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Eternally preserving your dolls may be a reality?

Jul 14, 2010

    1. Brilliant discovery of the web courtesy Haiku, of whom was too shy to post this for herself. ;p

      Imagine an aerosol spray that not only prevents UV radiation damage, but protects from water damage, dirt, bacteria, and even acid - and is so thin that it is only fifteen to thirty atoms thick. You can preserve your doll entirely from yellowing, from scuffs - you can throw the doll into a pot of curry and it will come out completely unscathed. The mess will simply roll off like kiddy markers on glass. And then imagine this spray is flexible, thin, breathable, and can be used not only on the doll's resin but on the wigs, on the shoes, on the shoes... even in your own house and life. And it's only about as dangerous as a can of MSC. Apparently this aerosol, called liquid glass, is now real and soon to be sold in Europe for about $8 a can.

      There's a catch, though - it cannot be removed (er, rather, it wasn't mentioned how it comes off and based on how it repels stuff, I don't think it'll easily be removed), and instead naturally takes anywhere from months to a year for it to wear down.

      That would mean whatever faceup is sealed, cannot be taken off until the liquid glass wears down naturally. That would mean body blushing cannot be removed. Would apoxy stick to it? That would eradicate the option of additive modding. Could we sand it off? Or would that prove ineffective?

      Given it is doll-compatible, would you use this on your doll to preserve it as-is? Or would the fear of never being able changing your doll again - or at least until a long time later - deter you?

      Edit - Liquid glass in action
    2. Interesting... I wouldn't want to permenantly preserve faceups. As I've gotten better at them, I redo my dolls periodically -- even with nice custom faceups, there's the possibility (and this did happen once) that I might want to change the character and the faceup would have to be redone.

      Body blushing and tatoos that are a pain to redo...well, that would be tempting, but I think the above still applies. A super tough sealant that stayed on until you chose to remove it would be great, but if it can't be removed then I don't think I'd be willing to take the chance.

      The one possible exception that I could see is if I needed to dye or paint a doll to match a character's skin tone, because it's so much work to have to redo.
    3. Hhhmmmm... I don't know. I really don't!

      Sounds like an amazing invention if it can live up to all those claims and doesn't prove to have some unforeseen side effects, but to be honest, I like the idea I can change my dolls whenever I want to. I was just looking at Beatrix and wondering when I will get the time to bevel her eyes some more and change the way I painted her mouth... even when I have gotten a doll "perfect" (to me at least) that doesn't mean I won't change my taste in a few months/years down the line. That's the best thing about this hobby, changing everything, the glass spray would just turn them into big even more expensive Tonners!
    4. I like the idea, but I don't know. I would need to know more about it
    5. I would be all over this. I do not feel the need to change my dolls face-ups if they are done well. It would certainly be nice to feel more security about your doll's aging.
    6. I am not a fan of the idea that my doll can never be changed. I like that they yellow. It reminds me of how long I've had them, and I like to be able to change the faceup if I can.
      It really doesn't matter to me what time does to my girls, because that's time for you.
    7. The idea of permanently preserving body blush and a perfect faceup is very appealing, but I would want to know more about it before trying it on an expensive doll.
    8. Well, since the stuff apparently does wear down, I assume that if one wanted to change a face-up or do mods, they would still have the option, it would just be a bit of wait.

      As for me, since I'm only just contemplating putting my foot into the serious modding/face-upping side of this hobby, I would love to be able to protect my doll better-- I've actually been living without my doll in the house for the last week because I want her in an air-conditioned environment during the worst of the summer heat-- so Yes (good heavens, yes!), I would be extremely happy to have something like this for my doll.
    9. I can't help but wonder if this might be a suitable cure for yellowing then (preventative?). What is stopping someone from coating blank doll to prevent yellowing and then applying makeup and such over the top? I'd assume it can't be rubbed off with paint removers?
      That way you could change the doll as much as you want.
    10. Of course, you could just spray the body and leave the head be for faceups. Chances are since it's sealed anyway, it wouldn't really NEED liquid glass, it's just a nice idea for faceups that you'd want to keep like LE faceups. This wouldn't be intended to replace sealants as some kind of super-sealant; they would still be needed to secure pastels and such. It would be a coating, more intended to protect the doll from not only yellowing, but completely protect it from staining and make it resistant to heat.

