Ever break your doll budget?

Jul 21, 2020

    1. Sorry if there is already a thread for this!

      Have you ever gone over budget on a doll? If so, tell me about it about it, like why did you do it? Was it your grail doll and you always knew it would go over? Was it more of a knee-jerk purchase? ;)

      If it's not too personal what's your budget and how much did you go over? Was it worth it?:aeyepop:

      I ask because I say my budget is $400, but man, there are some tempting, pricier dolls out there:D
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    2. Yes, I did. Usually I set my budget around 500$, a little more, a little less, depends.
      But for my grail (ns human Soom Heliot) I went up to 800$ + another 150$ for modding and faceup. It was worth every cent, because I know he's too limited to ever find again.
      Also I jumped right in when Lillycat did the recent turquoise resin pre-order and ordered an SD Ellana. 650€. But again worth it cause finding this specific color secondhand would cost more money and a whole lotta nerves.

      Overall I am prepared to pay more for stuff from my wishlist. Luckily Im a hobby grandma and have next to everything I've ever wanted. But if those elusive last grails show up, yes I will pay a pretty penny for them. Unless it is incredibly unreasonable.
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    3. Doll budget?
      Just kidding. I stay within a budget by making one or two doll purchases per year.
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    4. My doll budget is strictly controlled by the simple fact I have two bank accounts. One for all the responsible adult stuff and then a "frivilous stuff" account which has a monthly stipend go into it. I can ONLY spend what is in that fun account on dolls, which limits my ability to go over budget as the money simply isn't there.

      I have to save up or do layaways if I want anything that's more than what I have currently saved in that account and it works pretty good.

      Of course I collect mostly msd which helps to keep prices down too. the price of SD dolls makes me cringe lol.
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    5. My doll budget is a savings account that I try to forget I have until I really want something, plus my paypal balance when I have one. I’ve broken it a few times, the first for a twigling ingenue, the second for... a twigling ingenue that the seller basically gave me for half price because she was beautiful and the seller wanted her to go to someone who’d appreciate her. The third for a Lillycat Ellana, who I bought during quarantine. I’ve also broken it for a Twigling Eloy and a Le Mouton En Sucre Mojito.

      Currently, due to most of the doll budget being earmarked for a merry doll round girl the second she goes up for sale, and another Dollmore clothes order, my doll budget is approximately $1.37 CAD.
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    6. AHAHAHA I came here to write the same thing !!! XD
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    7. @GarblePlz My doll budget fluctuates depending on what kind of money I make.

      I usually stray no higher than the $500-$600 range (Secondhand Soom/Artist Dolls), and try to stay below that for secondhand company dolls. But I have broken it. A few times, actually. Layaway makes it easier to fudge a stopping point, because you can pay in increments over a period of time rather than bending over backwards to break your bank.

      So, in order of least offensive to most offensive:

      *Volks Irvin (My second one. My first one was a steal at $400, but I ended up selling him between jobs)
      *5th Motif Venitu (Grail)
      *Unidoll Ark (Grail)
      *Dust of Dolls Roze Heln (Not quite a grail, but a highly-wanted, slimly-obtainable doll)
      *Dust of Dolls Doom Bomi (Grail)
      *Twigling Elbe in Teal (Grail)
      *Nabarro Har head (Grail)

      Har was a last resort- someone always beat me to him at lower prices. Happily he was my holy grail, so I won't pay that kind of money again, unless somewhere, somehow, I find an Enabi Satrine or a Nabarro Wally. All of these were/are long layaways, and the majority of my collection cost closer to the $250 to $450 range, between hybrdizing and good secondhand market deals. I've been at this for eleven years. You don't need $$$$ to afford pricey dolls, just enough to have a little steady, disposable income, careful budgeting, and sellers who take layaway.
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    8. Hmm, not yet, but I was MIGHTY tempted by Hius Doll's 'Sirin'. I just couldn't justify so much for such an art-piece doll (in that, she would be purely a display piece), even though I still fawn over pics of her. She's my ideal harpy concept, and so beautiful.

