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Ever panicked and bought a doll?

Jun 24, 2011

    1. As per usual, if there is a similar/duplicate thread, mods please feel free to remove this.

      So has a situation ever caused you to panic and purchase a doll?
      This happened to me just recently:
      So, I only make enough money to cover my rent and food, and a little bit of play that I usually give to my fiance or to my mother to help her and my step dad out because they dont make much. Last paycheque, things went as per usual, and I divided it up and sent it all out to the right people.
      When I came home that night, I started browsing Iplehouse because I love their dolls and check up on them almost every day. Thats when I saw Tatiana on for 10% off on the old body, and every other JID with new faceups and outfits on new bodies.
      Oh God, theyre clearing her out.
      Oh damn, I just gave all my cash away.
      Thankfully I had about $250 left over for groceries and I immediately put her on layaway. I kicked myself almost as soon as I did for spending the money... right up until they popped a 'sold out' sign on her... not thirty minutes after I placed my order.
      The downside is I have so much more I need to spend my cash on. But I dont regret my decision- Ive wanted her forever!
      Anything like this ever happen to you guys?
    2. Sort of. For the longest time I really wanted a Leekeworld Min as I thought he was just perfect to represent one of my characters. However, after seeing one in real life I realized not only was his head too large for my tastes, but he was also too realistic to fit in with the rest of my crew so I decided to drop him from my wishlist. Now, I'm not in any particular hurry to acquire my dolls, but for some reason it really quite bothers me having a character and not knowing what doll will suit him and so I wanted to find a replacement for him right away, even if I couldn't necessarily buy him right away. That's when I found Napidoll Aesh on the nDoll website. They were selling only the head which was within my budget and I just fell head over heels in love with him. I usually have this rule of waiting at LEAST a month before putting a doll on my wishlist, yet I pondered him only a week before purchasing him. To be honest, I think I was still slightly fueled by my disappointment over Min and also the fact that I knew Napidoll sometimes sells out of their sculpts and doesn't replace them even if the head isn't specifically stated as being limited.

      I don't regret it though. I still adore my Aesh, he's gorgeous, and just a couple days after I purchased him he was sold out on nDoll AND the Napidoll website!
    3. Not quite in that extreme a situation, but my first doll I bought in a panic because I didn't quite get how Volks worked yet :sweat. I knew I wanted an SD Mark, and then the webstore went out of stock, and I thought that meant he was sold out forever to I rushed out to the nearest Sumika and bought one. :sweat It did get me over that hump of just going out and buying him instead of fretting.
    4. oh yes, my first LE WS Kara Klum was purchased in the "omg-my-dream-doll-and-he's-limited-must-buy-NOW" panic. I frantically put stuff up for sale, set up a full-set split, and contacted Dollmore about layaway before I realized I could actually scrape up enough to buy him outright. Turned out I didn't need to panic at all...He took awhile to sell out due to crappy site pics. I already knew how gorgeous he would be though, being I owned the NS one.

      The second time I had doll-buying panic was when Peakswood brought back the bitten torso for a Limited run at Halloween. Goldie with a bitten torso was kind of another dream doll of mine, so I did more or less the same thing I did with the Kara Klum XD only I did put her on layaway so I didn't have to rush to pay her off.

      Both were totally worth it <3
    5. I've been holding off on a whole series of dolls because there's one male character and I can't seem to find any male sculpts that I like enough for him. It's a mature fellow with wolf features and has to be a regular SD or shorter. I personally find ALL current male sculpts with fangs look pretty much snaggletoothed and ridiculous!

      And then Another Secret's Mr. Wolf was released o_O and I sent the email to purchase him. I wasnt fast enough and he sold out! But now Im buying all the other dolls from the series. So now that the floodgates are open Im panic buying all the dolls Ive had picked out over the course of a year.

      Ill find Mr. Wolf on the MP or something some day. Now that I know the perfect sculpt exists Ill have him eventually!
    6. No, I haven't panicked and bought a doll. I've been "why not? I can afford it!" impulsive for ones I do want, though. However, I don't think they're cancling Tatiana, they were just clearing out the stock old body Tati's they had left over. ^_^;; A new Tatiana with a new face (in addition to this) is probably going to be added soon. But for the discount, yay for panic? hehe
    7. Oh thats most likely true, but I really couldnt take the chance that they might discontinue her, and besides... it forced my hand into getting her, and she really is my 'holy grail' of dolls XD
    8. I have not had this experience, but I probably will have a similar one in the future sometime. XD

