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Ever make a mistake that turned out okay later?

Feb 24, 2018

    1. There I was - on hands and knees, clawing like a badger, trying to retrieve 3 tiny objects from behind an immovable dresser. I knew if I didn't get the tiny dollhouse-sized books back quickly, they'd find their way into the vacuum cleaner! Seconds before, I thought I could gently blow dust off my bjd's diorama. Nope! Well, the dust was gone, but so were the books! Fortunately, I found a short, skinny pole that brought my items back to me. I left the pole behind the dresser, because, well...there'll probably be a next time!:doh

      Have you ever made a mistake with your bjd hobby that turned out okay later?
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    2. One time I was practicing body blushing but forgot to use sealant. That is a big no no for me. But it turned out okay because after the realization, I never spent so much time meticulously blending and applying color tones. So now, i combine different colors for more eye catching looks.
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    3. I use a tall bottle of 100% pure acetone to remove my faceups. I have one msd doll (Addison) with a company faceup because I am so in love with it. While I was working on another doll I had Addison standing up on my desk next to the bottle of acetone. In a split second Addison's legs gave out and he toppled over into my desk drawer with the bottle of acetone, it was in that moment that I realized the cap was off of the bottle. I didn't care about anything in the drawer because he landed face first in a deep puddle of acetone. I fished him out cursing my carelessness, tried not to rub his acetone covered face at all and set him up to dry. Luckily his face didn't melt and he is still just as beautiful.
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    4. I thought my first doll, Amir, would have silver or black hair, and while those wigs looked okay-ish on him, I had trouble figuring out his character. My sister had a doll she had bought a blond wig for, but every time she put it on him, he'd throw it back off. As a joke, I stuck it on Amir, thinking he'd look awful as a blond...and it was the perfect wig for him. His character came right out then, after having him about a year and a half! As for my sister's boy, he ended up being a bald character, since he seemed to prefer it.
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    5. I got a some fantasy parts blushed and chipped them 5 minutes out of the shipping box home. I was so frustrated that I took it all off (not an easy task, there were a lot of carved details and some black paint involved) and dyed the parts so that I'd never have to deal with it again.

      I regret nothing, they look great!

      I've also made tons of sewing errors, but every one has taught me how to do better next time.
    6. I preordered a LittleFee from DDE when a deal on the MP seemed to have fallen through (the seller had already gotten an offer, but it wasn't final). Well, sure enough, the buyer fell through and the owner contacted me asking if I'd still like her girl? I hastily contacted DDE to see what the damage would be if I tried to cancel, and they were so sweet! Since they hadn't submitted the preorder for that week, there was no problem and they just crossed mine off the list. So I ended up with my sweet Bimblesnork two weeks later. No harm, no foul.
    7. I was sewing a hellspawn inspired doll cape for my girl. Initially I only intended to rip it up randomly since the material I was using was thin anyway but then I was burning scented oil nearby :dohand it caught fire and after all the panic and frustration, it actually turned out to be more realistic and more into the aesthetic that I wanted so I burned off the rest of the ends :|
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    8. Eden was supposed to be an ice ballerina fairy. I had wings for her, a silver ballerina outfit, I had a face-up planned... She comes home and it turned out she was single jointed (forgot to check) and was given a beautiful company face-up I didn't ordered. So yeah, change of plans. Still wanted to give her wings though and glued the magnets on the wrong way with superglue. Freezer to the rescue. She did end up with scratches from trying to pry the magnets off of her. So now she is rocking a beautiful white back tattoo. Eden still has a ballerina background, but she can't dance anymore. Instead of a fairy, she is a phantom who teaches young ballerina's to be better. Or Else...

      The free event head I got with Eden, Sophie, I never intended to keep. She was stored away, blank, for like a full year or so, before I decided to sell her. She didn't sell, but my friend was interested, if I also got a body. I bought a body of the MP, but my friend had other financial priorities. I won a free face-up and decided to give Sophie a chance. I'm glad I did.

      I modded and ruined a fairyland faceplate. Tried to save it, failed. And a different friend, who is a kick ass dolly doctor, decided to fix her up for me as a birthday gift <3
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    9. I didn't think I had one to add until I started reading others' stories in the thread, and then one just popped into my head!:)

      I have this beautiful Impldoll Azalea that I ordered in a custom red color named Nira. One day, she got into a predicament, and...one of her fingers broke. I was caught up in total dismay, fretting over trying to glue it back on (it took a couple tries to get it on just right), and whether it would even be possible to order a new set from Impldoll. Thankfully, they would be able to make me a new set...but the color might possibly not match the original. It slightly worried me that there would possibly be a color difference, but ordered them anyways.

