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Ever found that absolutely perfect sculpt for your character, but it is in the wrong size.

Nov 16, 2015

    1. Just as the title says. Picture this: you are browsing the forums trying to get inspiration or an idea of what sculpt to shell your amazing character. When out of no where BAM! New or present company (or sales thread, can't forget that amazing marketplace) throws a picture in your face and your jaw hits the floor. Your heart leaps and before you know it you are already planning how to pay for it when it hits you harder this time. The doll is way taller (or shorter) than you need them to be.

      So my question is what do you do?

      In my situation I am at a loss on what to do. If this thread exists already please link I really want to know.
      #1 Masumikittykoi, Nov 16, 2015
      Last edited: Nov 17, 2015
    2. IDK XD really...My Mr.Jones (Zaoll boy) still need a taller (but not too tall) boyfried, because Zaoll head is too small for SD boys :(
      #2 SugarFirefly, Nov 16, 2015
      Last edited: Nov 17, 2015
    3. See mine will be too tall cause I saw a 64cm boy from a new company but his girlfriend is a minifee Rheia that will be on a smart spiritdoll body. his sculpt is sooo perfect though T.T but I am happy yours still works out
    4. Oh yes, very sadly. The biggest disappointment for me? Souldoll's exquisite Lee Jun Ki sculpt - I actually almost bought one I found in the MP. But Lee Jun Ki is 6'1" - a tall young man. And my tall young men are all 70 cm dolls :( Souldoll, however, decided to make this sculpt 60cm :( I'm so sad. I've thought about just finding the head to see how that would look on a taller body. Thankfully the NEXT idol they sculpted (Onulharu, or should we just say Lee Jong Suk) is a 70cm :D
    5. That is so awesome that a new sculpt is the perfect size for you :) I will definitely have to take a look and see the soul doll sculpts. I really hope I get lucky and find an MSD boy that looks mature enough to be my Bjarga. I think that is where my problem is, I am looking for a mature looking male MSD and for the most part I know they exist. It's just hard to find that one, where the eyes, lips, cheeks and ears as well as the expression is so perfect along with being mature.
    6. omg tell me about it! I absolutely fell in LOVE with the Dollmore Lisa Rubik but she's a 70cm girl and that's just way too big for me! (if my experience with my friend's Hound was any indication) but I still covet her! I still hope I can find a good body size match for her head some day *sigh* then I can have her in the height I want!
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    7. Haha, yes. I usually don't bother too much about the scale, I just want the proportions to be close but otherwise...
      But well, there are two characters I would like to have in doll form (not for now though) with one being a Granado Mads on a 65 or 70 cm body, and the other being an MSD. This size is just the best for this character ! And for now, I have found two sculpts that could fit very well but are the wrong size : the first and best, a Once upon a Doll Elles, is 10cm too short, I saw one in person and while she has the perfect face she's just too small. The second one would be a Serenade Doll Nun. But she's too thin, with a head too small and while I love her body it just doesn't work for the character. The best would be to hybrid her on an MSD body but I'm not sure it can work...
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    8. Yes this has happened to me ;D Im usually not too fussed on the height of a doll, if I love them then it doesn't matter too much. But there has been one exception.. When I found out about bewithyou's (dollsbe) age27 Wood I was intrigued by his sculpt and was already considering him as my next doll. But when I saw his height..76cm!:horror::aeyepop: It was so conflicting, I loved the sculpt, but that height was just too much for me.
      I still think about purchasing him, especially since he is limited, but I don't think I could handle such a large doll. Maybe oneday bewithyou will make a smaller one :love
      #8 ClarasCraft, Nov 17, 2015
      Last edited: Nov 18, 2015
    9. Several times for a character I wanted to shell. He's between 25-35 years old, and all the more mature male sculpts are for the most part SD size, which is not a size I am comfortable with. Back in the beginning of September I finally found an MSD size sculpt that matched his facial structure, and the body it comes with isn't too bad, but took a week to get used to looking at it. I stopped looking at other sculpts that interested me as soon as I found out they were over 60 cm so I wouldn't get attached. After looking at the MSD daily for a month I decided to get him, so I'm happy I didn't cave in to getting a larger size I probably wouldn't be able to handle.
    10. The struggle is real.. My absolute grail doll and perfect fit for my character Gregg, is waaay too big for me and I had to let it go.. I am a msd person and bigger dolls doesn't work for me. The fitting sculpt was a Fifth motif Venitu which is really big, so in comparison to the msd size it didn't work. I wish I was better at handling the larger dolls. Q_Q Venitu would have been and still is the perfect sculpt for Gregg...
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    11. I feel your pain. All the feels! I can handle large dolls just fine, but poor Eira would end up looking like his baby sister instead of his love interest. And nice choice I think the venitu is an amazing sculpt so I really understand that love ♡
    12. YES! There are so many beautiful 70cm+ boys out there that I just love, but the majority of my collection is in the 55-64cm range and the huge guys just don't fit. I've loved Iplehouse Kamau for years, but after seeing one in person, he's just too much for me to handle.

