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Update European Dealer for Limhwa/EOS doll

Jun 12, 2011

    1. Hello everyone :)

      We are very excited to announce that we've become European dealer for Limhwa doll.

      The beautiful Limhwa dolls will soon be available through our shop.
      We are now gathering information to put them online as soon as possible.

      The new EOS dolls will also be sold under the name 'Limhwa dolls'.
      EOS stands for 'Goddess of Dawn'. The EOS dolls have a slightly larger body (60cm).
      The body is more mature and sexy according to Limhwa and can be combined with the 57cm doll heads 'Half Elf', Luna and Elly.
      But Limhwa also let us know that they changed skintones. They don't use french resin anymore, and their 'normal skintone' has changed in colour and is now called 'normal beige'.
      If you have some questions about Limhwa dolls, you can always send us an email.

      For more information you can keep an eye on our blog, or have a look in our shop.

      Kind Regards,
      Team Triskel Fantasy
    2. Will you be carrying the entire Limhwa range in the future? I'm really asking after the Limho Mono's in particular.
    3. Yes, we will also be carrying Limho Mono.

      This is the list of dolls we will be carrying. Limhwa didn't mention Limho Mano yet, but we required about him to be sure we will be carrying him or not. Maybe they forgot to add him to the list :)

      60cm: EOS & Nina (Normal Beige + White skintone)
      57cm: Half Elf, Luna & Elly (Normal Beige, White skintone & tan skintone)
      43cm: Limhwa Leda (Normal Beige, White skintone & tan skintone)
      44cm: Limho Mono (Normal Beige, White skintone & tan skintone)
      27cm To You: Sara & Mari (Normal Beige, White skintone & tan skintone)
      26 cm: Do, Le & Mi (Normal Beige, White skintone & tan skintone)
    4. The other way round will the EOS and Nina head also be available with the Limhwa body? (I don´t like the mature EOS body very much)
    5. @farin,
      I am not sure, so I have sent them an email about it.
      They did tell us that the EOS heads are a bit smaller compared to the 57cm doll heads.
      EOS head = 19 cm in circumference, and Nina = 21cm.
      The 57cm elf head is 21.5cm and the 57cm human head is 23 cm in circumference.
      So there will be a slight difference in the proportions of the total look if it would fit. I will post the answer here for you.

      Kind Regards,
    6. Is there any possibility that Limwha ever will work in French resin again?
    7. I emailed Limhwa about this and their response was that they won't. I don't know if requests would change her mind, but for now it seems she's firm on keeping urethane resin, only.
    8. @farin,
      We asked and their answer was that the other way around (the EOS, Nina head on an 57cm doll body) will not work.
      The 57cm body has a shorter neck and the heads of the EOS are smaller which makes the combination strange.

      @Quiet Queen
      Like Dollsoflace said :)

      Thanks for answering the question.