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Ever have that character that just seems impossible to shell?

Mar 10, 2016

    1. I wanted my first bjd to be my boy wester, but since I couldn't find anybody that looked like him I gave up and chose somebody else. Four dolls later, I STILL haven't found the right guy. In all honesty he's a little ugly and weird looking, which is why it's been so hard. I also wanted him to be smirking or scowling, so that narrows the pool even further. I'm finally accepting I'll probably have to mod him / sculpt him myself (which I've tried multiple times...)
      So what character of yours has seemed to be impossible to find? If you have drawings or anything please post them, maybe somebody can point something out
    2. [​IMG]
      This is my boy by the way.
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    3. May I suggest a sculpt for your boy? He reminded me of a sculpt by Duke Meow. His sculpt name is Mr. Needle. Here's a link: make up for Mr.Needle [Duke Meow]

      You can probably search for some more pictures.
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    4. That nose makes me think FreakStyle Drazen.

      yes, I have had that problem! Justin is one of them. I had the character for over two years, and had settled on something somewhat close but not quite right, and then Little Rebel released Andre, and he was just PERFECT!
    5. Some of the Granado heads have noses that are along that line too.

      And yes, I have had characters that just are impossible to shell. Usually older, more rugged men...it's getting easier, but oh, it's been a long time for some of them. =n= I still haven't found *just* the right sculpt for a few of them.
    6. @angelie23 Wow, Mr needle is a beautiful sculpt ! Very similar to what I'm looking for, wish he was an msd though regardless, I may have to suck it up and go for an sd, ahaha

      Ughh yes I saw Draven awhile ago, he's such a pretty boy.
      Andre is a great sculpt! Do you have a profile for justin? I'd love to see him

      Granado is pretty neat, but they're sooo muscley. Maybe a head on a different body...
      Yess it's so hard to find older looking sculpts. I'm also trying to find somebody for my guy alya, he's in his forties, looks a bit like like he's been ridden hard and put away wet, and is emaciated. Though I'm not trying that hard to find somebody for him, since he's also part demon and would require a good deal of modding.
    7. Yes, I do! He's the guy in my avatar, and his profile is HERE. :)
    8. @Meta oh I know, it's so difficult to find nice thin boy SD bodies. I've become such a proponent for modding to get whst I want, so you could take a small hipped girl and sand off her breasts, but modding isn't really every bodies thing, so I can understand if that's no good. He's a very good looking dude though, hope you'll be able to find him :^)
    9. @foulmonster Thank you! Yeah, modding has been suggested before but I'm really not confident enough to do something like that.
    10. @CloakedSchemer woww such a nice looking dude! Glad you were able to fine him :^)

      @Meta yeah, it is pretty scary, cos even a cheap body is expensive by most people's standards
    11. Characters I have that are hard tend to be the older ones - I've really worked hard to shell Juanita Kim Esterhaus & Maria Reyes Ionescu - both ladies whose parents came from the Phillippines in the 50s, & who were born in the US. They are the middle-aged mothers of several of my main characters, in their 50s w/that middle age spread. And THAT'S what's so impossible to find. There's a Kickstarter (or maybe GoFundMe) up now for a full-figured SD girl thank GOODNESS, & there's the Sharmithra body, but I do believe that's IT for that look. But I'm persevering....
    12. @Teleri it's so o hard to find a doll that's not a young classically attractive white person. I hope to be a professional doll sculptor someday and have a lot of diverse dolls. I'm working on a big girl with rolls right now :^) however I am seei ng a lot more diversity as the market gets larger, I'm excited to see all the new doll's in the coming years!
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    13. I've toyed with the idea of shelling my personal characters and over the years have seen some sculpts perfect for some, but I struggled for a while finding dolls that fit one of my favorite pairs. One is ridiculously short, pale, grumpy, and looks pretty awkward. The other is tall, dark skinned, good looking, but kinda young and not really built, which is hard to get in 70cm. But years of looking and a little luck and I finally found them!

      Awkward little one ended up being an Angelregion Diana -Pride- with a little modification and the tall one is a Super Senior Delf Aragon in real skin brown. I have another pair I'm wanting to create, but I'm not looking forward to several more years of staring at dolls and whining about it so I keep putting it off.
    14. My 'impossible' one is Nick J. Anderson. He's the one I have pretty much given up on shelling. The problem - he's a rugged, middle-aged, ex-military man, well-built. Iplehouse and a lot of other companies have gotten very close with faces, and I probably would have selected one of them except...he needs to be in the 60-63cm range, not 70+, like pretty much every sculpt of this type tends to be. I'm biding my time, waiting for someone who will fit the bill. It can wait, though - I'm only buying one doll this year, and that's already done.
    15. I haven't had any trouble finding ASIAN people - but yeah, young, gorgeous & fit LOL
    16. Oh good heavens do I have an impossible-to-shell guy! I might have found a sculpt for my troublemaker, but now the body is giving me all sorts of hell because it's a Dollmore Adam head and those have teeny-tiny neck openings. >.< So far he's rejected everything I've thrown at him. Maybe this works ... but I'm not getting my hopes up until he's finished, body and wig and faceup and all.
    17. I've been hunting for the right doll for one of my characters, but I'm having one hell of a time doing it. I didn't realize it would be so difficult to shell him until I started looking. I'm going to have to find someone to do a custom wig once I do find the right sculpt, because his hair is lavender, and I'll have to do some sort of sketch for the style I want, I think... So far I haven't had any luck with anything. I'll find the right nose on one but hate the rest of it, or I'll love the eyes and brows but not the nose... The body has to be just right, too. He's not the most muscular character. He's... more of a lithe build. Some muscle definition but not a ton, and definitely a thin boy.

      Thank heavens I found the right sculpt for another character of mine, Rei! He literally just popped out at me! Saving to get him, now.
    18. Uuuggghh yesss. My character Livnah, I don't think I'll ever actually be able to shell him even though I would LOVE too. He's an albino merboy and...I just have not been able to find any merdolls that are male, with the exception of the event chest for FL Sia. But then, she's a seahorse and that's just not what I see for Livnah at all.
      I'm also really picky about mer-sculpts, I want something that bends like Sia without actually being a seahorse, but I'm afraid I'm never going to find such a doll.