Ever Receive the Wrong Order?

Nov 3, 2019

    1. My mistake if this has already been discussed. I was thinking about this the other day. I almost received the wrong doll recently (luckily the company caught it and contacted me, so I was very grateful), and I wanted to see if anyone here has received the wrong doll or something in your order went wrong.

      For instance, wrong skin color? Wrong bust size? Or just entirely the wrong doll from what you ordered.

      This isn't meant to bash on any companies or anything like that, I'm just curious on what happened and if it was ever resolved, or even if it was a happy accident?
    2. I had a maker completely forget to order my doll from the caster, and only realize it when they started shipping, well over a year later. It was unhappily resolved with a refund (though initially not a full one, i had to argue to get everything i spent back because currency conversion rates changed). Still wont get any of that time investment back, and their apology was extremely lacking (especially since they've since pestered me to buy the doll again, from their new unproven caster with no doll experience, for a higher price this time, with no offer of a discount or steps outlined so they wont repeat the same mistake) so I'm still very rankled over it.

      Luckily that's the worst I've ever had an order go wrong, and i haven't heard of anyone else with such a bad error happen to them. Aside from that the biggest mixup I had was a doll coming with a faceup when i ordered it blank.
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    3. I once ordered a doll from a dealer I had ordered from several times before, and was happy to get a shipping notice earlier than expected. I tracked the shipment and one afternoon found it had been delivered. To a neighbor I didn't know. In a different city (same country though). :vein
      I rang the dealer up, and she was very confused about what might have happened cos she was sure it was all correct. She asked if I had moved and read the address to me. It was in the city where it was delivered and where I have never lived. Only when she mentioned my supposed last name it all made sense - she had mixed me up with another customer with the same first name who had currently something on order as well.
      It was resolved in the end, she sent the other customer a shipping label to print out and eventually my doll was shipped on to me. It could have ended badly, but luckily it turned out alright.
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    4. On three different occasions I've had unintentional extras arrive in the box with dolls that I've ordered, obviously items meant for someone else. One was a rather pricey belt, one was a shirt, and one was a lovely pair of blushed hands that were not even the same resin color as my doll. In each instance, the companies decided it was more trouble than it was worth to have me send them back, so I still have them all. (Not sure what I'm ever going to do with a pair of long-nailed, gray hands, but they sure are pretty. :XD:) So while I've never had anything go wrong with an order, whoever was waiting for the items that I received definitely did.
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    5. There was an address mixup and I received someone else's doll once.

      Luckily I didn't open the box, as the artist realised the mistake before the doll got to me. So ultimately all I had to do was ship the box back, and I got reimbursed for the shipping. But there was a bit of extra panic in learning a few things about my post office :/

      (seriously why do they have postal workers sign for packages in order to deliver it to a different post office???)
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    6. Yes i ordered through a dealer a Fairyland doll and ALL the extra hands in NS. They sent me the doll in NS and the extra hands were all White. I contacted them and they said the order was correct and I must have ordered wrong that I needed to pay better attention when I order. So I sent them a screenshot of when I made my order showing all the hands listed as NS. And they said too bad. And I was stuck with almost 200$ worth of wrong colored hands I had to sell before I could make a new order for the correct ones. And thats why I dont order from DDE anymore
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    7. I've been fairly lucky with most of my orders so far. Haven't had too many miscommunications or complications thus far thankfully. I did, however, have one order get mixed up a few years back for one of my girls.

      I had ordered a custom color head from one company, and found the perfect body for her character through another. Thankfully, they also offered color matching, and so I put in my order after sending in the specific color I requested. Upon receiving the body, the color was dead-on for what I requested...but the body was one of their other types (they offer a few different body options, and somehow got them swapped around). Everything ended up working out in the end, in a kind of odd way. They let me keep the mistake body, and sent me a new correct one in a different color. The character ended up going through a bit of an overhaul shortly afterwards, and I ended up selling both the original intended head and body for that character and just ordering a whole new doll from that same company for her.

      So, yeah—I certainly hit a few road bumps with that order, but it eventually straightened itself out. The company was also very easy to work with regarding the order, and sent me some nice extras with the new body. I've since ordered a few more bjds from them, and will probably do so again in the future. (Gotta love those happy accidents!:lol:)
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    8. I did receive a doll in the wrong skin colour last year.
      The dealer I got him from had 2 event dolls in stock, 1 in pink and 1 in white. I ordered pink skin but received the white one.
      At the time I was honestly just happy to have an event doll that I had fell in love with but hadn't been able to afford to meet the qualifying conditions to purchase it otherwise - so didn't say anything in this case. In hindsight I probably should have but I was just worried in case I would have had to send him back and not been able to get another.
    9. My Harry lol Angel of Dream 1/4th arrived on a female body but was supposed to be male. They sent the male body and let me keep the female body. I love AoD's and it helped my collection grow!
    10. Yes. I ordered a NS body for my head from a dealer and got a tanned body. I got to decide if I want to keep the body or not and since I liked the tanned body better I kept it, sold the NS head I had and ordered the same head tanned. Hopefully I'll get it in the right color when it arrives. :XD:
    11. My first order was a complicated one and there was a minor miscommunication resulting in the transparent parts being cast in transparent white not blue like the rest of the doll. Thankfully the company corrected this error and let me keep the incorrect parts.
      I sold the spares and used that money to buy another doll from them lol, so it all worked out.

