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Ever felt weird about your doll after doing a face up?

Jan 19, 2011

    1. Did my first face up, today, and I'm pretty happy with how it came out. However, I was so used to his old face that now I think he looks a little weird with a different one. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I almost feel like our bond has weakened somewhat. I spent a long time trying to make his face up perfect and I'm really happy with it but it's like it's not him anymore. I look at him and just think he looks sorta weird. Like I said I was really used to his old (AOD default) face up so maybe I just need a day or so to get used to his new face. I just feel sorta guilty about thinking he looks weird now. n.n'
    2. I'll feel weird if it came out badly, then I'd have to wipe it and do it over. Usually, I don't, though, I only drastically changed the actual faceup style on one who went from a gothy custom faceup from someone else (it was a nice faceup too -- the decision to wipe it was tough) to a much more natural younger look. However, I'm very happy with it now, and it's one of my better ones. Sometimes it takes time to get used to changes.
    3. Probably only if it came out totally differently than I had planned! If you really aren't comfortable with how he looks now, you could try doing another face-up? Good luck! ^_^/
    4. I have actually wondered this. I just feel it would be incredibly hard to bond with them again because a) it will suck, and b) I did it. Somehow I have kind of an aversion to liking the stuff I've made/created, even if it's done well. So if the time comes when I have to get my doll's face-up re-done, I'm going to snap a bunch of pictures, and send her head to someone who can do their best to recreate it.
    5. Absolutely. one of my girls had been blank for like two months or so before she got a faceup and I had gotten so used to it xD
      I love her now tho, with her faceup.
      Sometimes I do faceups and they seem weird to me, but then I just do it again and again untill it feels good.
    6. I attempted face ups and they were terrible, that's why I felt weird.
    7. I know how you feel. Poor Helena, my first doll, has gone through about four face-ups since I bought her. At first, her original face-up was starting to come off, so I wiped it completely and had a friend make her a new one, but it was so different from her original that I didn't quite like it. A few months later, I wiped it and re-did it, but it still didn't feel the same.

      I've ordered her a new wig, so once it comes in I'll probably re-do her face-up again so that she'll somewhat match the color of the wig.

      My poor YOs went from company face-up to gothic face-up and now to a more natural face-up. I may be tempted to re-do their face-ups again in the relatively near future once I've had a chance to practice a bit. I have a few new dolls on the way, all blank, so I'll have quite a few opportunities to practice before I take my acrylic paintbrush to them again.
    8. I totally agree with you. Different face-up results in totally different boy/girl.... Especially when you kept previous one for long time :>
    9. Yes, I have definitely felt weird. More than weird-- I found my first full face-up so disturbing that I ruined it by scrapping off parts of the paint... because having a ruined face-up was easier to handle. :|

      It was a good learning experience though! That face-up was on what was supposed to be my practice head, but after I re-did it, he came to life so much that I had to name the character.
    10. Not really.... I usually really plan out and think about what I want to do to a doll before I give them a new faceup. I actually just re-faceupped one of my dolls and I think she looks much better. Is it different? Yes, but it's part of the process, faceups aren't permanent things.
    11. I just did three face-ups in a row in the span of about three weeks because the dolls were supposed to be twins and they just were not being identical enough, so I just kept wiping and wiping.

      But I finally got it (and am MUCH better at eyebrows now due to all the practice) and I'm thrilled with them again.

      It was also a really tough decision to wipe their original Luts Face-ups because I wanted them to be freckled redheads. Iiiya.
    12. It actually feels weirder to me to leave a doll in a default face-up. They don't really feel "mine" until I've wiped them and redone them myself.
    13. Once, I got this random urge to add on to my Impldoll Miguels faceup and ended up ruining it x.x It took three faceups to get him to look close to the way he use to.
      The new face up came out better than the first, but for a few weeks, It was so depressing looking at him, thinking how he'll never look quite the same.
    14. That happened to me, yes. I achieved the look I was going for, but I lost the feeling I had for the doll in the first place. Even after wiping the doll I don't really feel that same fondness anymore and I've lost the urge to make her right.
    15. At least a lot of people have gone through the same thing. Now that he's had his new face up for a few days I've gotten used to it and he's my Tovi again. It just took a little while. The main thing was his eyebrows. I really wanted them to match his wig, which was the main reason I wanted to redo his face up in the first place, but once it was done it took some getting used to. His eyebrows went from thin and brown to a little thicker and silver. It made him look a little more masculine and I thought it came out great, but it took some getting used to. I'm glad that the new feeling wasn't permanent. I almost thought I made a mistake by redoing it, even though I much prefer his natural face up I gave him to to the pink AOD default face up.
    16. Any faceup I did would be weird. I love them fine when they come back from a good faceup artist.
    17. I am a newbie to faceup. The only ones I can do are natural, very simple, very basic types. (And I absolutely failed on doing faceup on bigger SD dolls and I don't know why). So yes, I do feel weird every time I see a finished faceup that just doesn't suit. I end up redoing faceups a lot of times usually until I don't feel weird anymore. >_<
    18. I haven't felt this way with face-ups, but I do feel it with eye changes! My Littlefee boy came with red defaults and when I switched them to a random blue acrylic I couldn't look at him. They weren't as sharp or thoughtful and he just wasn't Peyton to me. I got a pair of greenish Glibs into him and he was back to looking like himself.
    19. Unless I have a very clear look in mind, any faceup I do ends up looking weird. It wasn't so bad for my first two, who have pretty distinct faces and characters, because they can carry off dozens of looks while looking about the same. The more recent ones, though, ay... 'm still struggling with the faceups. Once the wet season is over, I might get started again.
    20. I've painted and then repainted at least nine of my dolls, some of them I've redone three or four times. Usually it takes me living with the new face for a few weeks before I can decide how happy I am with it. I usually like it the first day, hate it the second day, think it's okay a few days later - a new face-up can take some getting used to. Twice I decided I had just done it wrong, like the eyebrows didn't convey the right feeling or the blushing wasn't the right color. Those got repainted pretty quick. The rest of the time I got used to their updated looks and came to prefer them.