Ever Afraid X Sculpt Will Be Discontinued?

Apr 13, 2011

    1. Like several of you, I'm having this problem with a Delf sculpt (Lishe) And I won't be able to afford her until christmas if I'm lucky, and that's too late. I hope Luts sort out whatever is going on between them and CP because alot of the Delf sculpts (at least I think so) are still quite popular. And if they're discontinued their second hand price will sky-rocket.

      I also worry about X clothes being discontinued, because I have my eye on some of the newer Dollheart sets ^.^;
    2. Luts is making me real nervous, I was hoping eventually I would get Rikko, rei's twin who will be a Shiwoo, but i thought i had all of the time in the world. But I have no doll money and real life has made it impossible to save up, i was going to get him with tax money but it would be too late then.... *sadface* I really do hope that luts doesn't discontinue the Delf line. I guess alot of us are going to hold their breath on Nov 15th huh?
    3. I'm having this problem now. I'd like a Napidoll Angz head with a specific face-up and I'm worried she'll be discontinued or sold out before I get her. Money for the head itself isn't an issue, but I don't want another doll right now. Plus, I'd have to order a body and some girl clothes/wigs, since she'd be my first SD-sized girl, so the total cost would end up being quite a bit. I hate having floating heads so much -- if I bought her I'd have to go ahead and buy all the other stuff she would need at the same time.
    4. Right now? Dollzone Clare. I'm rather doll-saturated at the moment - but just suppose I change my mind next year and want that lovely Clare I have been ogling, and she's discontinued? What will I do then? ;)
    5. Yeees T^T I am constantly worried that DOD will discontinue their Tender Shall! I don't know when I'll ever have doll money again, so it's always a nagging thought! And there aren't many of her around to begin with, so the hope of a second-hand market is quite small >< Therefor, I hope they keep her around!
    6. William is definitely NOT hard to get. You just have to save enough money for it. He is popular and there's plenty of him around for sell because of the high price. The worst situation is for unpopular dolls. You don't see them around often and its discontinued. You madly fall in love with it but all you can do is just look at a handful of owner pics and waiting forever for those owners to sell them. ( yes, that happened to me :'(
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    7. When I discovered BJDs I fell in love with UniDoll's UniLimited UH-14 and she was limited to 200 dolls. I had just seen CP Delf Elf Yder limited to 200 sell out within a month or two, so I was really afraid UH-14 would sell out before I could save up the money, so I got her on layaway in a period I was barely making any money at all.
      I actually I have no idea how I managed to pay her off. Perhaps brain damage caused by a diet of peanut butter and bread, because that was all I could afford. When I got my beloved UH-14 she turned out to be #19. That basically cured me of rushing to buy a doll on layaway.

      It's true that certain dolls can be discontinued and companies may drop off the face of the earth (I'm looking at you UniDoll). I have gotten extremely lucky with my NapiDoll Aesh head that was discontinued without warning two weeks after I bought mine on impulse. That doesn't make me too nervous, though, because I have most of the dolls that I dream of. If I'll never manage to get dream doll X, I still have dream dolls Y, Z, A, B, C, D, etc. ;)
    8. I've only had this with two dolls, who I both ended up getting. They were both limited tho. One by quantity and the other had a time limit. But I HAD to snatch them. And when I see the resale prices of the head I got now, I'm so glad I bought it back then xD
      Personally I don't want to stress about it too much, and I have faith in the marketplace, because things always seem to pop up just when I want them. But right now there's a doll I have my eye on and it is not limited (Dollzone Anson) but because it's such a delicate and bizarre doll, I'm afraid Dollzone will pull her and Moment before I can buy her because of production issues.
      But otherwise I don't want to think about things like that too much. Too stressful and it causes impulse buys, which aren't always a good thing ;)
    9. I began beeing afraid of this issue when last tuesday the inner parts of the arm of my doll broke. :doh If they come to be discontinued, and it breaks again in the future, I will not be able to arrange it. So, now I'm more careful with my dolls.
    10. All the time, after the first doll I ever wanted sold out and disappeared off the web I get really worried that other dolls I like will end up being discontinued. It makes it really hard for me to choose the dolls I want because I dont want to choose one and then miss out on another and vise versa, if it was gauranteed that I could buy them whenever I wouldn't have a problem choosing a sculpt.
    11. I kind of do have this fear which is why I'm making plans to get hold of some of my favorite sculpts by the end of next year. Before anyone here thinks I'm being paranoid, let me tell you a little story about my dream dolls. The first doll I ever wanted was a Hound. I saved up for years hoping to get one, but then Tensiya decided to stop selling them. They gave us a few months to purchase Hound before they discontinued them, but that wasn't enough time for me to get him. I missed out on purchasing the one and only BJD I ever wanted back then. Anyways -- good news! Just a couple of weeks ago, I was offered the chance to purchase a Hound via layaway. I'm so thankful for the opportunity.

