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Ever worried you won't be able to afford in time?

Jul 19, 2010

    1. I'm so worried I won't be able to afford my first bjd before she goes out of stock! *_*

      Has this ever happened to any of you?
      What have you done to save money faster?
      Which doll were you saving up for?
      Did you eventually get her/him in time?
    2. yes. but it was (*cough*is*cough*) with a doll on layaway.
      i ordered things for her before i finished paying for her and at the end i realized i wouldnt have enough to finish paying her in time D:
      buuuut, i got lucky. i had an extra job at my work so i got 50$ and i was able to sell some stuff online. phew

      but for YOUR problem i have no idea. since its your first, you cant make new stuff or sell the one you already have to afford it. so i really dont know. ^^;;
    3. Since I have a horrible habit of loving limited editions, this is pretty much a perpetual 'yes'. ;)
    4. Not really. Of course, I haven't seen a limited edition yet that I'd really, really like to have.
    5. Has this ever happened to any of you?
      Yes, exactly this situation. :doh The first doll I wanted was a limited edition and only available for four days. I was able to get the money in time, but my dog got injured fighting with a rat and the money went to the vet bills. In the end, it turned out that was a good thing! Not that the dog got hurt, but that I didn't end up with that doll, I mean. :sweat Because later I decided I didn't want her that much and it was kind of an impulse buy and just a bit of infatuation with that doll.

      What have you done to save money faster?
      I sold absolutely everything I had no attachment to or didn't use, even accepting way less than the item was worth to get it to sell fast.

      Which doll were you saving up for?
      A Volks YoSD Remi. :lol:

      Did you eventually get her/him in time?
      No, I didn't and I'm glad I didn't. When I saved up again I got another doll I liked more. (Though still not one I liked enough; I sold it in the end.)

      Just because a doll goes out of stock doesn't mean you'll never get it. :aheartbea There's always the second-hand market. Sometimes you can even find dolls at less than what they were originally for sale for if you watch the market good.
    6. Yeah, this happens all the time to people, especially with the trend in the last few years of gorgeous time-limited dolls available only for a few weeks or a month, like Soom, Iplehouse and Luts' fantasy fullsets.

      I see you have a Bambicrony on your wishlist, is it a limited one? There's a Bambicrony girl I want to buy and I'm worried about the same thing X) Many of their limiteds take a while to sell out, though. And I don't think Ciao Bella Kumi is a limited :sweat So if that's the one you're worried will sell out, you don't need to be...
    7. This happened to me only a couple of days ago when I saw IH Benny... I didn't have the money myself but my sister did, so I asked her if she could lend me the money and she could~ :3
    8. Mhm, I knew she wasn't limited, I just have such bad luck when it comes to these things in general! :sweat haha. But thank you for the positive feedback! ;)
    9. I've sort of thought of this, as I'm still saving - and close! - for my first BJD.

      She's not a limited, which takes a lot of pressure off, and from the constant Dollmore threads, she seems unpopular compared to some others available. So I think I'm ok.

      But seriously, not totally sure what I would do. Maybe get the boy version, since they all have male and female versions of one doll? I have seen one or two that I like, also, but I really really like the one I'm saving for! I sort of didn't at first, because I thought her lips were kinda too big, but it grew on me, and now I think she's adorable.

      But I HAVE had that situation when I was going to get my second Dollfie. I saved up and everything, only to find she was sold out in the US store. I didn't know if you could go and buy from the Japanese store, so I tried another one which I liked, and she was sold out, TOO! So, I settled for a third choice and now I have Nya. I love her, she's pretty, and her outfit is neat. Still wished I could've gotten the my first choice, but sometimes, you can't have everything.

      Advice I could give would probably be to not fall in love with just one. Like my example, it's good to have 'back-up' dolls, so when things take a turn you can say, "well, I liked this doll, too..." Ask yourself, if you could not get this doll, are there any others I like? I'm glad that I had liked more than one, so that my efforts weren't for nothing. And I'm happy that there isn't just one I like now, as I'm saving up - it's not Pado:lol:. And even though you think your relationship with the other dolls may not be as good as it would've been with your first choice, you never know until you try - you may surprise yourself! :)
    10. There have been a few LEs that I've wanted, and knew there was NO CHANCE of my getting the money for them. The first was a limited edition fullset version of an Elfdoll Sooah. At the time, I figured no big loss there, as I was REALLY not comfortable PLAYING with SD sized dolls, preferring MSD and smaller. Now, I figure that eventually I'll own a 'regular' Sooah instead, as I love the sculpt either way, and owning a 'normal' one, I can make her whatever I want. Then there were two little Soom monthly dolls...Glot and Glati. I STILL love them, and if I ever have the money and find either, or both, still with all human and fantasy parts, I'll buy them from the secondhand market..but it's not likely. and the last...how I wish I could afford him...Iplehouse's Tedros-Tokyo Story version that they're selling now. But he's FAR more money than I would be able to pay, even if I did a lay-away for him. And while I WANT him...and badly...it's not enough to start selling off other things that I own, let alone my other dolls.

