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Ever get inspired by a BJD?

Jun 7, 2010

    1. By this I mean inspired by their clothes, hair, etc? For example, you see a BJD with a cool shirt & end up sewing one for yourself, NOT for your BJD.

      I sew a lot & probably cut my hair more often then most. I saw a BJD with a cute boyish haircut, bangs swooped a bit to the side & it looked soooooo cute that I just cut my hair that way xD (hair was only a little bit longer b4).
    2. Now while I don't want to copy the look for myself, think you will understand why, DaisyDayes has the bestest Charlie Chaplin going, gosh it's adorable!

      That is inspiration
    3. My dolls have accidentally inspired a drawing or two while I was posing them and BJD in general have inspired some of the clothing I wear around too.
    4. Roderick wears fantasy clothing with an Elizabethan flavor. Every time I work on a piece of clothing for him, I think that I really need to get back into going to Renaissance faires. I've yet to act on it, though. ;)
    5. Their clothes! I find them beautiful. I can't sew, but I do think it would be cool to have similar outfits sometimes.
    6. I get mostly inspired to do other characters xD
      The only thing I need to create one is a little something I like (Hairstyle, color, general theme, accessory, etc.) and I will want to do something around it and most of the time I will end up with a new character to add in my stories xD

      But I am not really the kind to make/buy stuff for myself, even though I wish I could wear the same outfits as some dolls XD
    7. I keep seeing these amazing MSD and SD dresses and stuff and I want them so bad. I'm gonna learn how to sew this year and actually start making clothes for myself (and my dolls)
    8. I wish I was as leggy as my Dollfie Dream :lol: just so I could get away with some of the things I put her in!
    9. Dream of doll constantly inspires me! I love the face-ups and I'm actually trying to replicate it for a cosplay. I'd also like to make those clothes from dod.
    10. I would think the doll clothing would encourage a change of style with some people; I know for a fact my doll is going to end up dressing similar to me, with a few variations like color and whatnot. xD