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Event for the middle autumn days(new goods for doll family until 9.14 0:00)update pic

Sep 6, 2008

    1. Event for the middle autumn days:
      * Free Face-up and limited wood box are special present limited for this event.
      doll family have make a new doll's pet named pupu~
      he could be a bear or a panda(see the pics,just the model,we don't want to infringe up on the copyright)
      you just need 29.99 USD to get pupu(with face-up.choose one in the pics)
      a limit wood box(not for sale)
      if you buy 10 in one time,you will get a present~
      the shipping:
      1-5 set:20 USD
      5-10 set :28USD
      11-20 set:36USD
      the size:
      1/3(larger use)
      1/4&bb(27-45cm's doll use)

      payment: only paypal(easylk2@163.com) & DHgate(no make up beacause fee is high)
      make up no。1
      make up no。2
      update pictrue/
    2. update pictrue.

      limited wood box 's photo.