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Ever been disappointed? Even a little?

Sep 16, 2008

    1. Have you ever opened the doll box after waiting months for it to come, only to be crestfallen by what's inside? Was the doll broken or not quite what you expected?

      When I recieved my Fairyland puki pukisha, Caffeine, back in June, all I could do was sit and look at her, thinking was this a good idea?. She was smaller than I thought she was going to be and I didn't have a proper camera to photograph her, so I felt as if I were in totally foreign territory and had jumped into the hobby too soon. It was especially bad seeing as I had just turned fourteen and it had taken me forever to scrounge out my savings (most of it was holiday money and change I had been collecting for years) and the shipping fees nearly killed me.

      ...not to mention that my parents thought I was nuts for spending nearly $200 on a four-inch-tall "creepy" doll...looking back, I sort of can't blame them because the hobby does look a little strange from the outside because of the expenses, but it really didn't help at the time.

      But everything's cool. I love Caffeine to death now and she's sitting right beside my computer in her little kimono I made her. :)

      Of course Caffeine's my only doll at the moment, so I haven't experienced much at all. So do any of you have anything to share about bad doll experiences, heartbreaks, or dissappointments?

      EDIT: Holy moley! :o I never expected this thread to become so popular...

      Thank you all for your replies. :) As a part of my future dolly research I try to look for the bad as well as the good so I can keep realistic expectations for when I finally can afford to buy a mini. Reading all of this has given me some insight and will help when picking out my next doll.

      And better luck to all of you w/ your future doll experiences, of course. ;) Do your research, be careful who you buy from, and go for it.

      Lots of luck,

      Gemini :)
    2. i really hope im not dissapointed im sure i wont be though, i bout a living dead doll for $100 and when it came to me in the mail it was alot smalller than i expected but i still loved it and still have it

      and bjds are way more fun then living dead dolls being able to pose them better and change the eyes and wig and all so i dont think ill be upset
    3. Yep. My third doll was a total impulse buy. I didn't need to buy another doll. But he was a re-release and in a limited amount so I jumped on it. When I got him, he was really nice but I really didn't research the mold as much as my first doll. Who is my favorite.
      Needless to say he just didn't fit in, he was the wrong mold, the wrong resin color. I felt like his face up looked better in the promo pictures and the worse part was after I ordered him and I saw owner pic's I had that why did I jump on him so fast.
      He now has a new mommy. Another DOA member adopted him and I hope she loves him.
      He just wasn't for me. I just ordered a new SD girl another Limited. I have not gotten that feeling like last time and I cannot wait for her to come home.
    4. I remember when my roommate had ordered her Glow In The Dark... it had looked fantastic online, and we were both excited... and then it arrived and we hurridly opened the box and... his faceup was purple.

      Online he looked like he had grey and black makeup... but it was definitly, definitly, PURPLE.

      We both stared at him, speechless for a moment, then I looked at her and said, "Er... he's very... Purple"

      I know she was initially very disappointed in that... but she kept him around, and the purple grew on us both, and now he'd seem wrong if he wasn't purple. LOL!
    5. I kind of can't blame you on the impulse buy, seeing as he was a limited. But I'm glad he's got a new mommy. ^^
    6. Oh Yes, I have been very disappointed with a doll I had ordered "Just because I could."

      Back when the Abio Angels were a little bit cheaper, I had purchased a 1/3 male doll from them. (The Sculpt was called San). I just thought his website pictures were just so cute and I couldn't wait for him to arrive. I would check almost obsessively to see where the package was when it was being shipped and stare at his pictures almost daily. I thought I wanted this doll horribly, and the face up in his pictures was to die for!

      I did/still do have another doll, she's an Elfdoll Lydia. But I didn't order her from the website, so to be ordering my first doll with my own money was just so amazing and thrilling to me. Anyway, after San had arrived, my Mother opened up the package he was in and showed him to me. He was cute...ish, but his face up looked like a little kid had been given a sharpie (compaired to my Elfdoll's standard face-up) and his resin felt so cheap (yes, I do realize AA dolls are probably more cheaply made than Elfdolls) but I just could never accept the feel of his resin.

      Sadly, I had to sell him because I just couldn't stand having him around. (Poor Boy!)
    7. XD Purple...lol.

