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Ever Purple now at Safrin Doll

Jan 27, 2010

    1. Safrin Doll is now an agent of Ever Purple dolls and eyes.

      Ever Purple 2+1 eye promotion is available, with NO extra shipping or fees beyond the store norm (FREE shipping in US/Canada and 2.09 to the rest of the world). Preorder period for eyes runs until February 14.

      Currently all items are by preorder, but soon I'll have in stock some extra parts such as blank heads/extra hands. Doll orders are placed immediately.

      Thanks for checking us out, I am very excited to be working with Ever Purple!

    2. Are you considering stocking pet dolls, as well? I would love to buy a miyu :aheartbea but I can't justify paying $55 EMS shipping for a $109 doll.
    3. Will you have in stock parts such as bodies too?
    4. I can do in-stock on the pets too. Possibly even have one or two of the big dolls, as well. Bodies would probably be the last thing I go for in-stock, I need to see how the rest does first.
    5. Oh I'm so curious about the 2+1 here
      Will you use the same condition as the EP owned website?
      [buy 2 gat 1 free but have to order more than 10 pairs and buy 2 in the same eyes size and the free one will get the same size too]

      And the shipping will cost "2.09 to the rest of the world" ? Eventhough I order 10 pairs of eyes?
    6. You do not have to buy 10 pairs. If you buy 2 pairs, you get 1 free.
      The sizes do not matter, you just pick out 3 pairs and the cheapest pair is free.

      Shipping starts at 2.09 for a 3-pair set and goes up by weight. However this is the most basic air mail shipping with no tracking. Shipping upgrades are available.
    7. Ohhhh it sounds super interesting T^Tb

      I have another question
      You don't have a discount like EP, right?
      All the basic eyes will be 44$ each no matter how much I order you?
    8. I will have 14mm Ever Purple eyes in stock at the end of the current preorder period (May)

      Here is what I have ordered from Ever Purple, as far as dolls and doll parts. I will have this in stock as soon as they make and send them:

      1x Elegance Iris, Normal Skin, with faceup
      1x Classic Iris, Normal Skin, with faceup
      1x Miyu pet
      1x Miyang pet
      1x Ryun pet
      2x Iris head, normal skin
      1x Iris head, white skin
      1x 14yrs hands, normal skin
      1x 14yrs hands, white skin