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Event Petite Let!: Uriel

Jan 27, 2006

    1. I don't think this is has been announced here yet, so here goes... :)


      Customhouse Uriel wishes to say happy new year to everyone.
      Let's have a fun 2006 with all the CH petites!

      12 petites will be introduced as 'Event Petite', one type per month.
      Every "Let's go to school with petites series" will have a card, and if you collect all 12 of them, you will receive a chance to order your own Unique Petite in 400.00$!!

      If you collect all 12 cards, you will be able to order freely- skin type, doll and the face up images-We will be waiting for you with the best eyes, wigs, dresses. You will not disappointed with this dream doll.

      * If you are the one who wants 'something different' from the basic dolls, like face ups and outfits-

      ** If you are the one who wants beautifully done Petite Limited Dolls, but feels they are too expensive

      This series will be the doll that you might looking for.

      Price: 400.00

      Don't forget keeping your card, and remember, if you could collect all 12, you will have a chance to order your own Unique!

      January : It's a new year! with Uriel

      Make Up : Rollingpumpkin
      Outfit : D.F
      Eyes: 16mm gray
      Wig: limited wig
      Skin Type: normal skin

      February : Let's go for skating! with ? (secret!)
      March : Our new school started! with ? (secret!)
      April : Fun picnic! with ? (secret!)
      May : It's children's day! with ? (secret!)
      June : Test, test, test!! with ? (secret!)

      * They are limited in numbers so hurry if you want them...*^^*