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Ever feel the need to "adopt" dolls for sale in the marketplace?

Apr 10, 2006

    1. Maybe its just me but I check the doll marketplace everyday, I have no money for dolls that don't fit my "plan" but everyday I see a doll I want to buy just so it will have a good home.

      It all started when Indego started selling her boys...I saw Red on sale forever before he was finally bought...my heart ached to give him a home.

      Everyday I see a doll that is in need of a home and think to myself "If only I had more money, I'd save you from sitting in a box forever!"

      Am I crazy for wanting to adopt these poor dollies, or do you do it to?


      Wow I wrote this long ago. Since the time of this writing...I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I will not buy a new doll unless I *cannot* purchases it form the marketplace at some point like its a newly released doll, or new limited. I try to get dolls from the market place for this reason. Go figure.

      I still see many dolls that I want to "save" tho, epically now with the amount of people I see selling there collections. *cry* Stupid economy.
    2. :\ That's how I got my Syo..couldn't say no to that sad little face. But I would never just do it for any doll, I already had considered getting a second F-15/Syo eventually and he just happened to pop up when I had money, and considering how rare he was, I went for it.
    3. Yes...all the freakin time!!!!! I may not even really like the mold! I just wanna love them and cuddle them and dress them in pretty things.
    4. I have a very, very bad habit of giving things homes, be it a doll, plushie, broken hair clip, anything.

      I only seriously consider it when they have been up FOREVER and the seller keeps trying and trying. I know there's a School C that's been up for a few months and I'm pining to bring her home XD I also have that habit with unpopular dolls >> (Thus, I have Shin ^^; )
    5. All the time. I have infact brought one home from the markt place though. Only because he had been the one who got me in bjds in the first place. My bf Jerome *hugs Roxas*

      Roxas : -.- get off me woman....
    6. Haha, thats how I got my Evangeline. ^^; She's my MSD Sakura. And I bought her when I was totally NOT in the market for a dolly... She'd just been chillin' on the boards for so looong... D: It made me sad, so I bought her ^^; Now, she is one of my favorites <3
    7. That's how I ended up saving for my vamp head that I'm paying off. I just fell in love with him, his eyes were modded perfectly, and he was like I'd pictured that head should look. (And I wanted someone I could dress in Goth outfits!)
    8. Not usually, but that's how I bought Lilica. She was sitting there getting bumped regularly with no interest. In the end I gave in. She's so sweet and very happy now knowing she's in her permanent home after having two others previously. I dare not look, in case I get tempted again.... although there is a Banji girl at the mo.... nope, not looking. *Hides behind hands, whilst taking a peak*
    9. lol actually that is how i got my first obitsu/deleter body which became sey and how i got my leeke sweet head which became pocky ^_^ ( from a very dear friend of mine i met in many forums). and now how i came to take in my souldoll snyder who will be here this very week. i think there is something about giving a doll a good loving home. and it helps when you seen pictures of the doll before i just feel like picking it out is more personal. I enjoy bringing something home that i know someone had before how else do i explain all my other dolls from resale shops lol.
    10. I adopted my soon ariving soony :D
    11. I'm pretty particular with my dolls, and which ones I want... but this is how I got Edward.

      He went up for auction and I bid even though I'd already stated in the thread that I couldn;t... I just couldn;t let him go...
    12. If this it what makes you crazy, than I'm pretty crazy, too. I wish I could adopt all the poor homeless dolls, and I woud if I had the money~ ^^;~
    13. Yup all the time
    14. Just the types I like, and sometimes a few others too if they grab my attention. I'd gladly give them all a home, but I don't need that many dolls. Besides, I know the right person will come along who has been searching for that type of doll, even if it does take awhile.

    15. All the bloody time! except for unoa for some reason...
      I really want to rehome larger dolls and give them lots of love, just the bank ballance won't let me
    16. Yeah, I definantly think that. When I sold my Sooah, before I boxed her up and told her, "I'm so sorry, but you're going to a good home." I felt so bad, but the lady that bought her was so nice and a pleasure to work with I knew she'd take care of Sooah.
    17. Yes. That's how I ended up with Lucky. You know how that turned out. XD;
    18. I watch the FS doll threads just out of curiosity, and to keep up with what the market will bear on different sculpts.

      I am UBER selective about what I want to own though, so I don't get tempted to buy very often.
    19. I'd like to aquire more heads that have ended up in a bad way - stains, unfortunate faceups, etc. - and fix them up. Unfortunately I don't usually have the extra bread, and their prices do not often reflect their condition.
    20. I just love those dolls that need homes! I wish I could buy them all and let them stay with me. Even if they became dolls of my own characters (most likely wouldn't do unless I bought them without any face up), but I don't even have the money for my first doll.