      I agree with silverholly- they're probably just clearing out their stock of her so they can put her on a new body and start a new face up. Either way, if you "really couldn't take the chance" as you said, why not! Plus 10% off? That's ALWAYS awesome! I'm sure everything will pan out; I hope it does! And congrats on getting your holy grail doll! Tatiana really is gorgeous! ^_^
    9. Not "panicked" per say, but I definitely have spent money I didn't have to get my new girl twiggy yumi. Since she's a limited of 70 in the whole world, and I got a super good deal for her I knew I had to get her or I may never get the opportunity to get her again...especially at a price I could "afford". If I didn't get her I knew I'd regret it forever....so I splurged and now I am broke, but very happy!
    10. I just did this, I think. I was away on a week-long trip and very busy. I'd been looking at IOS "S", which was only being sold for a limited time. Now, IOS will re-release some sculpts, but there is no big guarantee that they will and who knows if that time will be right? And they don't see a ton of dolls, so they are on the rare side in the Marketplace. So I got on-line at the last moment and ordered "S"--even though I wasn't sure. I figured that if things became difficult, money-wise, I could always try selling him. So far, I think I'm pretty happy that I went ahead and ordered him. But buying dolls that are limited always is a little like this... *_*
    11. I don't know if it was panic or the excitement of saving money but I did feel the butterflies, deep down in my gut, when I got her. It felt hectic in my mind and thoughts were running like this: "I want her, so why not get her? Save money, no, BUY NOW! Oh gosh only a few more weeks before the price increase. Hey, you got extra money just do it before it is too late! She is worth it, no, just a doll you can get a different model later." hahaha

      And even though yes, I could have used the money for other stuff (although when is there a time when there is no "other" stuff to buy?) and I didn't have as much fun or pocket money this month, I do not regret my purchase at all.
    12. I would not actually say 'panicked' and bought a doll but under certain circumstances I made very hasty decisions to buy when it had not been a plan. This happens usually with finding a limited on the market place or from actual doll site (Soom is very guilty of doing this to me XD). I had the money every time but it really could have been left to saving and not spending. It has never caused me hardship financially though, just means I have to only do necessity spending wise for a time as I build the funds back up. Plus, by the time finally does arrive the amount I spent on them has already been re-earned...

      I will say though, I am grateful that the dolls I have left on my wishlist are not limited and I can be patient and get them at a more appropriate time >.<
      And never once have I felt any regret for the choices I have made. Even if the dolls are still works in progress, what's important to me right now is having the actual doll at home! Their details in regards to that 'perfect' look I'm going for can come later!
    13. I have not our right bought a doll but when Ender came out I was stalking the the split threads to find one that still had all the parts I wanted. I lucked up and found one that was still open. I put down all the money I had in pp for a down payment on the layway. I was broke but I was so happy after I did it. Even happier that he now came in.
    14. Yes, I panicked and bought Angelsdoll Michael last March, thinking YAY, I GOT HIM!, and now he's been on sale again for 100 less. I could cry. It's taught me to be more cautious and have the money in hand before I buy another doll. I managed to come up with the money to put back in the budget, but it was slave labor.

      However, I think Iplehouse is it's own other dimension. I just know that the one I really want will always sell out before I can afford it. Maybe it's not politically correct but I'd sell my soul for an iplehouse and never regret it. >.>;;

      So I think you did right! ^_^
    15. I think I accidentally ordered Emma 3 times, and suddenly, I saw a "Sold Out" sign on her, and was devastated. But I think Dollmore saw that I had tried to put my order through 3 times, and cleared it up. She wasn't an impulse buy, but I did put off buying anything for myself while I was saving up... but I still live with my parents.
    16. :D when I saw a Unoa Sist on the marketplace, here in europe, I tried to be reasonable, but that didn't work so well. I felt, that if I did not buy that one right now, I would realy regrett it, so I just jumped the gun. It was the first time it happened, though.
    17. I bought Sarah in a "panic" as the lady said she was gonna split her up and sell her in parts...
      she was the only doll I really saw, wanted and like saw as a dream doll -the others were much more random and "oh cute-want!"
    18. When Soom said they were discontinuing some of their regular releases - Lupin, Lazule, etc., my husband and I jumped and put a Lupin on layaway. It was the doll that my husband wanted as one of his characters, and we didn't want to lose him to the chance that he randomly wouldn't be there anymore. Soom hadn't stated a date for their discontinuing of them.

      Funny thing is, after all our fretting and rushing, they still haven't discontinued him.
    19. I just sorta did this..my original plan was to put either a new minifee on layaway before the price increase, or find a seller on the mp to do this with a body...then I ran across a limited and I have never been so excited. I worked and reworked our budget to see if we could make it happen, and my fiance even helped me out to get her. The hardest part was thinking, well if she hasn't sold out for the 2 months she's been out, she won't...but that nagging what if monster kicked in. After a lengthy discussion with the fiance who would rather me not get her (for two more weeks at very minimum and because he hates the little ones and thinks they're a waste), I just panicked and hit the submit button...payment hasn't been confirmed yet but it is a Sunday. I regret and don't regret her at the same time. It's a weird feeling, especially when there are so many "other" things I could have done with the money. I'd say she may technically have been more impulse than panic....
    20. everytime I see a limited doll or basic doll for lower on the market place I just have to buy it :doh even if it's not a doll that was on my wishlist.
      and usually I regret it xDD not because they are ugly! but because I'm like that, I have to make preparation before buying a doll: finding it a character, choosing wig, eyes, etc. everything to make sure it will fit in the familly!