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Ever Been To A BJD Convention?

Nov 8, 2017

    1. Have you been to on and if not, do you want to go? If you have, which one was it? And how was it!

      I am probably going to the PNW BJD Expo for a day or so next year! I've been to plenty of conventions but never to a BJD specific one.

      If you have gone to a BJD convention, what is your favorite part about it? How was your first time going? Did you feel nervous if you didn't know anyone? What does everyone usually do with their dolls there?
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    2. I have!

      I'd have to say my favorite part is the games/contests. It's fun entering and participating. :)

      My first time at a doll convention was for dollism plus '14 here in Buffalo and it was FANTASTIC. For that convention-- room sales was the best. How I wish we could host another. Lol
      I didn't feel nervous. but I had friends hwo went, so.. no biggie. Lol! But al lthe same, most of the time people are so accepting. :)
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    3. I'd love to go, but there's none near me. :( I can't justify flying to the Far East or US just for a doll convention, and I need a good amount of warning to travel in Europe due to job constraints. I wish there was a big UK convention. :(
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    4. I went to VOLKS LA Dolpa this year, which was my first BJD convention. I live on the east coast of the USA and at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to fly to Cali because it was a. expensive, b. it would be my first time on a plane in 13 years, c. I'd have to pull a lot of strings and switch a lot of shifts at work and d. did I mention it was expensive? :lol: Because VOLKS doesn't seem to host Dolpa regularly in the USA, however, I figured that this was as good a chance as any to go, and I felt that if I went to even just one Dolpa I could be satisfied and happy I just got to experience it.

      My favorite part of Dolpa was meeting other collectors and learning a bit more about VOLKS's dolls themselves. I also enjoyed the games that were part of the market, and kind of enjoyed the suspense of all of the lotteries and raffles. I was lucky enough to get into the Tea Party as well, and that as a whole I really loved.

      I was pretty nervous about the whole trip, but I think that's just the kind of person I am *_*

      It seemed like most of the attendees would take lots of photos of their dolls both in and out of the spaces available for shoots, and then would sometimes kind of group together and chat while waiting to enter the showroom again, or while taking a break from the festivities. It was pretty low-key!
    5. I want to go to one so badly; but there isn't many people into BJDs in such a small area :( But what is nice is our anime conventions do sometimes have BJD meetups and introduces them to people who are interested in the hobby!
    6. I haven’t yet, but I would love to go to one in the future!! What’s the one your going? PNW???? Where’s that??
    7. How do you find out about Events? I am fairly new to collecting bjd. I live in new York state?
    8. There's a community -- convention page you can go through here.
      Not sure where in NYS you live. I'm along lake erie. I travel up to Toronto for their doll convention each may. It's lumped with anime north.
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    9. I went to Dollism Plus in NY also, and had a great time. The room-sales-turned-lobby-sales were super fun, and it was really cool seeing so many dolls in one place. I’ve been to meet ups and anime conventions and even “regular” doll shows, but none had quite the same energy as an all-BJD con :)
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    10. Cool! What were the games and contests like?!

      It stands for Pacific Northwest here in the US! This con, PNW BJD Expo, will be in Seattle, WA! :)
    11. That really does sound super fun! I bet shopping is a blast.
      I assume people just go up to each other and talk and hang out and ask about their dolls? Seems like a really open and welcoming community space for the hobby! I'm sure there's a lot of excited buzzing energy going around!
    12. I've been to every Resin Rose expo there has been. It is so much fun and I've loved meeting so many doll peoples in my area and beyond!

      My favorite part, honestly, is just being able to see new people, especially ones that share at least one of my hobbies. :)

      The first year I went, yeah, I was really nervous. I had just moved to this coast and didn't know anyone outside of my wife's friends. But I went, I entered my orc boy into one of the contests they had and ended up winning!! It was crazy! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I got over my nervousness very quickly and enjoyed myself. :)
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    13. That is so great to hear! Super encouraging. I would most likely be going by myself, and even though I would be a little nervous, I'm not as shy as I used to be. I would love to show off my doll and talk to people! Yeah, the open and welcoming energy of a shared hobby definitely makes everyone delighted and pretty friendly, haha. It really sounds like a fun time!

      Now I'm just not sure if I should go one day or both, hmmm.
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    14. I've never been to any convention but soon I will! There's '' Dolls Rendez-Vous'' in Paris that I will attend this december! I'm so excited but also very nervous because I know no one and I don't know how it will look ^^'' But I hope it will be nice! And my boyfriend is going with me (even if he's a little scared of dolls :p) so I won't be alone! I can't wait :D
    15. I was at Dollism NY, went to the Orlando doll show this year, went to Doll North (part of Anime North) in Toronto a couple years ago. I also have been to Dragon Con several times - which has had doll meets & panels plus vendors. I enjoy conventions & hope there are more doll cons on the East Coast in future.
    16. I've been to several BJD conventions now including the PNW BJD Expo twice. They are fun, a lot smaller than many conventions, but because of that its easier to strike up a conversation with people you don't know. I usually go by myself to conventions and I've found that even if you don't know anyone, you'll be able to make some friends, and the more often you go to doll conventions and meetups, the more likely you are to run into people you do know. I was nervous the first time I went to the PNW BJD Expo because I didn't know anyone there, but soon people started asking me questions about my doll and before you knew it my nervousness had gone away and I ended up having a blast.

      My favorite part is simply checking out all the dolls. Usually people put a lot of effort into the dolls they bring and it can be really fun and inspiring to see. The contests and prizes are always fun, and photo sets can be fun too. And of course I love being able to shop at doll vendors where I can usually try stuff to see if it works for my doll before I buy.
    17. @arone I will also go to the Dolls Rendez Vous.
      It's not as big at the LDoll but it's still nice.
      I mostly did go to BJD convention in France like the LDoll (which was my first) or the Dolls Rendez Vous in Paris.
      This year I was also at the DollyDay in Barcelona.
      I love to see the many different kind of artist dolls and I love to shop. ^_~
    18. That's really wonderful to hear! I have a feeling it won't be so bad as you say since it's smaller and everyone is so excited to share this hobby with other like-minded folks. Will you be going again next year? I see we're both in Portland - awesome! <3
    19. I'm not sure yet, but I'm hoping to. :)

      There is a fantastic local community here in Portland. I highly suggest checking out a meetup or two.
    20. I would love to!!! What's the best way? Is there maybe a facebook group?