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Err...Heads up! Elf Yder somewhere in the future...

Oct 11, 2005

    1. Um... Oops....
      I think I accidently gave them an idea....Sorry guys! I've heard talk of him coming sometime next year... Hmm! We should keep an eye on Sean and the boys..... Sneaky, Sneaky Luts!
    2. Sean seems so sweet. I've emailed him MANY times. I feel like I've pestered him. I'd loved to see an Elf Yder, but I don't see myself buying one.
    3. Ah, Liria said she had heard about this. Be next year, hopefully. I pray for March as I will have the cash then for him.
    4. Any word on if he's limited edition or not?

      ... he'd better not be. Cerberus Project needs a standard Elf boy, damnit!
    5. I will be disappointed if he's standard. I want an affordable Limited.
    6. I'm okay, either way, as I'm prepared for him now. >_> *shakes her "Emergency Elf Yder" jar*
    7. xDDD Yesss... *shakes Elf Yder stocks and grins* x3