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Etsy sellers and crafters using doll images....

Jul 6, 2010

    1. I remember speaking a while back to the girl who owns this shop:

      Now, she offers "Blythe doll" compacts as a free gift (shows she either is trying to cover herself with a "gee, I didn't know" excuse, or really doesn't know what a BJD is)...so I'm not sure if it really counts as making a profit with them.

      She claims to do the lenticular deal herself, to make the eyes open and close, so she's at least (supposedly) making the compact herself, however, of course, the images are copyrighted. However, I'm not sure if they're distorted company photos or pictures taken by doll owners.

      Regardless, I'm not sure if this would tie in with typical mass-marketed materials, but I'm curious how you'd feel about buying from this seller, knowing the images didn't belong to her.
    2. Well... Considering that at least two of those dolls in the example ones are very easily recognizable as Volks... I think I would personally stay away from her. I mean, the lucky cat cameo you linked to is kind of cute, but the "gee I don't know" kind of answer to asking if she knows about the copyright issues kind of raise some red flags for me. Even if she isn't selling them specifically, they are an advertized part of a transaction. Even if they aren't off the company website, if they weren't her pictures, that's not cool (Also kind of raising an eyebrow at her claim to make the holographic dealie- I imagine that would take some specialized equipment not found in the average home craft room...)
    3. It doesnt really seem right, but as I was admiring your own shop, you used copyrighted pics... (Like Wall-E)
    4. I don't know what she claims, but those mirrors are mass-produced Chinese low-quality kind of stuff. I've seen them for sale here in "Chinese" stores. I highly doubt she makes them, she must be just buying them in bulk dirt cheap and offering as freebies.
    5. I agree, they look like one of the many doll related random items that come from China, and in China, the copyright laws are very different.
      Besides, Twisted, you yourself are using disney characters, which is basically the same thing.
    6. I wouldn't buy from shops like these because the items just look cheap, as is with many resin jewelry shops I've browsed through. She's using copyrighted images just like many other sellers (including you) and whether people buy them or not, it won't deter the market for cheap and 'cute' merchandise like that.
    7. The pictures of the dollies are very familiar. In fact, they were the same pics that were on some stickers that I bought four years ago in China. Yep, I agree, I am positive they are mass created trinkets or w/e in China.

      Edit: Yeah....I also see kuromi in your webshop, it's also copyrighted. Regardless, it's up to an individual to buy these items or not. Whether a buyer supports this or not, it's up to them to decide. Like Jirachi, I tend to avoid shops like these.
    8. Interesting...Those are volks dolls on those compacts definitely. I don't understand why she would do that, and yes her stuff looks like OK quality, still super sketchy to me!
    9. I dont buy things with copyrighted images, as cute or as cool as they may be. It just goes against my moral code. Hello kitty, disney, bjds, etc etc. I like buying from real artists like mimi who design their own original characters and prints etc for things that they sell.
      Thisis exactly why I don't even bother looking at jewelery especially 'cute' jewelery on etsy.
    10. Honestly it doesn't really bother me.

      And gazing through your shop, I don't think it bothers you either. ;)
    11. I would not be comfortable buying from the seller at all -- nor from anyone who uses material that requires licensing, but doesn't attain it. I drop a decent bit of change to acquire legal and legitimate art resource material to keep my business legal, ethical, and above board. People doing this aren't just spitting in the eye of the original company that owns the trademarks to these characters or their likenesses, but on people who do legitimately pay for the rights to use reference or stock materials in their artwork.
    12. Seen those compacts all over Ebay with every ABJ to Blythe collectable doll name possible in the title of the listing.

      When it comes to stuff with dolls on it my preference is towards pictures of my dolls, or a doll that looks very close. I found some stickers in a discount shop once and bought them, not knowing a thing about these dolls then, when I got my first issue of Dolly Dolly I found where the dolls had come from.

      Anyone who thinks nothing of it needs to think about it happening to them. You've worked hard to make something, or take an iconic picture of your doll, and someone else decides to make money with it. They might even pull the "I took that picture myself" card or the BS another artist pulls.
    13. lmao, exactly! Do you own the copyright to The Lion King, TwistedKitty?!

      I don't really think there's much to discuss here - either someone is OK with buying etsy crafts that illegally use copyrighted images, or they're not. A good few years ago, eBay cracked down on this sort of thing, to try and stop it happening; I suspect etsy will too, soon enough.
    14. They're not even 'crafts' because the person buys them and gifts them, not makes them. I think that makes a slight difference.
      But I agree, you either mind, or you don't. Personally, I don't mind that much, because the original makers of the items will get mere pennies. If it was more expensive items, I think I would care a bit more.
    15. eBay is still absolutely rife with it though :XD:

      It annoys me more on Etsy because Etsy is supposed to be about ORIGINAL hand-made works, and IMO it devalues the people who ARE using their own illustrations/photos to create the products.
    16. You can report things like that to Etsy too and they can remove it. It is for hadmade stuff only, vintage (which they are not) and supplies (which they are not).
    17. almaxaquotal, lmao! Er, at least they try? :XD: I don't see any visible attempt at etsy trying to crack down on copyright theft, but then admittedly I don't use it all that much.

      snow, a copyrighted image is a copyrighted image, surely? I don't really see the difference between selling on a packet of Barbie stickers and selling a necklace with a Barbie sticker on it - the necklace might be more creative, but in neither cases does the copyright holder make any money.

      Personally, I don't really have any strong feelings on this - if it's a cheap item and is cute, I might buy it, just like I have on occasion bought a fake designer handbag, for instance. I just don't think this is a doll-specific issue.
    18. almaxaquotal, I believe at least 1/2 of Etsy is filled with non-handmade goods. >.>;; Most items are mass made cheaply and then imported. Some look like they're handmade like a zippered pouch but then who knows? Who knows whether if that person has a workshop somewhere where they can mass make tons of the stuff?

      mortimer, It seems like the OP called herself out on this issue too, it seems almost hypocritical. Why use someone else's shop when your shop can be an example?

      I also agree these items won't affect people's like or dislike for a doll.
    19. At least one of the images is the company photo of Angell Studio's Gabriel.
    20. Of course, copyright is copyright. But like I said before, most of these things are made in China, where the copyright laws are very different, and this is pretty much legal. I'm not sure how that transfers to these items being sold in other countries, but once they're made in China, the harm is already done.
      And in this case, this person GIFTS the items. She doesn't make the items and doesn't make money out of it, unlike the original poster, who makes items with copyright images and sells them.
      But you're right. It's not really a doll related issue. It's just a general issue.