      When they arrived, they matched perfectly! But...they were for the New Star Woman body, and Nira's on the old one (her original hands are smaller than the new body's). But...they didn't look bad, at all. They actually turned out to be a better match for her than the originals, and they also had much better mobility in the wrist.

      So a horrible accident ended up with a better outcome than the original situation. Plus, I now have two hand options in case I want to swap them around for some reason (which is a nice thing for a custom color doll):thumbup.
    10. I have a 48cm Obitsu girl I bought because I wanted a vinyl anime guy. She has a really flat chest, so dressing her in boy clothes with a short wig worked, kind of. I just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t satisfied. So, I decided to sell her and put that money to a resin anime doll. Then I remembered she’s a girl, duh!:doh

      I’ll just re do her as a cute anime girl, like she is! I found a gorgeous sailor dress and matching shoes, and a very pretty dark brown wig. Once everything came and I put it on, it was like I finally found my girl! Then she told me her name, Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz stories, totally out of nowhere. :?

      Maybe because I have been making a goat from an OZ story...? :sweat

      Anyway, I’m very happy, but... I really want Toto and looked through Etsy. Wouldn’t you know, I found the perfect dog, only I can’t justify almost $200 for it! :aeyepop:

      I’ve tried twice to make one myself. Both times just not right. I was about ready to give up in despair! But I decided to look up AG doll pets and came across a Toto with a wicker basket! Yes! :dance
    11. So, just wondering, for what reason did you name your doll Amir?
    12. I think my biggest one was my very first doll. I was intending to buy a girl. However, on the luts site, I was always on the boy page. It never really clicked that I was looking at the male option for the doll. I just much preferred the look of the Ani on this sales post. So I order my doll from my preferred viewing page and a few weeks later, well after it had shipped, I sent my friend the link I ordered from.

      "Ceecee, that's the boy's page. If you ordered from there, you're getting a male body."

      Whoops! Luckily, it didn't change the fact that I was getting a sculpt I adored so Anna became Icarus! Still have my boy six years later and he's much loved.
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    13. I'm not easily freaked out, but I have had one scare.

      I was going to redo the body blushing on one of my dolls. I took the doll apart and prepared the work area.
      I remember thinking that I had to remove my nail polish before I started to mess with solvents to clean the doll. Then I decided that, since I was going to use gloves anyway, it really didn't matter.
      Somehow, my brain must have decided that I had removed it anyway, because when it was time to start, I decided against gloves, as the solvents aren't that bad for the skin, just a bit drying.
      So I soaked a wad of cotton and started to wipe the first part and to my horror the foot was immediately covered in a large bright stain. It was my nail polish that had dissolved and soaked through the cotton.
      Luckily it wiped right of and didn't stain the foot permanently, but that was a lesson learned. I have been paying a lot more attention to that sort of thing since then.
    14. Not my mistake, but Dollzone had send me a Tulip fullset while I asked for the Stramonium fullset (through dealer). So the dealer contacted me that it would take a bit longer for me to get my doll because of this mistake. Dollzone would send them the Stramonium head with the fullset eyes and her fullset outfit.

      2 or 3 months later I got another mail that they got the Stramonium head with fullset clothing, but she had no face-up.

      They gave me 3 choices.
      - they would paint the Stramonium head for free for me.
      - I would get a small refund and take the blank head as it is.
      - I take the Tulip fullset. The stramonium fullset outfit and eyes and the Stramonium blank head.

      I didn't have to think long and choose the third option. So I now have 2 stunning outfits and a Tulip head with face-up.

      Why else did this turn out great? The Tulip head inspired me to use her to create my Frankendollie (doll I will create from cheap and broken dollparts in whatever skintone, they don't need to fit colorwise). So yes! Not my mistake, but the mistake Dollzone (or the dealer for placing a wrong order? I won't know for sure) made, paid off fairly well for me!!
    15. He's named after Amir Derakh (Amir Davidson), but it's also an Arabic name meaning "prince", and the character has both Arabic and European roots (full name Amir Angel Lindström). In his story, his mother thought of him as her sweet little prince, hence the name. :)
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    16. Cool. The name reminded me of a game I play with a character named Amir.