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Ever Been Spooked (Directly or Indirectly) By Your Doll?

Mar 1, 2007

    1. I'm asking this because I got very spooked this morning. XD I brought Renia upstairs to set her in my boyfriend's room for the day (some people that handle her a bit too rough were coming over). It was dark (early morning), so I turned on the light and went to set her up into a cute pose. When I was done, I walked back to the light and turned it off.

      There... in the silence... I heard a girl whisper softly, "I love you..."

      I instantly turned and looked at her, completely spooked. It was a momentary scare. XD Then I remembered... I got my boyfriend a penguin that could record messages. I had left that message in the penguin and it had been playing randomly lately.

      Has anyone else ever had a spook that was directly or indirectly related to their doll?
    2. I was jerked awake by what I thought was Ryu because his arm was near my head. But it was my cat who ran and jumped on my bed then jumped on him and knocked him over.

      It was scary.

      That would have scared me if I heard that.
    3. That would have scard me. o.o Especially in a sleepy state and all.
    4. A bird flew into my face while I was sleeping I sat up and looked around then saw the little birdie and chased my cats out of the room. Thats scary.
    5. Other than by having them nearly fall off of counters and such, no, not really. But I'm not really the type that spooks very easily - meaning, more than anything I think, that I consider them to be so... "alive" (for lack of a better word here) that little nuances on their parts don't surprise me. ^_^
    6. Yea, I've heard of some people's dolls doing quirky little things that would probably spook me, but not them... But then again, I've only been collecting for a month, so... ^^; Maybe it takes time.
    7. Kind of. XD;

      The first night I had her, it looked like she moved (which she did, her head randomly tilted to the side) and it freaked me out because it was kind of dark in my room.

      Also, today I was standing her, she nearly fell backwards, I grabbed her legs quickly but her upper body just continued to fall, and she cracked her head on the table. It terrified me, and made me feel so bad. XD She was perfectly fine, though.
    8. Oh! I think I would be more scared when she fell. Renia has tilted her head to the side before, but I just take that as in sliding into place. Although, it would be a little spooky in the dark.
    9. Actually, dolls in general scare me. ESPECIALLY the old style porclein dolls with glass eyes. If, for example, I were staying over at my aunt's house she'd stick me in the den, where one sits on the dresser. I would have to remove it from the room or I wouldn't be able sleep because I though it was going to come to life and KILL ME. I think its the fact that they don't necessarily look real, but they embody a sort of perceptual potential for animation but then they don't move! Crazy!

      But I then came to realize that I really actually like things that scare me. For true. Which explains why I keep buying every Silent Hill game that comes out, even though after playing I feel like reality broke. I must be a masochist.

      When I finally get my doll, no doubt they're going to scare me all the time. But I like that, see?
    10. I. Cannot. Stand. Porcelain dolls. Or clown dolls. Or anything of the sort. I don't have a BJD (yet), but I do remember being scared to DEATH by my mother's huge porcelain clown doll, because the horrible thing MOVED while I was looking at it. >.<

      I'm so glad I don't live there anymore.

    11. Hard to say, I suppose. I have a fear of certain dolls as well. The old porclein dolls you mentioned don't bother me too much, but I'm not a fan either.

      However, I do have a phobia of dummies. Seriously. o.o I HATE those things. *shudders.* Gah...

      *clings to her doll*
    12. Ah, you made me laugh. XD You hate porcelain dolls. You hate clown dolls. And your mom had a porcelain clown doll. What a nasty combo. ><

      BJD dolls hopefully won't remind you of a scary clown doll, though. ^^;
    13. It was awful, and it was the height of a Hound, only huge with a massive head. >.< Yes, it was total double trouble with that thing.

      BJDs don't remind me of porcelain dolls, though. XD Several of my friends think they're creepy, but I go starry-eyed every time I look at them.
    14. no, they havent.
      but when i was younger,i was extremely freaked out by dolls.
      i still find them creepy...but i like that for some reason now.
      however, none of my current dolls have ever freaked me out.
      ...yet. i wont say that it'll never happen, though. heh
    15. Same here. When I first saw them at Otakon, I was like, "Oooo..." and just kept staring at them. They're so beautiful. ^^ But my brother thinks Renia is creepy. >.> He says, "Her eyes follow me no matter where I go..."
    16. Sometimes I get the feeling my when I go back into my room that my dolls have changed position.

      I too am a bit creeped out by dolls. I had a nasty doll when I was a kid and it just gave off really bad vibes and gave me nightmares so my mom got rid of it.
      But like someone said above, these days I actually quite like creepy things like that. Not all creepy things....but a bit of creepyness now and then....lol
    17. Mwahahaha. My best friend actually makes her Vaire watch her husband to creep him out. >D
    18. XD As I do to my brother. But she doesn't scare him nearly as much, since she got her new hair (pink one in my avvie.) He hated the realistic long blonde wig.
    19. I think we all have to adjust to creepiness more and more with age. XD
    20. lol I used to think BJDs where seriously creepy when I first came across them but look at me now, I'm totally addicted. XD

      She hasn't actually scared me yet but Lailah's currently sat waiting for her face up to be redone. With no face up and her eyes in she looks like Sadako from the Ring (and she'll look even more so when her long black wig arrives) *_*
      I have a habit of managing to creep myself out really easily, especially at night (over active imagination ftw) so I can see her managing to scare the crap out of me very soon.