      I think Minifee Celine is super cute, but I've decided the only mini/MSDs that I plan to buy will be children for my SD crew.
    13. I am on this....but with IOS Doll's "Sebastian" at 70cm, he won't fit my resin-family, he will be much too tall.
      My wallet is safe.
    14. It happens to me all the time.
      I love the Volks Luna and Charlotte, but they aren't available in 1/4 size.
    15. Oh man, yeah, that is depressing. That was me a few years ago when I discovered Fairyland's Chicline dolls. They have beautiful aesthetic of a fashion doll with the functionality of a bjd, they're only available in 1/4th scale. I HATE that they're not offered in larger sizes, because their proportions are my favorite and I love their faces, I'd buy a dozen of them if they were sold as a 60 or 70cm version. The only alternative to do is mope and wallow while hoping you find something similar in the size you want. Also, I wish some anthro dolls were offered in the MSD range, like all the Pipos bunnies *o*
    16. lol Yup. Soom Saiph is the perfect sculpt for my character Bambi, but as a Mecha Angel ofc completely out of scale with basically every other doll I have or plan to buy. Figured I'd have the Super Gem version available as an alternative. In scale and similar enough look to still work for the character, even though it's missing some of the original MA Saiph's charm imho.
      However, Bambi also has a very specific body type. And of course, I find a doll body so true to my idea of it, it's like the company read my mind. Buuuuut -- that body is both out of scale with the MA as well as the SG version :XD: Should probably just give up on it, haha.
    17. So often are fantastic sculpts too freaking big.

      **begin unpopular opinion**
      IMO, the majority of 1/3 sculpts have no business being that large because they look so childish. It's a huge turnoff of a lot of cute sculpts. And then they're on these really muscular bodies, it's bizarre and unsettling to me. I'd have a very different collection of more, say, Switch heads were in 1/4 size. But what's even worse is that I always run into the issue of even the large sculpts I like actually being 70cm... And I honestly think that size is kind of unreasonable. I caved in for a Saint, but I'm afraid I'll hate his size when he arrives, same as my reaction to my two first dolls, a couple of 1/3 boys. Oh well.
      **end unpopular opinion**
    18. @Hatsya have you considered some Withdolls? in many ppl's opinion they're similar to Sooms :))

      Personally, I experience an awful problem: I'm trying to sell (but i'm not determinged lol xD) a YoSD body, simply because I can't find a head for it. I'd love to keep it -it's so much fun and all, and I hope that one day I will see some cute lil YoSD baby, but for the time being it's a struggle. Everytime I stop scrolling down when I see a cute-faced bjd, it turns out to be an MSD. I hate the square-faced/mood-faced YoSDs that I see everythwere. THey're not cute. I need a cute one, with plumpy but cute cheek, cute, proportional nose, and cute, kissably pouty lips with no creepy smile etc. I just *cannot* find one anywhere and It makes me just sad... :/ There's so much variety among the SDs (as @vanzinger mentioned) and even the msds, but the YoSDs? they all look identical to me, none of them being cute enough :/ (sorry for the unpopular opinion again :D) Oh, wait, there are the Rosen Lieds, sure, but they're all LEs and not sold separately (I really like the body I have :))
    19. YAS. I wanted to shell my character Dominic in MSD size doll but sadly, his perfect sculpt only exists in SD. So, I just swallowed my gripes and bought his head and I'm planning for his massive SD body.

      I have never had an SD nor wanted one, so we will see how this goes. Wish me luck! Lol
    20. I have two Migidoll yo-sd girls that kinda seem like they would be to your liking if you like chubby cheeked girls. Kyiori (migidoll ruby) and Eve (migidoll Bean) lemme see if i can link a picture for you.[​IMG]