      I don't believe I've seen a Glow in the Dark, they sound interesting. ^_^
    8. Definitely been disappointed. Some dolls I grew to love, and some have had to move on. The one I had hotly anticipated and been sorely disappointed in was my Light Slate Grey Pepe from BC. I was so excited to have a little grey Drow baby...and oddly enough, when I opened the box my reaction was identical to Wee_Little_Faerie's. ;)

      He was purple. Grape purple, not grey at all. I tried to get into him, but he was so wrong for the character (grape-flavored drow??). I ended up trading him in the end.
    9. Aww. ): I really don't know the difference between the resins (...probably because the only bjd I've seen in person is my own, duh...) but I do understand how little things can totally make a doll unbearable. Especially when they're so expensive.
    10. Again, awwww. ):

      I guess they're not lying when they say that the color of the product may appear different dependng on your screen settings...I've never paid attention to it. ^^;
    11. Uhm. . . My Eluid head kind of got me feeling pretty disappointed because I got him at a bad time, he was blank, needed sanding work, etc. I'm trying to do something with him currently, but @.@ Sometimes I wonder if I'm going to wind up selling him or not.
    12. Right now... I really need to get me into a doll I baught a few months ago and only had 2 weeks ago... I ordered it from a girl on a board, and the girl didn't tell everything about the doll.. well the doll has been damaged by the seller and I payed it a lot... so i'm very disappointed and angry too cause the seller won't help me or see her mistake...

      the doll is in her box, it's a very rare one, a very beautiful and it's my first real resin bjd doll... so...

      don't worry i'll get over it... but for now it's just a bitter taste on my tongue, in my mouth and throat i relly can't swallow.

    13. Twice. But I'm over it now. My first doll, they'd sent the wrong one. My third had some trouble getting and they rushed her out quickly so when she arrived her default face up was not as detailed as the web pictures. But I love them both now. :)
    14. Isn't that illegal that she didn't mention any crack or discoloration? How was it damaged?
    15. Actually it is not legal or illegal, it's a transaction between two particular people not a company and a buyer. the doll has been damages by cyanocrilate glue (she glued the wig to the head after she gets the paiement for the doll ) and the skin was a bit yellowished by sun exposure (she didn't mentionned that). Well ... I tryed everything with the seller and she won't move a finger to help me or repair her mistake.

      Don't worry you'll see the Lady Doll one day, I just need to get this through and then i'll start to tam (not sure it's a right word ... apprivoiser ?) and then i'll get her dress i'll do her stuffs...

    16. Yeah- my second doll whch was the Nightmare Serendipity Sharmin. An LE of just 10. I fell utterly in love with her when she came out but she sold out so quickly. I was stunned when I was able to get one on eBay and my hubby bought her for my for my birthday. When Sharmin arrived she was broken- a huge chip out the side of her facewhere her interchangeable ears went. The seller swore blind that it must have happened during transit (though the missing piece wasn't there and she was wrapped really well). The seller refunded me $50 which I didn't think was good enough...then I noticed that the seller hadn't included the leather skirt of the outfit which went under the netting, so Sharmin had all her naughty-bits on display. The seller said she would "see if she could find it" despite it being in the photographs. It took weeks of endless emails, the seller saying sh didn't know why I was so bothered, and eventually me putting her name into Google and discovering she wasthe editor of a rather well known doll magazine and sending an email to her via the company, until the skirt was finally posted to me.

      The whole experience made my dream doll, which Sharmin was at the time, impossible to bond with. I did try, but I finally decided to part with her back in April this year where she has gone to a new home where hopefully she is adored and the money went on Emanuel (DOD Ducan)..who I almost had a disaster with too!!!

      Other than that the only shock I've had is my DS Saint being sooooooo loosely strung and also his face-up is a bit dodgy, but certainly nothing that would stop me utterly loving him to death, plus when my El arrived he was ever so grubby. Oh, and my Nevermind Kyrie- her wig was nothing like the pictures so I was annoyed at that because it was the cute short fringe and flicky hair that really made her I think.
    17. Maybe you can sort of pry the wig off the head?...the scalp doesn't have to look pretty if it's covered up. I look forward to seeing what you do with her. ;)
    18. I did pull off the wig .. that's when I saw it was glued that I was really disappointed... and don't worry i'll post pics of her...
      by the way, it's a minigem sparkling limited.

      and get away from under my bed... lol

    19. Woah. x_X That's extremely unprofessional of her to send you a botched doll while trying to hold the position of editor in a doll mag.

      You have horrible luck with dolls, I see. :(
    20. I was very disappointed when I bought my first tiny Elfdoll. She was sooo little and I couldn't believe that I paid so much money for her. I put her back in the box for a while, then one day a few months later, I thought about her, got her out, and made her a Tinkerbelle costume, complete with little green shoes with white pompoms on the toes. After that, I became enchanted with her and since then, I have bought her many tiny friends. I guess I just had to get used to her smallness to appreciate her tiny perfection. I've had other dolls that I bought and loved at first, then cooled on later and sold, but my tiny ones are here to stay.