      Anyway, obviously, sometime if I can, I'd try to obtain some of this and experiment on a pair of hands or something. Try it out, see if it's safe on resin, and how well it works to repel various substances... I don't know if this stuff is completely legit, though, it was just an idea...
    11. I would LOOVE this. Really it depends on the doll, but I got a brand new baby from volks today and the thought of her faceup wearing off with time breaks my heart. There are some dolls who I like to paint myself and change it often, but others are absolutely perfect in my eyes and I want them to stay like this always. But if the spray naturally wears off in a year you could redo the faceup then, or just reapply the spray im sure. I hope theres more research into this with dolls, Id love it! Plus then I could touch the faceup all I want mwahahahaha
    12. Even if we seal the blank doll with the liquid glass, would our Testors, Volks, or MSC sealants even stick to liquid glass? I don't think it would. Who knows. But I am all for buying some Luts neck donuts and going test-crazy if/when this product comes out and will be available in the US either locally or through web.
    13. I think I like change a bit too much for this product, but it is a nice thought/option.

      Though, would it really stop yellowing? From my understanding, oxygen (oxidation) is part of the yellowing process. Cutting out UV and such is great, but if the resin can still oxidize over time, it will still go yellow.

      Then again, most of my kidlins have yellowed since many of them are 4+ years old and I like to play with them. I don't mind the yellowing (so long as it's not YELLOW). :lol:

      As for spraying the doll before blushing/face-up and if the MSC would stick to it...does MSC stick to glass? If so, I believe it would stick to liquid glass. I work in ceramics and deal a lot with silica and materials that become vitrified (non-porous, like glass) through processes. If what is written about liquid glass is true (the part about its composition), then it can be treated like a glass-like material. I believe Testors can stick to glass, so it should, theoretically, stick to liquid glass.

      Who's up for some testing? :lol:
    14. I would love to see some testing on this product. And I believe yellowing happens not only as oxidation (the very even, subtle and creamy colors) but also from the uv light exposure that makes some dollies go bananas and have tan lines. I think our dolls would still change a little since the product is breathable, but we wouldnt have to worry about sun exposure. This is exciting!
    15. Does it look shiny or matte I wonder. That is also something to consider -- I think it would be more viable if you could spray the doll and then spray regular sealant over top and then faceup. I expect that it would be easy enough to test on a cheap doll or spare part.
    16. I'm for it. I'm not that interested in changing my doll's faceups.
    17. It's supposedly nano-thin, so it doesn't look like anything. It would be invisible to the human eye.
    18. I would love to apply this to additive modding after the mod is done and colour matched imagine the hassle it would save me X3... though will it have chemical reaction against other sealants?

      I would prefer the flexibility of being able to change my doll's face-up whenever I want to, so I probably won't try this unless it can be easily removed with some non-resin melting solution. Though I believe sanding will probably remove it, but why rick loosing some surface resin? It would just make my job harder when I fee like redoing my dolly's face-up:sweat
    19. As an update, I do not think you could apply sealant or pastels/paint/etc over this. The whole idea is that nothing sticks to it and everything from dirt to UV radiation is repelled. I would perhaps only apply this on a doll's body, or the face only if it has some sort of special LE faceup. However, you can also apply this to doll clothes, wigs, and eyes (particularly soft glass ones). I think that not only would it make those things very easy to clean, but it would work both ways and keep the item from staining the doll if you didn't want to apply it to the doll's body directly. As for having a reaction with sealants... it's supposedly made out of diluted silicon dioxide (aka glass), so I doubt it.

      Here's a video that shows this product at work.
    20. For people who have dolls how they want them or look really nice it sounds wonderful, it does wear off in months to a year or so, right? But for people like me who like to constantly change everything (I'm constantly redoing my room, my online profiles, etc.) it wouldn't be so great.