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Ever given dolls away? and if so why?

Feb 18, 2011

    1. So here's my question everyone,
      Have you ever given dolls away, either as presents, or because you didn't want them anymore? If so why? What doll did you give away? and did you ever regret it later?

      Also if you gave one of these very expensive dolls as a present, do you think the person appreciated the value of the doll, and how hard it can be to give them up?

      I'm really curious about this, lets discuss.......
    2. I gave my uncle and his partner my Blue Fairy Jimmy with two outfits as a gift. My uncle loved the little guy so much and since I can still see with the doll whenever my uncle comes to visit, I decided to give him the doll as a gift. No regrets, he's very much appreciated where he lives now, both for his monetary and sentimental value.
    3. I gave my mother the Dollzone Leo I received as part of a holiday event. One, he was adorable, and I don't do cute. Two, my mother loves my dolls... but refuses to buy one herself, or let me buy one for her, because of the cost. I found this to be a terribly convenient loophole: she couldn't complain, because he'd been a free gift from the company. ;)
    4. I gave my mom a BBB March for Mother's Day--she's a doll person and admires my BJDs. I bought the doll just for that, so it wasn't sad to give her away. My mom really enjoys her, and I got to make the dolly clothes and a wig, which is a lot of the fun for me.
    5. I have given a doll as a gift, yes, to my sister. A BBB Apollo, that I bought just for her with a little help from my dad and my sister's BF. I also gave her a doll of MINE at the same time, an Angel Region, Little Fair Ren girl that had been slightly modded, that I didn't want anymore. She loves them both, and takes care of them. I also gave an OT Vinyl BJD to my aunt for Christmas this year that I got for free just before Christmas for her. I enjoy giving dolls as gifts just as much as I enjoy getting them. ^-^
    6. Firstly it needs to be said - Oh my God wildwoodflower, some butthole stole your dolls! that's horrible! I love Audra and Tanith, I sincerely hope you get them back.

      Well I have only ever given one doll as a gift, I don't own many myself at all, and my little sister's 21st birthday was comming up, and I saw a doll for sale on Ebay, it was a fullset Obitsu 50cm Mikaduki;
      Well I felt at the time the price was pretty good, but I only found out very recently how much they sell for, it was basically new, the owner had taken the doll out and tried a different wig on her and decided she didn't like her at all so had never bothered to open all her outfit, and wig etc. I THINK my sister liked her, she wanted a slightly vampire like character, and I think she works well for that. Unfortunately for sis Mikaduki has lived pretty much at my place since so I can sew a bunch of clothes for her, my sister isn't into sewing, so I get that job. I think it's hard to tell with Kiwi's if they really like something though as our reactions are SO understated.

      It's great to hear that the dolls you give people are so loved:)
    7. I bought a doll for my friend maybe 3 years ago because she said she liked him a lot and it seemed like she was getting into BJDs, etc...the problem is as soon as she got him she lost all interest in him as well as BJDs in general. She never did anything with him, never even bought him a wig or shoes or clothes so yes I regret getting my friend what is now a grimy bald, naked yellowed paperweight X_X
    8. I have given my three good friends each a doll. They all seem to love them and one did sale one of the dolls but she ask me before she did.
    9. yes, ive gifted a BBB Sprite to my best friend for christmas ^^.
    10. I'm pretty sure there's another trhead like this elsewhere...:) But...

      Yes! I've given a few dolls as gifts over the years, pretty much all recieved as trades for custom face-up/body work I did for people; it tickles me that I'm in a position to do things like that and make someone's day brighter by being able to give them a BJD :)

      I gave my mom a LS Ted a few years ago-she didn't have many toys as a child and adores the heck out of the little guy, (he keeps her company on her desk and she still poses him all the time and changes his clothes to suit the weather).

      I also gave a couple of friends tinies, (a B&G Leile and a BBB Erin). One, who goes to anime conventions with me and attended a few BJD events, doesn't do anything with hers, but I know she loves her for sentimental reasons. The other friend had been wanting to get into BJD for years and is now pretty obsessed, (she's waiting on her second right now-I feel like such an enabler )

      So...no regrets! Actually...even if I gave someone a BJD and they just used it as a 'paperweight' I don't think I would regret it lol
    11. Not yet! Though I do hope to get a job where 'ill be willing to, I have threatened Yourik to rehome him though... When he's being a brat... Though alot of my friend would apparently take him
    12. I recently gave my best friend a CH(Aidolls?) Ange Gaby as a Christmas gift. She's been wanting a doll for a looonnng time and has gone through a lot of garbage over the years so I thought I would help.;)
    13. I've given my mom a 26cm tiny and a Puki, and my best friend a Leeke Romeo head and a Puki (I'm all about handing out the pukis lol)
    14. I've never give doll away, but i am planing to give a doll to the kid that i babysit when she grow up a little bit.

      I am sure that doll is a precious gift. Everyone will love it.
    15. Such nice reasons to give such a wonderful gift, you guys are wonderful:)
    16. I saved up money and bought a basic Pukifee Shiwoo with a blonde wig for my best friend.
      It was her christmas present but she didn't get him until New-Year day so he's now her baby new year xD
      I also recently made him a valentine outfit that I haven't had the chance to mail out to her yet.

      We may have never met in person, but all the years I've known her, she's been a true friend and I'm glad I could brighten her life with a pocket cutie while giving her something to photograph since she's into photography.
    17. As a present. :)
    18. I gave away a Buddydoll Tough Mars head recently.

      I had bought the whole doll, but really only needed and wanted the body for one of my floating heads,
      So at first I decided to sell the head, until I heard one of my doll friends really wanted a head.

      So I gave her the head instead of selling it :)
    19. I've given my sister, who also collects BJDs, two event heads that I got for free. She wanted the heads and I didn't, so I figured that was a good solution.
    20. I gave my niece a bbb sprite and then a limho mono to keep the sprite company. I recently gave her a supia rosy - she picked it out as her favorite so I packed her up for Christmas. I was really happy to give them to her - the sprite was bought for her, I loved the little limwha boy and thought she would too. I was not too happy with supia posing and white skin, so that also made me happy to give to my niece. I also gave my volks elena to my goddaughter as well as a littlefee. I actually replaced both of those, I couldnt bear to be without them :)