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Event Heads: What do you do with them?

Jul 28, 2009

    1. Have you ever recieved an event head while buying something from a doll company? If so, what did you do with it? Was it sold? Kept to make a new doll? Was the head intended to be a certain doll or was it really just something extra?

      I just got a Luts Summer Event head with my newest doll. My first intention was to practice face-ups on it, but later decided that I should just sell it in a perfect condition since I don't like it enough to keep. However, since I am somewhat fond of the sculpt, I'm sort of itching to make a complete doll of him and then perhaps sell that as a sort of full-set. Then again, this would take a great deal of time, money, etc for something that may never sell (which then just brings me back to the second idea).

      I'm curious to know what everyone does with the event heads!
    2. With Fairyland last December if you had over $300 in an order you could get a puki puki faceplate of your choosing and I wanted the Piki Singing Plate. Yeah it's sat in the baggy it came in and I'm really thinking of selling it cause I'm never going to use it.
    3. When I ordered my Jin Akanishi and Tomohisa Yamashita Minimees from DIM, I got two sleeping Cloud event heads. I sold one to a person who had been hoping to get a Cloud head (and she's made him gorgeous! so glad I was able to sell him to her~ :)), and the other I turned into my Mephostophilis from The Tragic History of Doctor Faustus (I am such an English major nerd... XD). So I guess that you could say that I've done both: sold the event head and also kept it to turn into a full doll.
    4. I have got a summer event head by Luts in this year. I do not want to sell it. I will learn to do make-up on it. I want to paint image of "Autumn": peachy cheeks, dark brown eyes, red wig and gold tattoo on the temple.
    5. I also got the summer event head from Luts when I ordered HD : Lolly, so now I'm using it to practice face-up. Maybe I'll make him (or her) into a complete doll... but I'm not too keen on SD though. I like MSD, but we'll see what happen next.
    6. I got a bonus sleeping head with my Brownie order and plan to use it to practice doing a faceup on. I also like having it as an option for photo shoots.
    7. I received a head as part of an event in march, though it was not an exclusive head, it was more of a general - you buy whole dolly, we give you a free head of any of our other ones. So, I got this adorable free one and he is being put on a teenie gem body once I get it ^^
    8. If I didn't like the sculpt I'll sell it to finance other dolls xD
    9. I've yet to order during an event... but if I did, I'd try and swap the head or give it away to a friend or something, rather than asking money for it, since I didn't pay for it in the first place... ^^;
    10. I got an event head from DOD. I got him with a faceup, put him on a DOD body I stole from one of my other boys, dressed him in one of the outfits I bought from DOD and he's gorgeous. That's him there <---- in my avatar :)
    11. The only event head I've received by directly participating in the event, was a "buy a doll get any other head of your choice the same size free" event. So I ordered her a body, and she came all strung up, she's never actually existed as a floating head. ^_^

      I also purchased in a group order an event faceplate, that I like but haven't been able to get a body for yet, so s/he is still just sitting in a drawer waiting for me to get to him/her set with a body (there's a couple ahead of him/her).
    12. I normally sell them... To be true, I still haven't kept any xD Though I've tried xD
    13. I should have an event head coming in the Fairyland order I'm waiting on. As soon as I saw the name of it, long before they even released photos, I knew it was going to be a new character! So I'll be painting it up and keeping it, and I'm more excited about it than about the whole reason for the order - a body for my Shushu. If I got a head I didn't particularly like, though, I'd probably sell it - or if it didn't seem likely to sell I'd practice faceups on it.
    14. I've got the Luts summery head. I'm having it sitting somewhere with wig and eyes. my intention is to make him complete someday.
    15. I've gotten a few Luts event heads in the past. I didn't make an order to get them, it just happened. Honestly, I can't paint anything because of my asthma, so I really couldn't do anything with them, I just sold them.
    16. I even got a full doll :D DollZone Christmas Event usually involves tiny dolls... I sold it. I wasn't interested in tinies at the time at all. Now I am waiting for Luts Summer Event head-- I am going to sell it also. Don't like the eyes.
    17. I would keep the head and buy a body for it. If it was a sleeping event head, I would mod its eyes open, and create a character around it. I don't think I could sell it, I would grow attached right away ^^; like an instant friend for the doll I bought.
    18. My only doll is a Floating Head my friend got from an event.
    19. look at it this way: yay a free hed! if u h8 the hed u can always sell it fo mony. and if u love it, u can gert it a body and(if no faceup) faceup.
    20. I got the Summery head from Luts. Originally I meant to sell him to fund some summer outings but once I'd given him a face-up I just fell in love. Now I wanna get him a body. ^_^