      They make wonderful to-order fullsets for her too, which would just make the price even more beyond rational for my budget, because there's no way I wouldn't get the whole package. :XD:
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    9. Originally I did the same as you by keeping doll of one size only. But then, you know, gorgeous outfits sometimes available in different size but not your doll's......
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    10. Hmmmm what is a doll budget? .. NEVER! :mwahaha:mwahaha:mwahaha I ALWAYS SPEND MORE THAN ANTICIPATED! I can’t remember a time when I didn’t go over my budget actually ! I find I feel worse about the regret of missing out on a doll rather than buyers remorse. Don’t get me wrong I pay my bills and stuff but if there is a doll I really really want (I say that about all of them ) ... I do everything in my power to come up with the funds . Sometimes I’ll sell off some things laying around the house ... work extra hours .. whatever it takes to bring my dream doll home . It’s always worth it to me . As a matter of fact , I enjoy them more when I have to put in more work . That’s part of the fun! Of course be responsible! I always pay car payments and bills first .
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    11. Over budget no. I don't have an overabundance of money and each doll I've earned after many months of saving up towards. The most expensive ones, bordering offensive territory have been

      Iplehouse Doll Choice EID Leonard in light tan, post shipping and customs he cost a whopping $900+
      similarly my Crobidoll Hobin Daydream hit around 800+
      lastly my Dust of Dolls Cham Byol was preeeetty expensive for her size as well

      but they were all within my "budget" since i saved up for them?
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    12. Only once... and for one very specific CP/Delf Breakaway, who belonged to a friend and came up for sale when I wasn't expecting it.

      Kessari remains the only doll that I've ever had as a "carried balance" on my credit card. I took on an extra freelance project specifically to pay that balance off the next month, but... still... My cardinal rule is never to buy without already having the money to cover the purchase. He was the first, and so far only, exception to that rule. And only because he was the specific, individual doll that he is.
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    13. Just once, and recently.

      I’ve wanted a Volks Dollfie Dream for years, and always put off getting one due to the prices (even used) being out of my modest budget of $200. This year I decided to get one, no matter the cost. I searched around and found the girl of my dreams at Mandarake for $872.00. My mother said she would pay half for my Birthday, so I only had to pay a couple hundred over my limit. She is home, paid off, and absolutely the best doll decision I’ve ever made!
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    14. I'm uncomfortable going above 500$ for a doll..except my grail doll, who I know will be at least 1000$. (Epidos Centauroid gem)

      So far, I haven't gone over the 500$ threshold, I just bought a doll on the marketplace for and I've put yet another doll on layaway. After these purchases are complete, I'm hoping to start shoving money aside so I can try and find my grail~
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    15. Oh man, I've had a weird spending year for sure. I got into the BJD hobby last fall and fell hard and fast. My frivolous spending budget never saw it coming... *_* I feel like I spend so much time ooh-ing and aww-ing over every other doll. So dangerous!

      I'm loving these seasoned BJD budget ideas! I think I need to get myself a second bank account and give myself a firm allowance. :pout:
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    16. I use a max. price for a doll, rather than a budget. Because of the high customs fee to be added, i try to adopt most of the dolls. In that case, i have some sort of budget to spend on a nude doll or the same doll with wig/outfit. There's one doll i would absolutely love to have (purple/grey latiyellow sophie or sbelle) but i cannot spend 600$ on her knowing i can have several tinies for that budget.

      The highest paid was around 900$ for a vinyl SD, with lots of clothes and if i choose to sell her i can easily get that 900 back :-)

      My financial mindset appears to be flexible though, that lati will get here.... Someday :D
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    17. :3nodding:Thank you all for answering:3nodding: It makes me feel a little bit better about wanting a doll that almost $600. But he is also really limited so I feel like it’s justified:wiggle
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    18. I overspend on doll’s, but I am also single, in my 60’s with a stable paycheck and adult kids, only 1 who lives close. I don’t have a cable tv bill, or buy much junk food, or eat out often. And I can’t take $$ with me when I leave this life so enjoy my dolls and a few other things. But my coworkers would faint if they knew what I spend on dolls, doll stuff or yarns.
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    19. I said I’d never go over $500 when I was a housewife, but when I saw Harriet (OfButterfliesNThings Paulette) I knew I had to have her. With shipping and everything, I think she ended up being around $680, but she was the only 1/3 scale plus size girl I’ve seen whose body had good proportions and had a pretty face. I fell hard for her but it still took me almost two years to finally go for it. I have zero regrets, she’s my favorite doll!
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    20. I don’t have a specific doll budget. Rule is not to use more money than I’ve earned per month. I have other expensive hobbies so the amount I can spend in a doll varies.
      I used more money than I should have last month for the first time though.
      It was for FOC Vampire Mimi Crow. I wanted this doll from the first time I saw her but I missed the preorder last year... but than, last month they were selling her in this lotery at DOLK. I bought her coz first I needed her so bad and second because I didn’t think I would wind the lottery! Hahaha
      But I did and no regrets!
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