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Ever loved a doll but COULDN'T bring yourself to own it?

Jan 26, 2012

    1. Sorry if there's a thread like this already, I couldn't find one.....

      But I'm wondering, are there any dolls you absolutely love, but for one reason or another, you can't bring yourself to buy? For me, I LOVE Feeple65 Chloe, but I just know I can't own her. Not because of price, or because she wouldn't fit in with the rest of my crew, or even that she's so pretty I don't deserve her, no, I just..... can't. Has this ever happened to you? If so, why?

      Thanks in advance, I'd love to hear your stories!

      Edit: Has this ever happened to you for a reason you can't explain?
    2. Yes! Iplehouse EID Kamau! that doll is SO gorgeous! especially in the dark skin..-drools-

      BUT. I'll never buy him, for several reasons.

      The main one being he's too big for me and I know he'd end up sitting on a shelf and ignored because I'm physically unable to handle packing around a doll that big and heavy. Also, he'd be HUGE next to the rest of my crew and would look out of place. Another issue is the seams and posing.....yes, I know, everything can't be perfect, but I really have issues with seams or dolls that don't have great posing, especially if I'm going to be paying that much for him. Not to mention he's sold out...

      All of these factors combined have finalized my decision not to buy him and to just enjoy the eye candy posted by owners. :P
    3. I sometimes come across dolls, that are really beautiful. But looking at their pictures, I can't see them being part of my group or I can't imagine a character. And then I often lose interest, because after buying those dolls, they would just sit or stand around and be beautiful but otherwise useless to me. And I wouldn't want that to happen.
      So I do it like schemer and look at pictures of them online. ^^
    4. yes, some dolls that i love are just too expensive for me. i mean, i could in theory save up and get them, but i don't know if i could enjoy a doll that was crazy expensive.
    5. Yup. DOD dolls have always appealed to me but I somehow never added them to my collection. Dunno why. And more recently, the DZ Brant and Cosmo, I dragged my feet until I was too late to get either in tan.

      And then of course there are other Scots I love but a 70 cm or taller height will stop me from even considering them. But at least I know the reason there!
    6. Dollzone Asura. The limited-ness of him isn't preventing it, nor his size--it's the fact that I have no character for him and unlike Una and Jeremy couldn't make one up on the spot. This is the main reason why I won't buy a doll even if I love love love it, unfortunately.

      ...it just means I need to make more characters << >> << >>
    7. Some dolls I see are beautiful, like iplehouse luna, but I cant envision how she will fit with the other dolls from my wish list, although all are from iplehouse. Several JIDs were once on my wish list but the one little factor pushed them off my wish list, their overly muscular body in contrast to their childish faces.
      I liked several companies including crobidoll(especially zack the ripper), oasisdoll, ringdoll and ariadoll. But realizing I like organised collection of similar styles, I just can't make myself to bring them home. They will look odd next to iplehouse dolls. Sooner or later, one will have to go. Rather go down that painful road, I don't buy them in the first place.
    8. I love several Idealian 51s, but those really would look out of place w/my dolls since they are basically a different scale - same w/the mature MDs/Minis. Love Cuba but just can't do it :(
    9. Ah, I have so many SD's on my love list, but I'll never get any of them due to the larger size. MSD seems to be the biggest I'll go. Though, I'm sure missing out on a lot of wonderful dolls!:doh
    10. Honestly, I don't think this has ever happend to me. I've always had one reason or another why I didn't go for the doll that made me fall in love, even if the reason was something as miniscule. It could be a size issue, or lack of aesthetic cohesion with the rest of my resurrected resin crew, or too big, too small, single jointed body, wrong lips or eyes or nose, or other cheaper/easier to get dolls came along first and I never got around to this other doll I absolutely love yet. There's always an explanation why a pass is given. At least for me.
    11. I adore the two flower dolls from Dollzone, but I know I wouldn't play with them and maybe not even paint them. They would just end up on a shelf, collecting dust and looking beautiful. That's really not why I buy resin dolls; I buy them to pose and play with, so I had to pass on the flowers. I still think they're fantastic and want to see what other people do with theirs. *sigh* You just can't have everything, it seems.
    12. When I see female dolls, especially tinies. After getting my Puki Sugar (whom I love so much) I realized that I like female dolls and I would like to have more. I used to have only boys before and I was not interested in girl dolls, even my Puki Sugar was bought as a mistake ^^;; some things happened and if it wasn't because of it I would have never gotten this precious girl<3

      But I can't still buy a female doll...I always end up buying the boy...

      edit: I think that the only way I'd get a female doll is only if fairyland releases a Puki Sugar as a Yo-SD size(littlefee) :D I'm still so smitten with this girl after so many years <33
    13. SEVERAL TIMES!!!

