Event fantasies

Sep 23, 2016

    1. Hi everyone!
      I thought it would be fun to make a thread about holliday themed BJD's you've always wanted to see, but, haven't happened.
      (Yet ^^ ) I do encourage you to list a company, a holiday theme, and a reason why you've always wanted to see *insert brand name here* have a *insert holiday theme here*. Long and short responses alike are welcome! I'll go first :D

      Company: Doll Chateau ❤️
      Holiday: Halloween ⚰
      Why: Halloween is my all time favorite holiday. I wait all year for the scent of freshly carved jack-o-lanterns to fill the crisp air while the colorfully decorated haunted houses illuminate my way around town. It's the one night a year I can be totally weird in public without anyone thinking I've recently escaped an asylum lol Not to mention seeing everyone in my village having one night a year to let loose is very refreshing. Plus, I love taking my little sister trick or treating; I pass on my tips/tricks about the best places to get candy and how to scare the crap out of people lol
      All the fun, weird, scary, beautiful, aspects could make a wonderful BJD. That being said, who better to design such a doll then the masters of unique and creative sculpting? Doll Chateau is one of my favorite companies by far and I was very suprised to see they haven't done a Halloween inspired doll. I seriously think I would die of happiness to own a DC Vampire, jack-o-lantern, or zombie themed doll~! Every year I cross my fingers and nothing. I'm optimistic for this haunted season and I really hope to see what their take on October 31st is. If DC does do a Halloween event, I hope we find out soon! I've been wishing for this theme since Doll Chateau's debut back in 2011. /)@[email protected](\ I think that's a long enough wait lol

      Well, I showed you mine xP Now you show me yours!!!
    2. Company: iplehouse, Luts or Doll Chateau
      Holiday: Christmas/winter holiday
      Why: I get pretty excited about any event going on when I'm buying a doll! I usually only have money to buy a brand new doll in December after getting holiday gift money so I think a cool event would be a surprise mystery holiday event, like a Secret Santa almost. For example maybe a secret gift worth 10% of what you spend but you don't know what the gift will be. I love surprises, so buying a $700 doll and getting a $70 value gift bag of clothes, shoes, eyes, etc would be really cool and it would be like being a kid on Christmas again as I open it. I chose the above companies because those are the ones I'm most likely to buy from next. XD
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    3. Soom
      Any Holiday
      Kits. Loose heads. More skin color options. Lowered costs.
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    4. I totally agree! I love the idea of a 'secret Santa' theme! Especially for people like me who often forget to buy little things here and there :P Shoes never seem to get on my dolls feet lol
    5. I love the idea of extra heads ^^ I'd defiantly like to see Soom do that; they can sculpt like nobody's business.
    6. Actually, Doll Chateau is running a Halloween event now - a new 58 cm girl and some adorable little creatures!