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Ever feel you'd rather have a certain doll in a different size?

May 17, 2006

    1. What I mean is:

      There are a bunch of dolls I really like, but I'd rather have them be the other size... like, the Peakswoods dolls are fabulous, but their faces (especially in love with Skye) strike me as fitting an MSD size better (just my taste!). And then there's sculpts like the Ttory elf, whom I would LOVE to see all grown-up.

      Luts struck gold when they came up with the Minifees... it'd be so nice to have more options like that. >.< Anyone here have a certain mold they wish came in another size??

      And thus ends my rant for today. :)
    2. I would love to see a MSD Soye. That would really make my day. I love my girl but somtimes, I feel that she's too big.
    3. Yeah, Some of the Petite Ais come to mind, so beautiful....

    4. I'd like a Saint that had the same proportions, only 10cm smaller XD;
    5. Oh god can you imagine a mini Hound.. I WANT THEM TO MAKE IT.
    6. I'd like Bernard, but at a height of 63 cm. :...(
    7. Would really love a 60cm version of MSD F-09/F-13 or Hewitt.
    8. MiniFee :aheartbea Woosoo :aheartbea ((hands down)) :nosebleed
    9. I'd like a 60cm MSD F-06! Oh wait... (sorry, I'm terrible :PPPP)

      Anyhow, I'd love a MSD of the SD13/SD F-16...but that's just because the more the merrier with that mold for me :P

    10. @______________@ I think I would completely melt if they made a 60cm Hewitt or f-13... o_o

      And I'm really hoping for a mini Woosoo. @_@ Mini Woosoo = LOVE.

      Other than that, I'm happy with the sizes of the dolls I want. ^_^ I love my Winter in 60cm, though I am planning for a MNF Yder as well. I like varying sizes. =3
    11. i love the DZ Leng i just ordered, but somehow i feel he should be SD-sized...
    12. OH. I want OrientDoll Tae in SD/SD13 size >_________>
    13. Me too. I'm waiting for a SR Valencia, and Astrid Lindgren lover that I am, I will name him/turn him into Karl Lejonhj&#228;rta. And I know I will eventually want a Jonatan for my Karl, and Bernard would be perfect, but at 70 cm he is just TOO huge, even though Jonatan is the older brother. :/

      So I'm settling for an IH Lion as Jonatan when/if the time comes. (probably not within the foreseeable future, though *stares into the depths of empty wallet*)
    14. All. The time. I always seem to fall in love with MSD molds, and it's disappointing to see that there's no 60cm equivalent for ones I like. :)
    15. I'd DIE if they made a 60cm (or slightly taller) version of OrientDoll IL.
    16. good question! id absolutely love for model doll ipsae to be 57cm(lishe height)
    17. Mini-sized Gomidoll Igon. :aheartbea

      I love that sculpt, but I'm a strictly minis and smaller girl.
    18. Dollkot kiss looks like a big ttori to me, with a wider mouth and pointier nose. But the eye shape is definately simular: http://www.rinkya.com/twview.pl?URL=http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n36579551

      Both Ttori and Kiss would make better girls.. but I'm sidetracked.

      I want all of my dolls to be smaller (except for Calico). Tiny is my favorite size, but there isn't enough selection for people who don't want toddlers -- and even if they were, I don't think I'll be getting rid of my bigger dolls for new ones.

      Even if I can't make them all tinies, I wouldn't mind them being a leeeetle smaller. I like the size of the korean SD girls, at around 57cm. I wish I could make Juniper that size, she's very large and bulky. I would certainly love to have my DoD girl the size of my 38cm little jr. ai.
    19. I'd like an IM hound in a luts boy size...

      and i'd like a Memphis Grace in 11" size so I could carry her in my purse and nobody would know. yeah. I was gonna make a REAALLLY dirty joke but i'll refrain. for once.
    20. I'm new so ignore this............

      I wish they made them all bigger not smaller - sorry but i love the bigger boys and girls.
      I suppose when i am running out of room with 3,000 dollfies threatening to revolt about the state of the overcrowding i will see the sense of small, but for now i am revelling in BIG.