      I like very mature faces, but I can only have MSD size (for several reasons), so it's really difficult. Sometimes, I find SDs that are perfect and gorgeous and I just have to have them but I know I can't.

      Leira The Moon from Souldoll: She's big, I couldn't have her, also she's super super expensive. I just couldn't do it.

      LinFeng from Doll Family H: He's so gorgeous, but still too big! I'll never have him.

      Migidoll Miho/Ryu: I'd LOVE one of these... But alas, too big, I NEED them in mini size.

    14. Oh yes...Volks Michele. I loooove his weird little face X3
      But his head is huge, his face is huge and even though I love the SD10 body it's an odd size and all together he would like a giant overgrown child with the rest of my dolls...
      The money isn't an issue, I'd totally save for him and pay the $$$, but I know he wouldn't work out and I'd end up selling him, so I just pine from afar.
    15. The main ones...

      Leekeworld Mikhaila
      I found quite horrible, both face and bodywise (*shivers at thought of wide hips*)...
      But still..! I seem to be thinking about her more and more - she seems to be growing on me.
      However, I would probably just regret it if I get her, but I do enjoy looking at pictures of her.

      And Dollzone Anson I really, really like how she looks, but I do not think she could ever fit into my "collection".
      She does not have the type of look I would or have create a character of. And even if I did, it would feel like I am just stealing their design...
      If I were to get her... it would be such a waste of a pretty doll, I feel.
    16. SDs. Especially the Migidolls, Luts Delf Terra and El, and a few of the B&G ones. I've got an army of MSDs, and though I would love to have more "grown up" versions of them, I know I don't have the space nor the finances to support that many. And I couldn't limit it to just a few. So Msds it is!
    17. I have to second the DoD dolls. I love most of their larger sculpts, the DoTs, Camine, Luke, etc, but I just can't bring myself to get one. I know I would play with it, but it'd just feel weird to have one all by itself in my collection of realistic molds... Worse yet, I'd need to get the whole line so that it'd make sense for me to have one in the first place. *Sigh* To top it all off, they'd be waaay too big for me. I don't buy anything over 65cm- that's my rule and I have no inclination to break it.

      I saw a DoD Camine styled as Lelouche that was just FABULOUS, but I'd never be able to actually own one.
    18. The big fantasy dolls, like Soom's MDs. They're fabulous and beautiful, and while they are in my price range......
      I just don't have the space for a doll sculpture that I would only display, not play with. ^^;

      I saw a few IRL and was like "Damn! I'd need a whole shelf to properly display that thing!" and I live in a cute little house, so space is scarce. I'm happy just looking at other's photos of them; they are nice to look at, but I don't think I'd go out of my way and rearrange my house for one, lol.

      Yes, that's a Chalco in my sig. I'm mainly refering to the dolls with epic costumes or huge fantasy parts, like wings, that require a large footprint of space to safely and properly display. Just... no room. O_o
    19. Its the same for me with the fantasy dolls. Every time I come into some money I think, "Now I can get that baby centaur!" and then I never do. I'm always tempted but just can't take the plunge. There are a few other dolls like that, esp. the Supias and many of the larger Iple girls. I can always find an excuse to add a new mnf to the collection, but I can never make myself buy tinies or any others I drool over. I even passed over a little fee Lishe and Pipos Cheshire, realizing I just don't want anymore tinies. 0_o It was kind of depressing.
    20. I feel it constantly and I have no idea why. Really, I try to rationalise it, make up criteria for it, but in the end, it's sometimes just... gut feeling.

      If I had a limitless budget, though, I'd just get every doll that strikes my fancy. XD