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ever have a second thought moment about buying your doll?

Jun 12, 2008

    1. What I'm trying to say is that have you ever...just before your about to buy your doll, get that little feeling like "maybe I should wait a little bit" or something like that. And I don't blame anyone who's had that feeling before because let's face it, BJD'S ARE FREAKIN EXPENSIVE!
    2. Well of course at first I was quite nervous the moment before but now that I've been through a few limited releases my hesitation is all but gone.

      Gotta be quick to snag those lovely dolls :O~!!
    3. For my first and Second dolls, nope. :)
      This time, I felt like oh maybe i like this mold or that mold and blarg. Sometimes I hate being indecisive. Lemme just tell you, They are worth it, believe me. [BELIEVE IT. lol xD]
    4. yep; after i bought both of my dolls (thomas in november 07 and hecate in june 08) i had a little rush of "oh biscuits! did i just waste my money?".

      it fades really fast when you see their your doll's faces.
      you just KNOW when you see them.

      these dolls are worth it, even if you rush into it, they just have the power to make you smile. :)
    5. Yes, at first, before I ordered Kizi, I thought "Maybe I should wait," but after going back and looking at him I was revived and I immediately ordered and payed for him. Either way...before or after the order you seem nervous and question "was/is this the right thing I should have/be done/doing?" (Sorry if that is a little confusing)
    6. Yep. I bought my Twin-B kind of on an impulse, because I had actually been pining for Petsha but changed my mind last minute.
      Then soon after I ordered, I discovered the Minifees and wish I had ordered a Shiwoo, because I loved 60cm Shiwoos but knew I'd never be able to afford one. I was like "Whaat? MSD-sized Shiwoo? Why didn't I find these guys a week earlier? TT^TT"

      But once I opened that box I fell in love with her beautiful face, and have no regrets whatsoever.
    7. Yep. It took me about three hours before I was able to actually order my first. I had my card out and ready, my laptop was out and I had everything filled in. It was just that for awhile, I couldn't help but think what if I don't like him? What if I don't like BJDs at all etc etc. And then after I went ahead and ordered him I wasn't sure if I wanted him or not. @.@ confoozing indeed.
    8. Not in the least. I wanted them and I love them.
    9. I was indecisive to all heck about my doll.

      It took me forever to even tell my parents that I wanted a doll (I haven't got my own credit card so I use my mom's).

      I kinda stared at the ordering form for a while... @_@ "What if I don't like him when he comes?!" etc. It was nerve-racking... I think I ended up ordering around midnight...
    10. I hesitated when I bought my Ryu head. Because I knew that if I bought the head, then he would need a body and a faceup and clothes and hair and the list goes on and the money goes down.
      And I didn't want to ask my parents for huge sums of money if it was just another short-lived hobby, you know?

      But I decided that I'm going to love and adore him, so I went for it~
      ...Now I just need to ask for the body. Dx
    11. I've never had second thoughts BEFORE buying a doll. But I recently bought one and it's been two and a half months. it won't be shipped for another two weeks totaling it up to nearly three months of waiting. And the fact that I have my eyes set on another doll already that I want more then the one that's "on the way" I'm having second thoughts about keeping the one I bought two months ago.
    12. Yes indeed! The first BJD I wanted and nothing was going to stop me. But when Reina came , I had so many problems with her at first I definately had second thoughts. I always get that little feeling in my gut like...'can I really afford this right now...' but since I dont splurge on myself very often I end up feeling as though I deserve it.
    13. only if i find another who fit my character more perfectly
    14. I have like 6 months worth of second thoughts when I bought my first doll. Then I bought him.

      I go thru this "maybe I shouldn't have" with each dolly purchase :lol::lol: Except now, this second thought does not last that long
    15. Well yes, for a moment after I sent the payment for my first doll I was like "should I really have done this?" Especially since the arrival of my doll was delayed for so long..
      After I got him I totally forgot about the hesitation. : D
    16. Yes, it's hard because things are only available for a short time sometimes and you have to make decisions very quickly. I try not to second guess myself though, I worry enough about other things and the dolls are supposed to make me feel better, not make me worry more :)
    17. I always feel that way. Buying my first few dolls was fine (because I did not buy from the company directly) but when it came to my first time ordering online from a company website, I was so nervous. It took me about a week to convince myself to go for it.
    18. Yes, I do, almost every single time I buy one. Even the least expensive of my dolls seems like a lot of money to spend on a doll, so I always have a little "moment" just before I hit the buy button.
    19. I'm still waiting for my first *does a "get here soooooon" dance* But I was a little nervous about pushing the pay button XD I was so anxious for the buying process to go smoothly, really! I feel guilty about practically everything when it comes to money (horrid subject), so I did have the whole "was that right?" feeling. I held my boyfriend's hand when I pushed the pay button, eventually, haha~!

      If I catch an owner photo or a company photo of her while I'm waiting, my heart still flaps around, so I know I'm just going to melt into goo when I finally have her home! I know I made the right choice on the doll. It's just the money, really... ;3;
    20. I had second thoughts about both of my girls. Shoko I had major second thoughts for after I bought her, but when she arrived they all went away and I was the happiest dolly mommy ever ^^;

      Mistral... I had second thoughts about her since I said "I'll buy her." I mean, I'd always adored DOD's Twing~Key's... but I had really wanted an Unoa, and there went my Unoa money... When I got her I didn't like her face-up and wanted to make her into a sweet lolita that I could carry around with me when I dressed in lolita. At that point she and I didn't connect at all and I was having major second thoughts about having bought her and was thinking of selling her. Then I finally let her do her own thing, and now I've got this punk whom I adore with all my heart ^^