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Ever left/kept a doll blank?

Jul 7, 2010

    1. I love my Yrie. She's faceup-less and gorgeous. When I talk to her I can almost see her expressions change in response to what I'm saying. I've found a wonderful faceup artist and have written her into the waiting list, but I can't seem to make up my mind on how I want her to look. Part of me is actually quite afraid that when I get her back, her expression will be set, and that she won't be 'communicative' anymore.
      I realize that I'm afraid to commit to a face-up for this reason!

      So, I would like to ask you DoA-ers, have you ever left or kept (depending on your point of view) a doll blank? And if so, why?
      Have you ever felt the way I have described? Did you give your doll a faceup? Did your doll's expression become fixed, or did it make him come alive?

      Thank you for taking the time to answer :aheartbea
    2. Three of my dolls don't have face-ups yet :] Though I would like the added colour, I'm fine with how they are. And dolls with blank faces can be cute, anyway <3 It's all up to you~

      Oh, and the why is because I'm too much of a wimp to send them out to get painted |D And I would paint them myself, but I lack the supplies (Too focused on getting the actual dolls right now ^^" )
    3. My old Camine had an extremely light faceup; he had slight blushing around his eyes and lips; instead of eyeliner on the bottom of his eye, he had a thin white line.
      His faceup was so subtle, people would tell me that I needed to get his face painted even though he had grey eyebrows!!
      Maybe if you did something like that it would work?
      More like slight shadows rather than a full on faceup!!
    4. I bought a Dollshe Orijean time ago, in white skin. I kept him for some months (than I sold him for a sudden need of money) but, for the time I had him, he was without a face up, just cause his face mold was so totally full of expression that I was afraid to break the magic fixing a "face" on him.
    5. While I adore faceup-less heads, I like to see mine with one ^^
      If I ever start to have doubts about a doll or if I do not like its faceup I'll just wipe it off, Look at it for a while without faceup and then I'll do a new one, but I'll always let it stay without a faceup for a while because I really like the mold without one ^^

      Faceups are really just there as an accessory almost XD
    6. I love blank sculpts. When I first received my DZ Jake, I was enthralled and couldn't stop looking at his face. Like the OP, I was worried about his face-up. I kept thinking "Will I love him this much after he's painted?" I found an artist with a very natural style, sent his head off and waited anxiously.

      The minute I saw his painted face, I fell in love with the sculpt all over again. His artist did such a fantastic job bringing out my favorite features of the sculpt itself, and he has even more personality now than he had before.

      My MNF Rheia is still blank four months after receiving her. She will be painted soon, but I find even her blank face to be full of expression. I do not keep my dolls blank permanently, but for the time they are blank I enjoy studying them in that state.

      So to the OP: Perhaps you could give your Yrie a very light or natural looking face-up? I hope you are able to find a style that suits her, whether its blank or painted. :)
    7. I just got a blank PKF Ante and she has gorgeous blue eyes and blond hair and someone on Flickr just called her "spooky". Mind, they also collect troll dolls so spooky is probably a relative term.

      She's cute as a blank for now but she will be going for some color shortly. At least lip color and some eyebrows so she doesn't look albino.
    8. All mine get faceups -- they need faceups in order to look like the characters they represent. I find that they are more expressive with faceups as their features look more human, and eyebrows are a very good thing. Unless you choose a faceup that gives the doll a very specific expression, you'll still have the same versatility.
    9. Before I send my MSDoll Drayton 2nd boy away for faceup, I had very famillar feeling you write about. He had such a darling, open looking face, and his expression changed when shadows played under his brow lines. Drayton has such a sweet browline, no matter what kind of brow you draw on it, it will remove a part of the gentleness of his face :((. Also, he has so delicate well sculpted eyelids, I enjoyed touching them all the time. With faceup on it it will be bad to touch them...
      Now my boy is returning home painted and pretty, just as I wanted him (faceup-artist did such a gorgeous work!) but I'll tottaly miss his blank face. It wouldnt have worked with his character to stay blank, so I had no choice but comission faceup for him, but this mould tottaly can live without faceup. I am tempted to buy extra head to leave it blank xD
    10. Well, my current Ken (RS An) is still blank..but only because I've not had time to give him a face. My Casspian (RS Lan on Bao body) is also without a face, because I've been working on modding him before giving him one...

