Ever had a "Hey, you look like—!" moment with a BJD?

Oct 4, 2020

    1. So, recently I was scrolling through the sales and new releases in the BJD News section. I just happened upon a listing for some newly released Doll Family H dolls, and their newest girl had me automatically thinking, "Hey, she looks a lot like a younger version of Elvira!"upon seeing her. The face, the wig—it was an uncanny resemblance to me.

      This got me wondering—have you guys ever stumbled across a sculpt somewhere that made you have a "Hey, you look like—!" moment? It can be a celebrity (not head designed to look like them, but just a regular sculpt that looks eerily similar to one), a family member, friend, coworker, etc.
    2. Oh good, I'm not the only one that thought she looked like Elvira. XD
    3. I've had it happen a few time where I found a sculpt that looks like a different age version of my own dolls. And I mean the company photos look almost exactly like them. Like for my boy Theo, Xagadoll Ted looks like him as a teenager. :XD:
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    4. My son Shouma (Ringdoll Raven) has my MOUTH so I immediately bought him. It's uncanny but it's meant to be.

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    5. I think Iplehouse Aaliyah looks a lot like Rihanna.

      Charm Doll Ethan's cheek bones and mouth remind me of Andy Biersack, which is why I ended up styling him similarly.

      And I've had a lot of people tell me my Dollshe Amanda looks like Marilyn Manson, though I'm sure my faceup and the eyes are a lot of that, since Manson was an inspiration for the character and he has a Dope Show costume replica. ;)
    6. That's what prompted me to buy Narae. She looks a lot like Heather from Silent Hill 3

    7. Supiadoll's Muriell reminds me of Chloe Grace Moretz and SOOM's Epidia also reminds me of Rihanna.
    8. Oh man if you are talking about He Lan I actually thought she looked like Samshin from Goblin who’s played by Lee El.
    9. I had this moment in regards to a real person that looked like a doll (that is, I saw the doll first.) The doll in question is the Volks Belldandy sculpt. When I was working at target, a woman came through my line that looked eerily similar. The shape and position of her eyes were exactly the same, except more realistic because it was a real face.
    10. I did get that with a lot of the earlier Iple House dolls, but I believe it is intentional for most of their older sculpts (haven't been keeping up with their newer stuff, so I don't know if they still do it). However, I get a strange feeling of "familiarity" when I look at a certain large popular male sculpt, but I can't tell who he resembles (in my mind). It's almost like I can almost reach my answer, and then poof, it's gone and I just get the weird feeling but I can't tell who he looks like. I don't own the head, but I have shown non-BJD-owner friends of mine his photos to see if any can recognize who he might resemble, but none find him familiar. I don't watch a lot of Western-media, so it's really puzzling to me, because one of my friends says he looks like the girl from the Twilight Films, and sometimes I swear that's it, but most of the time I don't see it, so I'm back to square one and it's really annoying! DX
    11. I think this head sculpt looks like Nathan Fillion. link

      And I guess I saw a resemblance between the actor who plays Sandor Clegane and Dragon Shell's Pittbull head because: Login • Instagram
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    12. Trinity Doll - Dark Violet Mirror Klaire from Dollmore looks like Cate Blanchett to me.
    13. OMG! Totally! I thought I was the only one who tought about it :aeyepop::blush
    14. Not so much a celebrity or anything, but I swear on my life Ringdoll Rica looks exactly like this guy I used to go to school with. When I saw the product photos it was kind of freaky! All he needs is slightly different colored eyes and bam! same dude
    15. I found another one a couple of weeks ago: the Volks f-36 head looks eerily similar to Tutankhamun's death mask.