Ever had a doll bought right before you had the money to get it?

Jan 15, 2020

    1. I had been watching a Dollzone Finggo doll on ebay for 5 or 6 months and would have finally had the ability to get it at the beginning of February. I went to check on the listing today and found out someone just bought it TT^TT I'm feeling just a little bit heart broken right now, wondering if anyone has had a similar experience
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    2. Sure have TTuTT A couple of times on the marketplace here, one of them was even my grail doll so that was a pretty hefty blow. I had been waiting until I was more financially stable but by the time that happened alas someone else beat me to it. I figure I might have the chance to buy them again in the future but it still hurts at the time. Not a nice feeling at all.
    3. Always happen after I start this hobby. The doll I fell in love at first was closed when my savings can afford him. My favorite artist released her last commissioning faceup when I had no blank heads. She left the hobbies after finishing these faceups.
      Sometimes your grail appears in second-hand market, but order of new doll is paid and no spare budget for another doll. I heard someone likes paying dolls with layaway to prevent this situation. If your budget is limited, layaway maybe a good choice to prevent such a regret.
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    4. Missed out on my grail in a very similar fashion. He was even the right (uncommon for the sculpt) color! I was waiting for payday and he got bought. He was an amazing price too.
    5. This has happened to me a couple times with the same sculpt. :( It's not a grail sculpt but it's one I've been interested in for a very long time and it's discontinued now, so it's always a bummer.
    6. It stinks when that happens, huh?

      Don't be too disheartened; as others have mentioned, the secondhand market makes it possible to purchase dolls that may have slipped through the first time.

      One good thing about the hobby is that there are just so many dolls that another doll usually cushions the blow of missing out.

      PS - I would also work on getting DoA marketplace access as there are many Dollzone tinies there!
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    7. Yup. It happens pretty often. I went through messaging 4-5 different sellers that had this one head that I wanted before I finally got it. And there were a few where I wasn't eventually successful at all. But it was alright because while searching for those dolls/heads I found others that I loved too.
    8. Ah yeah, that happened with Raspberry the first time around. The Light Tan resin color pre-order happened while I was doing my study abroad, and I kind of needed that money for ya know, living abroad. XD About two years later, they released the doll in the Pinky Flesh resin color (which is the one I have), and that happened when I was in a much more stable financial position. Don't give up hope! It might take a while, but I'm sure you'll cross paths with the doll another day. Best of luck!
    9. Thank you guys for the stories, they made me feel a lot better about everything and hopefully we will all find the dolls we missed out on
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    10. Certainly have :frownyblush: not a great feeling, but as everyone has said, there is a good chance that you might find it again in the secondhand market, and layaway are always worth a shot!
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    11. Even though some second-hand sellers will refuse, it is also worth asking if they can hold for you, providing it is only a short amount of time (say 4-6 weeks tops)! That can be just enough time to get the next paycheque in and have enough to purchase. Many sellers will be happy to hold so long as you have the feedback and will make the purchase when you say you will!
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    12. Ah that's true! Thanks for the suggestion! I had seen it up for so long I thought I'd be able to snag it >~<
    13. I know how you feel...to a point.

      I had my eye on a Iplehouse Luna Tamer fullset (both human and werefeline, faceupped and body blushed but no clothes) for something like six months. I got a windfall of money and went to buy her. I PMed the seller and asked if they could take off $200. They wanted the full $1300 they had been asking. I thought about it, and figured out my finances, but by the time I went to agreed to pay the asking price, she had sold! Needless to say, I was heartbroken with the thought of losing a grail doll.

      So, to make myself feel better, went back to the MP where she was and searched around. About 3 hours beforehand, someone posted a human version of her for sale. I had also kept my eye on werefeline parts, so I contacted the human version's seller and bought her, then contacted all the sellers of the various feline parts, and bought them as well. I ended up paying around $850 for the same doll! She didn't have a faceup, but that's okay, a friend of mine gave her a wonderful faceup, which she still has four years later.

      This is Twyla. Her human self is a redheaded version of Audrey Hepburn. Her werefeline version is still a WIP.

      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr

      I can honestly say that Twyla's a world traveler, since her parts literally came from all over the world! :3nodding:

      Sometimes, patience and perseverance works out for the best. Keep looking for that doll you wanted. I hope you get a great deal on them when you finally re-find them.

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    14. Definitely had it happen, and what I sometimes think is even worse is flaky sellers, either never replying at all when you're ready to buy, or who agree to sell the doll then back out or disappear. That can be even more crushing when you have the money and are ready to buy and can't get the seller to do their part!

      It's really weird in this hobby how something can sit for months with no buyers, then suddenly everyone wants it at once. As a seller, I've had it happen a couple of times that I bump an item for weeks or months without getting a single message, then three people want it all in the same day before I even get a chance to mark it sold. I always feel bad turning down offers, but unfortunately in the end, I only have one to sell to one person.
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    15. Exactly! Another doll I was watching was a SoulDoll Junia Spider queen and after 3 months it got picked up when I was pretty much the only person watching it! It's so crazy how people all at once gravitate towards dolls
    16. I think part of it has to do with the time of the year. I feel like it's harder to sell things from June to December with people going on vacations, getting ready to go back to school, shopping for holidays...then January-May, things start selling fast, since people got holiday money, then tax refunds, graduation money gifts and maybe not much else going on to spend money on. Maybe it's my imagination, but I've noticed this pattern for years when I've been selling!
    17. This happen with me too! I do feel you!

      I was looking at a doll on Mercari and saving for her that time... And yep she was sold out :sweat

      This bother me a lot so I went to a second hand doll store instead on the next day and luckily I found another doll that I like, so my heart-broken was threated someway lol.

      That girl I missed is a limited doll though, I dont think that she will pop-up back again so fast in the market. So, I'm halfway giving up with her.
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    18. I missed Lacey from DollZone, I was waiting to finish paying off my other doll first but once I did she was sold out. :pout: I’m hoping to maybe see her on the second hand market sometime. I wanted to buy her blank and don’t feel confident enough yet to blush/paint a doll so maybe she’ll come back into my path once I’m more confident!
    19. I missed a re-release of PlasticMoon's Mr. Kitty and I'm absolutely kicking myself for it years later. He was the very first bjd I had ever seen and he's so adorable.:( I did however just jump on a Ringdoll Don I've wanted forever. I wanted to wait another two weeks to have the money for him but others had their eye on him so I whipped out the credit card as I was fearing exactly what a lot of you are describing. I hate using my emergency credit card but the logic is that I was going to have the money anyway... Doll emergencies count, right?
    20. Lol I was just talking about this over the weekend! Though it wasn't so much about the money as I "didn't need" it, and by the time I decided I did, it was sold. The specific doll was a DOD Ducan modded to have elf ears. He was cute, but not something I had a space for in my group. But then I figured why not? And he sold! then I saw pictures of him somewhere and though "he could have been mine!" XD

      But in a money way of things, I always want stuff around fall-winter and that's when the holidays and everyone's birthday drains my finances. All those events I never take part in.