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Ever buy a doll, plan to sell it, and then.... can't do it?

Feb 15, 2018

    1. So I ordered my Classic Grant Phillipe back in June because I fell in absolute love with his sculpt, have always wanted to BJD (but was waiting to find one that really made me go wow) and was feeling flush at the time.

      During the 8 month wait I started pursuing a lifelong dream of mine to be an indie author, so most of my time and a good bit of money (covers and marketing are expensive yo) are going into that particular pursuit. Once deciding that I stopped practicing face-ups, and convinced myself it was best if I didn't even take him out of the box - just on the MP for a slight discount and out the door right away.

      Then he arrived, and I was just so stunned/blown away/he's so solid and well crafted and I love the honey resin and and and.... so I'm keeping him (and sold a powerful computer I was barely using whose parts have miraculously not depreciated in a year - thanks, bitcoin miners! - instead) AND and used my 30% off coupon on top of the already 30% off on classic Amandas to buy her at almost half off. -_-;

      So back to face-upping! (which I do love) back to wig-making! Saving up for two amazing outfits from SatoraJ!

      Has this sort of thing every happened to anyone else? Either a mind change when the doll's on the way to you and then changing it back like I did, or a gift you kept for yourself, or a something you mean to turn around and sell and couldn't?

      Or am I just a weirdo? (Note: I am a weirdo.)
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    2. Oh, I am so glad you shared this post! I am anxiously awaiting my own Grant Phillipe, and like you, my financial priorities have changed since I placed my order, so I was beginning to have doubts...I hate the waiting, lol! But your positive reception has given me new enthusiasm, so THANK YOU, and congrats, I'm happy you love him! (My vote = NOT a weirdo, :) BTW, does anyone know the most effective way to contact Dollshe..? I have written requesting some info, but I can't seem to get a response...
      Oh, and to answer your actual question...I just recently received my first Dollzone doll, Isaac, and I have mixed feelings so far...he arrived with a broken hand and I am still waiting on a replacement, but that isn't the issue...the factory face up just isn't what I expected and the face sculpt isn't how I remembered it, so I am adjusting...when the new hand arrives, I may or may not try to find him a new home...but since even just typing that gives me anxiety, chances are I'm already too attached, lol...
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    3. @Seonak
      Yeaaaah all the Grants, all the time! :dance

      Well it might just be me but I have a second-hand Iple girl, who's adorable especially in the face, but then the Dollshe doll is just so stunningly crafted, every detail and muscle; it feels more like art than a toy in comparison? (note: but I will play with it like a toy, SO)

      As for contacting dollshe, all my actual responses came from Webmaster@dollshe. com, and I just kept on them; if I didn't hear within 3-4 days I'd just resend that email and go with lots of smilies HEEEEY sorry to pester again but could you please answer this question about this doll I spent tons on? Persistence worked!

      Ha ha ha you've learned to love him, flaws and all! Would a new face-up help?
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    4. Kind of. Lol I did end up selling the doll in question after some time, however.

      So I purchased a Kid delf Yuz yeaaars ago. Back then, they only offered one male body for the kid delfs. Literally 2 months later, they release the multi-body, that was supposed to be slightly taller and 'better'. (Sure, it was taller, but I don't know about better...)
      So I made the decision that I would order the body- get the free event head that went with it, pop the head on Soras old, regular body and sell as a full doll.
      WELLL I got that head in, sent it for faceup because I was thinking of keeping, and he became part of my crew for a few months. I even made a photostory with him! Unfortunately, I knew in the long run that I shouldn't be keeping him and ended up reselling as my initial purpose for the purchase. (The body was supposed to be a 'wash' in the end because I was reselling, since I didn't really have the money at the time to be buying anything.)

      Fastforward 7 years later, and my sister has the head now as a female. Lol! Of course, it's not the head /I/ had, but go figure! :P
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    5. @Fate

      You had a brief but fulfilling relationship before moving on! :3nodding:

      *looks this cutie up* I'm not surprised, that's a beautiful little face Yuz has!
    6. Yuz was the one I kept! :P And yes, yes he does. I love him soooo much. >w< He was my favorite MSD until Hiro melted his way into my life. (My little avatar pic.)

      The head I sold was a Summer '13 event head. Cute, but not exactly my style. He lived his short life with me as "Link", the one unable to speak. hahha.
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    7. This has happened to me, sort of. I am a huge weirdo as well however. I fell in love with the dolls hand sculpt, I love pretty doll hands! DX
      I did end up keeping the doll and he's my favorite, even though I love all my physical possessions the same, I tend to favor him the most.
      I've modified his face over the years, quite a bit, but I would have kept him intact if he had looked more like the character he represents from the beginning.
      However, I mainly got him to steal his body for my first BJD love, which is my SoulDoll Paris. There was no way that would have ever worked, so I wanted to sell
      the doll right away! I thought it over for a few days after putting him up for sale on here; then decided to play with him and almost right away chose to keep him.
      It all happened so fast, it feels like I was just being a silly duffus, but I did learn a very important lesson.
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    8. I usually have the opposite problem, of being so excited for a new doll, getting it home, and realizing either the wait time, customer service or looking drastically different from photos makes me not want it anymore. :(

      BUT. A few years back, my sister got a head in a trade, wasn't interested in it after receiving it, and I....fell in love with it. Lakin is now one of my favorite dolls! <3
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    9. That was what I thought would happen to me!!! (Because I can totally see it, it's happened with non-doll items before)

      *looks at all your amazing dolls to find Lakin* yesss he's pretty badass looking; adore the Nirvana shirt. I totally would've crushed on him in High School. :love
    10. Doll hands are *amazing*, I agree! (The Dollshe ones are kinda astounding, so handsome and detailed...)

      Paris has a beautiful face; you know I didn't completely get the 'bonding with your doll' thing until it happened to me, and now I understand, Oh, do I understand.... *_*