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European Contributor for Fairyland & dealer for Souldoll + more~ Triskel Fantasy Shop

Aug 8, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      [​IMG] Hello, [​IMG]

      It was about time we introduced ourselves here ^^

      We are Triskel Fantasy Shop, a BJD/hobby Company located in Europe, The Netherlands. We have clients all over Europe and sometimes overseas.

      Triskel Fantasy Shop has recently become European contributor of:
      - Fairyland,

      But we are also European dealer of:

      - Piposland
      - D.I.M Doll in Mind
      - Cherish Doll
      - Monique
      - Cheerydoll

      Curious? Please visit www.triskelfantasy.com

      Our site is by default in Dutch but can be set to english.
      On the left side of the page you can change the language and currency of the site to your likings.

      We are still putting products in store, so keep an eye on the shop if you are interested ;)

      If you have questions you can always contact us via our shop, but also via this thread or a pm if you like.
      Thanks very much :D
    2. [​IMG]

      YAY, a new update for Triskel Fantasy Shop! :D

      We have added new products to our store like eyelashes, wigs and other accessories.

      But we haven't forgotten the latest dolls.
      Triskel Fantasy Shop is European dealer for Souldoll, D.I.M. (Doll in Mind), Pipos and Cherish doll. These companies recently created new beauties, which we also added to our store.

      For more information visit www.triskelfantasy.com
      You can always ask us a question. I am happy to answer them.