora commissioned some dino hoodies from me and was awesome to work with! Payment was quick and so was communication! Very smooth transaction thanks so much!
    8. I bought a DZ boy body from equine-aurora and everything went great. She was very patient with layaway and quick to get him sent out once he was paid. He was well packed and matched her description. I will definitely work with her again should the chance arise. :)
    9. equine-aurora bought a 5-6 inch wig from me. She was a joy to work with! Her payment was sent quickly and communication was perfect : ) Thank you for a pleasant transaction~
    10. equine-aurora participated in my Dollmore GO. Excellent communication and paid right away. Thanks so much for joining!
    11. equine-aurora bought a wig from me. Communication was excellent and she paid promptly.
    12. equine-aurora purchased a pair of eyes from me and was lovely to deal with - pleasant in communication, paying promptly, and notifying me when the eyes arrived. First class. Thank you!
    13. I participated in a Dollmore GO through equine-aurora. Everything was great from start to finish :) Received my items very quickly and well packaged too. Thanks so much. I will surely keep my eyes out on your future GOs :)
    14. I participated in equine-aurora's recent Dollmore group order. Everything worked out very smoothly and I received my items within two days of them being shipped to me! I would not hesitate to join another group order run by equine-aurora.
    15. I participated in equine-aurora's recent Dollmore GO. She kept up communication on the most excellent of levels and shipped like lightning. I would not hesitate to join another group order run by equine-aurora in the future.
    16. Equine-aurora has joined two of my Iplehouse GOs and was a fantastic participant both times. I'd be happy to do business with her in the future. Thank you!
    17. Positive Feedback! :D

      February 2015

      :I participated in the fast Iplehouse GO order run by equine-aurora

      Feedback: It was fantastic through and through! The details were clearly listed and communication was flawless. If there were any problems (such as an item being out of stock), I was notified immediately and anything that needed to be changed was made. She also ensured that we were able to get it in within the sale time frame, which was awesome. My items shipped quickly and were well packaged. Great experience! :D

      Would I do business again? Definitely! :D
    18. iplehouse GO. positive, everything arrived quickly and safely, thank you!
    19. I participated in an Iplehouse group order organized by equine-aurora. Very positive transaction for me. She kept everyone up to date with information, sent out invoices promptly, and got my items in the mail quickly! :) Thanks for running a smooth GO, equine-aurora!
    20. I participated in an Iplehouse Go with equine-aurora. They were very professional, kept in great contact, and my package arrived will packed and very quickly. There was an issue with an item I wanted going out-of-stock right before the order was placed but everything was handled well. Would definitely recommend.