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Ever got tired of a certain mold, that you used to really like?

Nov 19, 2010

    1. I used to really love Unoa's, I still think they are lovely molds, BUT I sure am kind of tired of seeing them so much. I had a Unoa lusis on my wishlist awhile back, but I've since taken it off.
      No offence to others who have one, like I said, I think they are beautiful. I just don't want one anymore, because I've seen too much of them. I mean, I know that isn't the case for every doll. I have seen tonnes of other molds a lot, but never grown tired of them. I think its just because, mostly everyone seems to have a unoa these days, so I find it less desirable. I tend to be attracted to unique quirky types.

      I guess what I'm asking is, has anyone else had the same kind of experiance, when you really liked a certain mold, but have since gone off it a bit, or just grown tired of seeing it? If so what mold is it? What made you change your mind?

    2. Yeah -- not really being sick of seeing them persay, but with all the dolls available, some just fall off the wish list. There are a lot of dolls that I've really admired over the years, some of which I had planned to buy at one time or another, but just never did. Happy Doll Lucy, AR Cosette, AR Angelica, Notdoll Belladonna, CP El, and CP Sleeping Soony are the ones that immediately spring to mind.
    3. I used to really like some of the kid Delfs, but I don't so much anymore. It wasn't really a matter of getting tired of them, though, just my tastes changing.

      But I do admit I am a little tired of seeing El. I thought he was pretty, but not one of my favorites...and now I see him everywhere. He seems a bit generic to me now unless the owner did something really spectacular with him.
    4. So many times! My doll tastes have changed, so that is part to blame.. But I have also learned that there are some dolls I love, but they will never be mine. Volks Four Sisters mold is a huge example. She is such a darling doll and has crossed my mind to own multiple times, even on my wishlist, but I've come to realize she'll never be my doll.

      I have had it happen with dolls I bought, too. A vampire Breakaway was a long wished for doll. I obtained one, he was gorgeous, but I just got tired of him and eventually sold. I think it's a natural thing and I have always seen my sold dolls go to a loving home, so I don't feel bad!
    5. I have a lot of dolls that really I still like but I feel I find them only pretty and I'd collect picture of them and really do not see why I would buy one.

      It also happened/is happening with BJD I have right now. I still love them but not as much as I used maybe ?
      Or maybe I never really liked them enough to get them but on the moment I got them and now I'm selling them for others xP

      Everyone changes opinion and its just happens ^^
    6. I bought two Unoas long ago, but their cuteness didn't last with me either, and after about a year I sold them. The combination of childish faces and mature bodies began to bother me after a while and I wish I had just admired them from afar. I am very happy with all my current dolls and have a better idea of which ones are likely to last here. I seem to be happier with the less pretty dolls for some reason, but I have made a few buying mistakes along the way. "Cute" doesn't seem to work for me in the long run.
    7. I would have to say Delf El, even though I own one (in tan). :lol: He was my first doll back when El Fever was in full swing. I loved him to death, but my tastes changed a few years back. He was always just sitting there, never getting new clothes or getting played with. I almost thought of selling him, but instead revamped him: dramatic new look, new clothes, new character. Now I adore him more than I ever did. However, other than my El, I have lost almost all my love for the sculpt. El is really the only mold that I LOVED and then fell out of love later. Other molds have dropped of the wishlist, of course, but I was never so enamoured with them as I was with El originally.
    8. Yes, in a way.
      I recently sold my very first doll that I got two years ago. I was tired of looking at her pretty face but not having the need to actually do anything with her. I love taking pictures of dolls, but I didn't enjoy it with her anymore.
      I think my taste just changed tho.
      But I'm not really sick of seeing a certain mold I think.
    9. There are a few molds I adore, but I'm tired of simply because everyone does the exact same style of faceup on them. Lusis is one of these -- I love her, I want one, but I tend to go through phases with her because all of the owners do the same general faceup. Natural colors only, not even any eye-catching eyeshadow, overly glossed lips and eyes...which is fine, she looks GOOD in that style, but there's no real variety, and when there is, it's more often than not done in a way that offends my personal aesthetic tastes. (Which is saying something...)