      The other doll I wanted was a tanned Limhwa Mano. Just as I was about to start saving up for him, Limhwa announced their plans to discontinue the sculpt. They gave us about a month to purchase him. Again! I missed out. >.< But... I managed to find one via the MP a year later. ^^

      There's also Unidoll Jace -- I put this doll on my wish list and I was just lucky to have bought him because they discontinued him a couple of months later. The same with my Buddy Doll Raphael. The company's closed down now. Another company purchased the sculpts, but they're unsure as to when they'll be releasing the old Buddy Dolls just yet so who knows when they'll make a comeback.

      So yeah. >.< I've seen way too many dolls being discontinued.
    12. yes, I worry that certain sculpts will be discontinued all the time but I try not to think about it and keep saving for the day when I'll be able to finally buy them (and hopefully they will still be available then)
    13. Sometimes, but then again I am pretty happy with my doll I have. (:
      I do stalk a lot of stores though, and most of them I like aren't limited.
      I guess one day I will find a limit doll that I will love, and might possibly buy it.
    14. Honestly it used to bother me a great deal. But I have since learned not to impulse buy dolls in this hobby- usually if a sculpt is discontinued I search on the marketplace or put a WTB to see if I can find it. Sometimes- in the case of my Soom Amber head in cream white- it took a lot of waiting and cunning searching for a head that wouldn't cost the same price as a full doll. But it did pay off.

      Owner pictures here have been vital to many of my doll choices, so I am very grateful to be part of DoA. :)
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    15. That happened to me twice, one under weird circumstances. The first one was when the standard Crobidoll Yeon Ho sculpt was accidentally placed under sold out on the companies website. I had known about the hobby for a while then and aimed to get that sculpt as my first doll, almost checking Crobidoll everyday until I had enough money to buy him. Then one day, they put him as sold out and I was devastated. I almost gave up on getting into the hobby once I saw that. But my friend, who also checked the site like crazy informed me when they switched it back and made me happy again.
      As for the other one, it was before I understood the concept of limited sculpts. I really fell for the Crobidoll Sinbi sculpt and aimed to buy her after the Yeon Ho, but she, of course, was discontinued so now I'm forced to buy her second hand if I'm lucky enough to find her.
    16. Iplehouse Dexter... I was horrified when I realized it wasn't available (when I first looked) but now he is on the CDS and you can get his 'special' make up so all is good.... I'd be more upset if I had my heart set on a harder to find LE type outfit. People seem to like to hoard those suckers and ditch dolls before the outfits O_o. So I worry less for "sculpts" than for special edition makeups or outfits (or say a skin color).
    17. Yes, I do. I want a very unpopular sculpt (as in, I have never seen a single owner photo) from a fairly obscure company in a rather rare color. If it is discontinued, my chances of getting it are close to nil. Makes me wonder whether I should just dive in and get it now.
    18. I fret about the Dark Elf Soo sculpts being discontinued by Fairyland, but I'm not overly worried. I've survived DollZone's massive discontinuation sprees. I'd survive if the DES was discontinued...especially since I already have one.
    19. Yes, and it happened. Fortunately I was able to find a pre-loved Dollzone LinLan (the one in my avatar) to save in case something ever happened to my Sera. I probably should store the spare somewhere other than the same house, just to be sure.
    20. I had this feeling, but fortunately it's gone. It was, surely, when i realized about limitness and soldoutness of my grail, and it was really sad - but a small research showed that the company continues to use this sculpt in other boys, so even if it's discontinued i'll have a chance to buy him secondhand