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Update European dealer Dolls Department 25-Discounts and New brands

Jun 5, 2009

    1. Hi everyone!

      Yes!! As of today we also carry Demon Garden dolls and they will be added as pre-orders to our website in the first week of July 2009! The option to place your pre-order will be available at that time.

      Discount on 1/3 Angel Of Dream dolls
      Just for a short time we will offer all 1/3 Angel Of Dream dolls at a very nice price and if you really like a good deal; you register with us and take another 5% discount on top of it!:thumbup
      And don't forget to fill in your Birthday to receive a discountcode on your Birthday with a value of 15 euro! (check our General Conditions, section 8 for more information).

      The 1/3 Angel Of Dream deal starts coming weekend, read all about it overhere.

      For all the other new brands we recently added to our assortment we still are in the process of adding new products.
      Check the Unidoll and Nightfall departments for there are some pre-order products added already. If you're looking for a special item of one of the brands we carry and it isn't mentioned yet, just ask and we put it with priority in the webshop for you.

      Thank you for your patience, may questions occur, please don't hesitate to contact us. If you call us and get the voicemail; please leave a message with your name and phonenumber in it so we can call you back within 24 hours.

      Enjoy the weekend!
    2. Bump! For rectification on pre-orders about Demon Garden Dolls. The previous message was edited. Please read.
    3. Are you ready to order your Angel Of Dream 1/3 boy or girl with face up?
      Good! Than buy yours Here!

      Even the older molds that aren't available for direct order with Angel Of Dream can be ordered through our webshop:)
      We are talking about 3 boys; Gu, Mo and Jay.

      [​IMG] [​IMG]Mo


      Have a wonderful day and enjoy the Sale!