      But then when I see one that stands out, I squeal a little and my adoration is rekindled! I ran across Glyndon's lovely Lusis on the database thread recently, and...oof. She's a beautiful, beautiful girl, and has sparked my desire to own one again. @_@

      I'm also a little tired of Zaoll Luv, though I adore MesaMesa's Luv. But again, it's because it seems like everyone does the exact same thing with her face. Sadface.
    10. Yanno, when I first saw/read this thread I was ready to go off into a tangent of dolls I used to love... but after thinking about it a little more, I have to say overall, there isn't a sculpt I am truely sick of seeing. Like everything else, the popularity of certain molds goes in cycles. For awhile, everyone bought DoD, then Delf El, then Unoas... I remember seeing a lot of Delf Yder's for awhile... when migi came around, everyone had a Ryu. And when Soom Sard was released, everyone had a Sard or a Dia boy... so as the fads changed, so did what I was tired of seeing. I'll get sick of seeing a certain mold for awhile, but when they get less popular, it becomes a treat to see them again.

      That being said, there are a llot of popular dolls I wish people could be more creative with. I do get tired of seeign the same face-up/wigs/overall appearance for certain molds over and over...
    11. I'm in the same boat as you and was thinking the same thing.
      I used to lust for Unoas, they were my grail doll. But now it seems like everyone and their mom has one, and it's not that I get disinterested by not having a 'unique' doll, I have a Bory XD, but it's just that I've seen too much of them and I've lost interest.

      Sadly this as kind of effected my mood towards dolls. I love my boy but I've become more and more disinterested in buying another one. I haven't seen a mold that's really jumped out to me like the Unoas used to (besides Soom MD tinies, but that's another story lol).
    12. Yes! Delf Yder! I used to adore them and look at pics of them for endless hours. Then I got one.
      Lets just say the magic ended there. I fell completely out of love for the whole bjd scene for a while actually because he was my first doll and I didnt like him one bit. But we had a happy ending and the Yder head's in a loving home now! There ARE a few Yder moulds on this forum that still manage to ignite that little flame that used to burn so brightly for them but I can safely say I'll never own one again.

      And I seem to be backwards with the whole Unoa thing! I used to despise them! I couldnt understand how they cost so much despite the size. Now I desperately waaant!
    13. While I haven't lost love over a mold I wanted to buy, there have been a number of dolls I liked to look at, but got tired of. I think it's not the "I've seen them everywhere" issue, but more the lack of variety with what people do with the sculpts. I guess it's that problem of each sculpt having a certain few owners who are known for owning that sculpt. Some of these dolls become popular and, whether it be conscious or not, other people buy them and end up having their dolls look pretty much the same. I still appreciate when people do different things, I just get tired of the sameness.
    14. I used to be obsessed with DiM Belita. But now I don't even know what I used to see in her that made me want a Belita so badly.
    15. Yes, I have had this problem. My main issue has been with my four sisters from Volks. I have owned 2 of them. I see pictures, love them to death, get one and love it, but end up selling it because I just feel a little burnt out them. I think I need to get a FCS one so that I can make her a little more unique than my previous girls and the ones I see on the boards.
    16. Yeah, definitely. I used to be OBSESSED with DoT Ducan... He was the first doll I really fell in dolly love with. xD Now, I'm very 'Meh' towards the sculpt. I wouldn't say no to owning him, but I have other dolls on my wishlist now.
    17. Yes, this has happened to me. When I very first got into bjd's, I reeeeeeaaaaaallllllllly wanted a DoC Petsha. I looked up tons of owner pictures of her, and I was just as in love with her. But then after a while, there was just...Something wrong. It took me a while to figure out why I didn't like her anymore, but I realized that, no matter what the owner did with Petsha, she seemed to look just like a Petsha, instead of a unique doll. I'm glad I didn't get one. I chose a Kid Delf Ani instead, and they seem very versatile. :)
    18. I was really into Dream of Doll when I first learned of BJDs, but now I don't have plans to own a single DoD doll. @_@
    19. sometimes I feel like I am tired of seeing code no.2, but whenever I see his picture, my feeling toward him is remain unchanged~
    20. Migidoll Miho I think (and Ryu to some extent.)
      I remember when Miho came out, I wanted one so much!! So did everyone else it seemed and soon the board was full of them!
      Now I am very very bored of Miho, especially since so many of them look the same -_-