      The only other order that's gone wrong for me is my current DZ order which has gone AWOL. they keep saying they'll add it to the next shipment to the dealer and then she gets her order in and sure enough, my order isn't there.
      this has been going on since JUNE.
      Suffice to say i'm grumpy about it.
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    12. I have bought human version Cecelia from Dream Valley and then recieved a winged body, which is about 150$ more expensive that human. I contacted the dealer and company gave me a human chest without any more charge. So the story have happy end, now I am very glad to have both options - winged and human version of my doll.
      Actually I haven't still tried on human chest despite the fact that wings are very heavy and hard to deal with :lol:
    13. I ordered a YoSD sized doll ages ago from a company known for changing bodies without notice. The doll arrived to the dealer with the wrong body—30cm instead of 27cm. I was given the options of just taking him as he was at the same price (body he had was worth about $30 more than the one I ordered), send him back to be fixed, or cancel my order and get a refund. I ended up keeping the 30cm body, it wasn’t that big of a deal and I didn’t want to wait 6+ months over a 3cm difference. I kind of regretted it though because YoSD clothes didn’t fit the chubby little dude!

      Another company changed their resin after my order was put in but before it was cast. I was given the option to choose one of the new resin colors or cancel entirely. I chose one of the new colors.
    14. I've been sent the wrong doll before. The company was quick to send the correct head at no charge and I got to keep the wrong head.

      It's too bad the company isn't active anymore. I would have purchased more of their dolls. :(
    15. I had the wrong body sent to me once. I ordered a girl body and received a boy! They let me keep the boy and made the girl and had her sent asap.
    16. Many times, most often minor packing mistakes.
      The worst case, though, was when I had ordered a limited Ringdoll doll through a dealer and it was delivered with the wrong body. The company refused to take it back and the dealer had to try to find another buyer. A year after the original order the dealer still had not been able to make the company re-send the right doll, I got only excuses and more excuses. I cancelled then since I was sure it would never get made. I guess I can count myself lucky to have received a refund although the paypal claim period had been long over. :nowords: Still kinda disappointed, and I'll never buy from Ringdoll again, but I'm over it^^
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    17. Many years ago, when my LittleFee Pipi arrived from Denver Doll, it was a Piki in the box, but Denver Doll Fairyland sorted it out fairly fast, so it was no biggie, it was easiest in the end for them to just send me Pipi faceplates. It was nice of them to let me keep the Piki ones, but I really had no use for them.

    18. Yes, over the years there have been a few:

      I received a head in the wrong color and the company kindly made me a new head in the correct color and allowed me to keep the original head as well.

      I purchased an in-stock doll and about half of the options were incorrect when it arrived (large bust instead of small, and wrong leg type) but the doll was just still really beautiful when I held it in person, so I opted not to dispute it.
      Same dealer, I got a shipping notice for a doll but to an incorrect address. The address had been entered correctly on my order and shown on my confirmation correctly as well. I contacted them and they had to run after the postman, but they caught the package and it was sent to my correct address.

      A couple of times I've ordered wigs from (different) dealers and they have messaged me to say it is unavailable for various reasons and to choose a different wig instead. It was disappointing, but it worked out each time in the end because I ended up with wigs that are now the default wig for their doll's character. So oddly lucky!

      And there have been those dreaded packages that arrived damaged, thankfully only 3 in my time in the hobby, which I consider really lucky. Each time artists have been very kind in resolving the damage for which I am so thankful. :chocoheart
    19. It happened to me. I ordered a new upper arm for a 16cm doll (arm cracked and company was kind enough to send a new one at no charge), and I revived a rather massive box for something only about an inch long. It had several heads inside! Turns out the shipping labels got mixed up. I contacted the company and they had me send the package to the correct person (they paypaled me the money to ship it) and when I got my arm in, they included an outfit and some other bonuses. Really went out of the way to make things right. I wish they still made dolls....
    20. The only mix up I've had ordering a doll was when I ordered a limited doll from Soom with their default wig, and didn't get the wig. I didn't have a way to contact them due to internet server incompatibility. They must have realized the error, as the wig showed up a week later.That doll was the color I ordered, but the color name was misleading. The doll is "Coffee Black" and the color of grape juice.