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Ever eventually recieve Lost/stolen package?

Jul 16, 2005

    1. ehhgghrmm :(

      I ordered some LeeKe wigs a long while ago (it was a preorder back in April), and I was all happy and even ordered a couple more that were extra just before my package was to be shipped, and I've waited a really reaaaaaaalllly long time, but they never came.
      Geh, I'm trying not to be upset, but there's like $120 US worth of SD wigs in the package and I got the post office to track it and everything and they said it never entered the country and does not exist in our mail system. I emailed the nice people who sent out the package and am just waiting to hear back from them, but I'm feeling a bit anxious...

      Has anyone here have stories of recieving lost or stolen items eventually?
      And also, please feel free to share your experiences that were not so lucky...

      Oh, I feel like such a chump (I don't know why~ u u; )

      The people of LeeKe World and LeeKe Asia are so nice, and the wigs are so damn pretty I'm just kinda shot *_* on a good note, Arashi is supposed to arrive on my birthday (lucky) heheh..

    2. I know of a doll who disappeared in the Kennedy airport 'cause his "to: label had fallen off. ;_; He was found -jusssst- before he would have been sent back to Korea. ;_; But there was much phonecalling to find him.

      I'd reccommend contacting your supplier. If they sent him by EMS, I believe they're the ones that have to follow up with EMS on the claim if the package was lost.
    3. That sucks. :( I know that money can be so tight with me, if I lost even 30$ of a wig I'd be kind of sick. : ,,,( I'm sure they'll get to the bottom of it, so don't worry?

      I'm not sure, I've never been in this situation.
    4. Me neither...I've never lost a package yet although the deliverymen that come to my house ALWAYS deliver packages that look as though some obese man sat on them. *_* There's usually fear that whatever's inside's been damaged x.x;;;

      (Once a delivery guy sent us a squashed ice cream cake on my mother's birthday. We got a new one in compensation. >>)
    5. I sent out a parcel the beggining of Christmas
      which was lost
      because it had my return address on the back ...it arrived back in May

      ....I was a little surprised :D
    6. I ordered a DVD once from a bookstore, once, and it took so long that by the time it came in I had completely forgotten that I had ordered it.
    7. I bought a doll in March through a friend (I payed him the money and he bought it through Ebay, because at the time, I had no Ebay account); things got messed up and he had the doll sent to his house while I specifically asked for him to send him to me. xD; We had a big fight over this, because he's got a bit of an obsessive-compulsive nature. Anything that enters his house is contaminated with 'school-germs', hence why I did not want my doll to go to him.

      As it was, I waited for about a month, maybe more, and everytime I would ask him about my doll he'd shrug it off and change the subject. xD;

      Long story short: only after I pestered him about it endlessly did he think to look it up, and yep, he was sitting in customs. He had been sitting in customs for a month, since March. By that time it was April and I was slowly losing my mind. xD;;; I had my friend get some custom-papers to bail him out, and I was expecting it to be smooth sailing from there on out.

      April rolled by.

      I got a shrug and a 'well, sometimes these things take long' when I would ask him.

      My birthday passed.

      End May I called the customs, asking about a package from america that was supposed to go to this and this address and that's when I heard that according to records he'd been rejected at my friend's doorstep on April 2nd and had been returned to the original owner!

      Needless to say I was beyond hysterics at that point.

      I immediatelly mailed the person I originally had my friend buy him from, asking if she'd heard any news and if there was any, any hope at all that I could still get him. She agreed to help me find out when and where he would arrive, filling in a form, saying there might be a possibility of him having been stolen, since he'd be returning by boat (not the safest transportation, to say the least xD). She was very, very nice and I am so grateful to her.

      It took another month, endless fights with my 'friend', one big emotional outburst and then the message came from her: 'A miracle happened!' =D

      And now, mid-July, I am the proud owner of my Tori. <3

      I'm sorry for the long-ass post, but I felt like maybe this could help a bit - I felt like the majorest (that's not a word, I know xD) doofus about the whole affair too (my hard-found lesson: never, EVER let a friend you don't trust or don't know enough do anything like this for you - I came up incredibly lucky and I still thank whoever is in charge up there for this). Also, I'm sure that LeekeAsia is very nice and will give a refund if worst comes to worst...? And congratulations on your incoming Arashi/birthday! =DD
    8. I had a rather large package be delivered to the WRONG HOUSE. It was even an Express Post thing, which meant it had to be SIGNED for... but the stupid bloody post people sent it to the wrong house, and the little old lady that lived there didn't know what was going on so just signed for it, and then left it in her hallway cuz she didn't have any clue what it was.