      Then there's Ivy (RS Bei)...She has no face, and is so pretty that way...that I can't decide what to do with her for her face! I know that in the end she'll have one, I enjoy playing with face-ups to much for her to be my only 'blank' doll, and it looks...odd...in photos with dolls who have faces. I just...don't know what I'll do with her as I like her so much blank.
    11. I remember seeing one of those 80cm BJDs without a face-up and it scared me -- it had this odd look to it, like it was a kid without a face

      But, oddly enough, I have seen more common-sized BJDs without face-ups, and it didn't look to bad.
    12. I definitely prefer having my dolls with faceups. I haven't owned one without, but I don't think I'd want that to last long. xD While blank dolls are beautiful, they just seem incomplete without a faceup.
    13. My WS Puki Pipi is currently face-less (due to many face-up attempts), but I love her that way. The WS looks so good blank and allows the light to play off her features. :XD:
    14. I just did the face-up on my blank DF Wind, and while the sculpt looked fabulous without it, I couldn't leave it, it just doesn't look 'finished' without a face. I'm sure there are some who look better without, but I just can't do it. I need eyebrows (except on my Sprite) because otherwise they look like aliens. >-> People look like aliens with no eyebrows too.

      Tremis is an exception, as he looks awesome without brows, but I think it's due to the details on him that he looks fine. If he were normal, he would be getting eyebrows.
    15. *laughs* Well, Karie, them looking like aliens without eyebrows is a good thing for Tremis, isn't it? Gives him that 'from another world' look!
    16. I sometimes think that dolls with no face-ups are so ethereal and preeeetty!! There's something about the delicious smooth perfection of their faces before they are painted, especially beauty white ones! I think it's sweet how bonded you are to your Yrie who has no face-up! (I have a Yrie, too, but I got the default face-up on her.)
    17. I have a head that may never get a faceup. I really like the sculpt, but unless I can hybrid him properly he won't ever become a character. Thus, no need to give him a faceup.
    18. A number of my dolls don't have faceups. I'm not good enough to do them how I want them yet, the defaults were either outside budget at the time or very counter to what I wanted for the sculpt, and I'm so insanely picky about how I want most of them to look that I wouldn't wish that on a faceup artist. (Some with more normal looks I may send out eventually, but that requires time, money, overcoming my angsty fear of sending anything anywhere... )

      Some are just gorgeous without them. Gorgeous enough that while I may have originally had plans for a heavy faceup on them, a little time spent with the raw sculpt makes a much lighter blushing more likely.

      Others, I knew I liked the sculpt, but don't have concrete plans for as yet. My Dragondoll head is a great example of this -- I fell in love with the head the moment I first saw it, and figured I'd order it when an idea had emerged in mind for it. Then it was discontinued -- erp! It was now or never. Quite a few of my sculpts are like this: a limited or about-to-be-discontinued head that I know speaks to me very strongly creatively, but don't have a firm plan for.
    19. i had a head that I think I prefered without a face up... then I found a good solution.. I am going to make a mask for her :D Then leave the mask blank. Crazy.
    20. I've had an unpainted Sooah since the doll first came out, and a first batch reminisce Sooah that has never been painted either. It also has to do with the fact that she doesn't have a body of her own and she spends a lot of of time "bodyless", but all these time I've taken pictures of her in borrowed bodies with her blank face and found her truly gorgeous as is -also, extremely useful for school assignments, art teachers seem to find a blank rem. sooah extremely artsy for some reason. I don't think I feel that she is more expressive that way, my other painted dolls also seem to change their facial expressions and moods depending on the day, but I think I love to look at her unpainted because a clear and naked doll is so brimming with potential and possibilities that it feels exciting and stimulating in a very special way.
      Now I've finally decided to have the regular head painted, but painting the reminisce head is not in my plans. I may do it one day, I may get yet another sleeping Sooah head and do it (I love sleeping dolls too much) but I just don't feel the need right now.