New Company European dealer of Dollfie Dreams

Jul 18, 2016

    1. Now you got a DD retailer in Denmark, Europe!


      A lot of items are on the site, ready for purchase.
      If you are interested in eyes, wigs or clothes not featured, don't be afraid to contact - I can easily push items of interest in front of line and add them before other stuff.

      I look foward to doing business with you guys!

      Best regards,
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    2. Is there any chance you could become a dealer of the Super Dollfie line as well in the future?
    3. Sadly Volks will not offer this option :)
    4. Do you have any plans selling Volks face up supplies (paint/thinner/ etc)? :3
    5. If it's created by Volks - and not just sold by them - I should have access.
      So please let me know if you have something specific in mind and then I can check for it.
    6. Will you offer Dollpa items? For example, the dolls/clothes that will be sold at the Nagoya Dollpa.
    7. That will entirely depend on Volks and I haven't heard about that specifically yet. Naturally anything Super Dollfie I will not get, but if it's in the Dollfie Dream category I hope I will get access to it :) Some limited sales are for "on site" events only though and not available for DD dealers, so only time can show ;)
    8. Free coupon for!

      5 euro discount on any purchase made in July 2016.
      Includes any discontinued items as well.
      10 Euro minimum purchase.
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