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Update European dealer Dolls Department 25 -New:Fairygarden dolls, Unidoll, Nightfall plus..

May 26, 2009

    1. All the brands mentioned beneath are available through our webshop
      Dolls Department 25.


      New brands are:
      • Unidoll
      • Fairygarden dolls
      • Dollmini
      • Nightfall
      • Releaserain
      • KK Workshop

      We are in the process to add every item to the webshop and it will take some time. If you already would like to place an order or have some questions we are gladly at your service.
      You may contact us through our website via a contactform or e-mail and of course it's possible to give us a call.

      Also there will be an adjustment on the Angel Of Dream prices so for now it's not possible to order directly from the webshop. Soon this facility will be at your service again. Thank you for understanding:)

      If you would like to see more of Dolls Department 25, please visit our website and you'll find a link to our on-line photo album.

      Have a wonderful dolly day!

      Stella from Dolls Department 25
    2. Can you please post your web site shop address? Thank You
    3. Hello!
      Im intrested in Unidoll!
      I tried to find the prices browsing your page, but it didnt work.
      Is the website not finished yet?
    4. Hi Azraelita,

      That's correct, we're still working on the website and we're aiming for today to have some Unidoll dolls up to see and ready to order.
      Thank you for your interest, kind regards,

    5. Will your site be available in English (or is it already and I'm just missing the link?)

      Thanks for pointing it out! I knew it had to be there somewhere, but somehow I kept missing them!
    6. Thanks lilemokai for your assistance:)