      So, when the package that was meant to get to us within 2 days hadn't arrived in nearly 3 weeks, we rang and harassed the post office, and only after mum told them how much the package was worth, and the insurance on it etc they made a serious effort to find it. Anyway, the eventually figured out what happened, but they made the poor little old lady lug the whole package BACK TO THEM, rather then pick it up themselves, even though it was all their fault. Grah! :/

      I hope your package turns up okay! Sometimes Leeke takes a while to send stuff, so that might even be the reason...
    9. I'm so sorry for what happened to you, Philip! :(
      I really hope they sent you those wigs by EMS, so that you can ask them to track your package down.
      In case it got lost, you can have your money back and thus purchase some identical wigs from those sellers again.
      I had several bad experiences of packages getting lost, but I luckily received them after 3 or 4 months... Sometimes they had been sent back to the sender, I truly don't know why... :oops:
      Therefore, you'll probably only have to wait for another couple of months...
      I wish you all the best,
    10. The old saying "the squeaky wheel gets the grease" is so true-if you have to, be persistant but polite in calling anyone at the PO or Express office (here in MI, there's a different dept. for Express packages that have gone wayward). The more they have to deal with you, the more they will want to get you resolved 8)
    11. I sold a Betsy McCall outfit to a woman in Wisconsin who was a repeat customer. It was sent out before Xmas. Never came and the Post Office insisted it had been delivered. Later in the spring when the snow melted, a woman down the street from my customer found the box when the deep snowdrift near her own mailbox finally melted. Fortunatly I had sealed the outfit in a ziplock w/ the recipiant's address so even though the box was squishy, the clothes were dry. So she just walked down the street and delivered it.
    12. I had a doll head sent to me in the mail, and it got delayed somehow en route to me. I was freeeeeaking out. :shudder But he showed up eventually, safe and sound (though the top of the box was smashed in, and boy, did that give me a start).

      Do get in contact with whoever you can at the post office to try and track the package down. If they can't find it, let LeekeAsia know--a lot of companies will replace goods that are lost in the mail, so there's a chance that they may do the same.

      Good luck--I hope it turns up with you soon! Sending happy package-receiving vibes your way! :wink:

    13. My two minor (and inexpensive) experiences: One time I bought $6 worth of Barbie clothes from Florida. They never showed up, and I didn't get reimbursed for the money. I wasn't too worried about it, though, because it was only $6. If it had been more than that, I would have been upset.

      Another time, I bought something on eBay and paid the seller with a money order for $11. The seller never got the money order, which I had mailed to her promptly the very next day after winning the item on eBay. Two weeks went by, and she still didn't get the money order. I didn't want bad feedback on eBay for something that wasn't my fault, so I signed up with PayPal specifically so that I could pay her. I then paid her another $11 through PayPal and told her that if the money order ever showed up, she could mail it back to me. I ended up paying double ($22) for some cheap, crappy item (I don't remember what, now -- only that it wasn't worth $22). I never got the money order back, and of course you can't get refunds for money orders unless you have the money order in your hand!

      If these $ amounts had been hundreds of dollars instead, I would have been furious. :| Both transactions were within the United States, not international orders.
    14. Oh my GOD. When I pre-ordered Moi dix Mois' "Nocturnal Opera", Purolator did the same thing to me!! I was SO peeved, because even if they'd given me the money to replace it, there was no way I could have gotten the bonus poster, which was the entire reason I pre-ordered the CD. ^^; Their tracking department was HORRIBLE, I couldn't get any kind of response until I phoned a regular salesperson and cried at him until he gave me the address they accidently delivered to. I ended up phoning up the poor lady and going over to get it, because the trace department was so UTTERLY USELESS.

      ... then they tried to bill me an extra customs and handling fee. When they hadn't even deliverd my #&@)#!&ign parcel to me properly!

      Anyway. Post people can be really stupid sometimes. ^^;
    15. Azrael (CH DOmuya special Jun) had been delivered to the wrong house. After many angry phone calls and a canvas of my neighborhood, i found him and took him home.
    16. I had a package which NEVER appeared on the Irish postal system .. I called many times qouting the tracking number which I made sure was right but it never appeared on their computer. Until one day it arrived at my door after alot of frustration that I lost hope and I said it was Lost/Stolen.. I double checked the tracking number and Yeah it was right !!! But NEVER on their computers!!!!


      Anyway I didn't follow it up I was just relieved that my package has arrived :)

      If it's and EMS package then its automaticly insured if u didn't change the declared value.. U could ask them to report it and ask for ur money back for u ..

      Good Luck dear..
      Hope u get the wigs or ur money soon ...
    17. Just noticed ur Canadian ..
      I have heard horror stories about the Canadian Customs..
      I am sure ur package is stuck somewhere in there.. Don't worry it may take a while to appear ...
    18. Actually, you just need the stub. There's a bunch of papers to fill out, and then they have to wait a certain period, then they send you a check. I've had money orders dissappear before. I don't remember what it was for now, but it was like $60 dollars, and the guy put in a lost claim too, and for some reason I ended up getting reimbursed twice. Bonus! :grin:

      Hang in there! I'm sure it will work out for the best. :daisy :daisy
    19. Oh!~ OH

      It arrived randomly TODAY!! I haven't opened it yet *-*
      GHAD *so long waiting*

      I'm so excited<3
    20. YAY!!!! :grin: See, we knew it would be ok! :daisy
      Post pictures~!