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Ever change your mind?

Jun 10, 2009

    1. Didn't see a thread like this so....

      Did you ever get all of your money saved and ready for the doll you had planned on buying, only to discover that you've changed you mind entirely about getting the doll you were saving for in the first place? If so, what did you do? Did you just buy another doll, or did you store it away for another dolly purchase for the future?
    2. yay first post! Well I wanted to get an elf petsha but the only way I could buy a doll is if it was on the marketplace.There wasn't any available so I went with another favorite of mine, a twing-key.
    3. I have't faced such a situation till now, But if it happned ,I think I will use these money to purchase another one in future ~~
    4. I almost changed my mind about getting a Luo - I really really love Soom Chrom - but then I remembered I don't have enough money for either, so oh well :'D
      I was tempted to buy Chrom's disembodied head in a split, but other than freaking people out by carrying around a head, I decided it would be best if I just saved up for an entire doll I like XP
    5. I feel in love with the Chiron from Souldoll the minute they released him. I was determined to make him the next doll i would buy... then i had a dream that he arrived and i didn't care for him anymore. Now when i see this doll, i can't stand him, He has HUGE hands that i find extremly ugly!! >_<

      I'm so glad i never actually bought this guy. i have a feeling if i had he would be up for sale right now.
    6. I have done it before. At one point I was saving for a Luts Delf El... And then I fell out of love with the sculpt. I think it's normal, especially considering how long it can take to save up all that money, buy the doll, wait for the doll to ship, and finally get them home. Who knows... Maybe some of the dolls I'm getting I may change my mind about when I get them. :/
    7. I;ve done that before. I got a whole bunch of money saved up for Dollzones Ami. Then I fell in love with the Nina face. So I ended up with the Nina instead :x Usually when this happens to me, I sit on it for a week or two to decide which one I really want.
    8. My first BJD purchase a few weeks ago was exactly like this actually. I was planning on buying a BBB Mei or BBB Sprite, but then started reading photostories with Jael in them and fell in love with pukis... immediately going to FL and buying a Lily... I'd still like a BBB Mei or Sprite, and it may be my second or third purchase... Cyn might get mad if I don't get her soon... but active-line MNF bodies are a lil expensive when you still have to pay for university...
    9. I originally wanted DoT Camine, for three or four years I could see no others, but nowadays, while I still love DoD, I think Camine would not be the one I would pick... which is really odd to me >_>
    10. Yes, I have done this before! But I've found that the change of heart was usually meant to be. I was saving for a Supia Roda, but then I realized that a Sarina Doll Yaoyue fit my character Mutya much more nicely. Yaoyue is the perfect sculpt and size for her. Then I slotted Roda for my other character Kamya, but I saw the Spirit Doll girls, and Jade was just the one. Again, perfect facial sculpt and height. I had the realization that perhaps Roda shall never be the one for me and have decided to buy a second Supia Rosy instead. ;) I'm not really prone to rash decisions, but rather the gal or guy has to be perfect for the character or else they just don't fit (e.g. like Roda unfortunately).
    11. I have also done this. The first BJDs I fell in love with were Dream of Dolls BJDs. And then when my husband finally let me buy my first doll, I was going to get a Homme Kirill until I saw a Dollzone Mo. I ended up with the Mo.

      My second doll was going to be a Minifee ShuShu. But when I was getting ready to order her, the Minifee Rheia's were released. I ended up with the Rheia.

      I am glad that I changed my mind because I love both my Mo and Rheia.
    12. I changed my mind before even getting all the money together. xD

      At first, I was thinking I would save up to make a DoD Shall my first BJD. I kept looking at her company pics on the website, daydremaing of the day when I would own her!

      But; then, someone suggested I investigate more, since DoDs have a huge reputation of looking very different from their pictures. That's when my love for Shall sort of fell flat -- there's only one collector with a Shall I've liked, the rest felt sort of "meh" to me. Not enough make me shell out over 400$.

      In the end, the doll that "did me in" and that I'm saving up for is Elfdoll Emma. She is perfect.
    13. Just had that happen but there's other dolls and other things I need. It happens, and it's best when it's before you're commited money.
    14. Yup, I've done it several times. What I usually do, after finding a sculpt that I really like, is give myself 3 months of saving and mulling it all over. If, after that time, I'm still head-over-heels for it, then I go ahead with the purchase (if I have the money). Needless to say, some dolls haven't survived the 3-month treatment.

      Most recently, I went crazy over Souldoll Mayu. I thought she would be a good fit for a character I want to represent. However, only a few weeks after discovering her, I came across Iplehouse Tatiana, who is spot-on perfect. I still want a Mayu, but she'll just have to wait. :lol:
    15. 'thep was supposed to be a Narin Dragonfly... but then Narin brought out the new knees, and I started pondering whether the Narin body (with either knees) had the posability 'thep needed. So decided he'd be a hybrid... had the money to order his head, but due to a slight miscommunication with Dollfair when I asked a question about the head ordering I finally looked at what other heads might work... and surprised myself by falling in love with one of the heads that matched the body I'd chosen! Of course, then I had to save a bit more because I only had money for a head, not a full doll... and, of course, wait for Lati to open an ordering period.
    16. When I was saving up for Sergei, I wanted him to be a feeple riff at first. When I almost wanted to order him, I wasn't sure about him anymore.
      Then I saw the souldoll chiron and ordered him about 2 days later. And I didn't regret it at all! :)
    17. For me it's not so much changing my mind, as that others on the wishlist have come available first. I was saving for a Minifee Shushu, a girl, to be my first BJD. But I also had a couple boy characters I wanted to get later. I was looking around the forum and the marketplace trying to decide what sculpts the two boys should be, when I came across a DZ Mo-2 fullset. I had enough to buy him, but not enough for a Shushu yet, AND he came with clothes and the perfect hair for the other boy! So I bought him first - Riddick. Later, I found the perfect sculpt for the other boy, Crow, and because he's fairly rare on the forum I posted a WTB thread. I was actually pretty surprised when after a week or so one was offered, and of course jumped right on it! Then Kale's head came on ebay cheap (and was blank, so I could do faceups on it) so I got it. Then Fitch came up for an unbelievable price. Then OMG Devon's head appeared, and I knew he was once-in-a-lifetime with that faceup. Then i needed another practice head, and he became Kestrel.

      I never actually changed my mind, though! I finally bought a Shushu head and it should be on it's way to me now.
    18. Yup xD
      I was saving a long time for a Luts Redemption the Moon and really wasn't that close yet. When I had about 3/4 of the amount saved up I began to doubt about the fullset, wether it wouldn't be better to buy the normal version and an outfit seperate.
      It was thinking about that for a few weeks and still haven't found what I wanted when I came across another doll at a fair xD It was love at first sight and the next week I ordered him. He was very near to where I live already and so after a week he arrived at my place ^^
      No regrets, my doll is practically nude now, since I'm almost broke and saving up for my holidays, but he was worth it. It's my birthday in september, so the first thing I will buy will be an outfit for him xD
    19. No never, I can't imagine it to be honest I'm not that fickle. lol I only ever save if my heart is set on that one doll.
    20. Yes I have & then I know that maybe its not right for me to go with that doll since I changed my mind eh?! LOL.

      But there have been times where I was DEAD set on owning him/her.