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Ever Purple BJDs in stock and ready to ship at Safrin Doll

May 16, 2010

    1. I've just posted a small selection of Ever Purple BJD items which are IN STOCK and ready to ship! Quantities and items are limited as these BJDs are currently sold out from Ever Purple and no information has been given if they will be re-released under their new company, Aria Doll.

      I have the following items:
      Iris Classic (Boy) in Normal Skin, with faceup
      Iris Elegance (Girl) in Normal Skin, with faceup
      Mini Pet Cat - Miyang, no faceup
      Mini Pet Cat - Ryun, no faceup
      Mini Pet Cat - Miyu, no faceup
      2 Iris heads, normal skin, no faceup
      Iris head, white skin, no faceup
      Hands in white skin
      Hands in normal skin

      Thank you for your support and patronage in my shop!