      But mostly...the LEs that I find that I want, I only see after their sale period. MOST Soom monthlies wind up on that list. So I'm used to having to just shrug it off when I can't get a doll I want because it will sell out before I can. The only doll I would do more to get right now would be a Nobility Doll Taro...but so long as a basic version is still available normally on their site, I'm not too worried about getting him right now. And he...is only because he would have a VERY special meaning to me once I had him, and painted him...and I'm not ready to take on the emotional toll of making that doll perfect yet. He will be my remembrance, my honor, and my grief, for a kitty that I lost a year ago, who meant the world to me, and was only knocked out of first place in my heart when I had children of my own. and I'm not ready to make the doll of him that I want yet, emotionally.
    11. Has this ever happened to any of you?
      Yep. Actually the ordering period for a doll that I really wanted just ended and sadly I didn't make it in time.

      What have you done to save money faster?
      In this situation there wasn't much I could do about money. All the plans I had dropped one by one of their own accord. Nothing worked out.

      Which doll were you saving up for?
      She is an Iplehouse JID Benny. I'm still saving up for her though.

      Did you eventually get her/him in time?
      Nope. The ordering period is over and the money I needed to start the layaway didn't come in until this past Saturday. Two days AFTER the period ended. At the same time however, I'm sure I'll be able to get her eventually because Iplehouse does tend to re-release their limiteds and there is always the second hand market. This time was simply not a good time.
    12. :chocoberryI've had this fear before, but to be honest, I tend to avoid limited edition dolls because I don't want to be under the gun when it comes to pulling money together and such.

      :)When I first got into the hobby I was constantly paranoid regarding getting the dolls I wanted because I didn't realize how long dolls can stay on the market. When I was new to the hobby I thought the dolls would disappear in the blink of an eye! I'd think "out of stock" was like forever. The good news is that "Out of Stock" doesn't mean "gone forever" at all, lol.:aheartbea It means you get to wait for the doll to be back in stock and also gives you extra time to get your money situation...well, situated!

      Every doll I was paranoid about, thinking "By the time I get the money the doll won't be available", ended up being on the market for quite a bit of time (like years), so the paranoia and worry was seriously unnecessary....In the end I 'd suggest just calming down and taking a deep breath:) This hobby IS super exciting but I wish I hadn't spent so much time worrying in the early years, lmao!

      Unless, you've got your eye on some limited edition dolls, the odds are that the doll will be on the market for a nice chunk of time, giving you a huge window of opportunity to pull your funds together and to really think about the doll and whether it truly is the right one for you. This helps you avoid buyers remorse....Something you definitely want to side step when it comes to a hobby that can cost so much.

      What I do to make money for doll purchases....along with a few suggestions...

      A doll seller that allows for lay-a-way is a wondrous thing and years ago it was unheard of. But now it's really common and this makes acquiring the doll you want a lot easier and a lot faster...It's also especially handy if you have issues saving up one large chunk of cash. For some folks lay-a-way arrangements help keep them focused and almost serve the same purpose as a bank account whose savings is dedicated to doll purchases. You can't be tempted to use the "saved" money towards any other purpose with lay-a-way too.

      I've purchased my last couple of dolls via lay-a-way arrangements: the small payments are easy to handle and don't cause conflict with higher priorities. I also sew doll clothing (and make all kinds of other things too) to pull money together to buy a doll.

      You don't need to buy a super expensive sewing machine or a costly serger right off the bat to get sewing. You can purchase a basic sewing machine for under $90 and a few good books on sewing at used book stores and such. You can take your allowance, make a small investment in the some craft supplies and double, triple or quadruple that investment if you give a damn and put forth some effort into whatever it is you're creating.

      Get creative: there's money to be made off of hand crafted goodies if you're willing to apply yourself. Just go to Etsy.com to get a look at the wide variety of hand made stuff people are creating and selling for good money.

      It feels REALLY good:D to earn money off of your own creations and then funnel that money into buying your doll. Makes it hard for other people in your life to complain about your doll spending habits when you can actually pay for your habit via creative endeavors, I can't stress this enough....Especially for younger people that would commonly rely on money from parents and such. The faster you can find a way to make your own money to buy your dolls the better, since good heavens knows we read enough forum posts here from doll enthusiasts dealing with all sorts of irritating family drama when they rely on parents/guardians for spending cash to buy these expensive dolls.

      I also use tax return money for doll purchases since its kinda like free-bee money.
      When you're an adult its pretty easy to get your boss to let you work a few extra hours here and there too.

      When you're younger and into the hobby, if you're old enough to work that is, you might consider doing odd jobs for your parents, neighbors or extended family members. There might be a local business close to your home that might allow you to do a little work here and there for extra cash. Considering it's still summer time, there might be plenty of places willing to hire you to do some non strenuous work to put cash in your pocket.

      Just some ideas.;)
    13. Has this ever happened to any of you?
      It's not really a justified concern for me, but for the last few months I've been worried that the doll of my dreams will be suddenly out of production. ^_^; It's enough to push him up to the current doll I'm saving for, but it'll be a while...

      What have you done to save money faster?
      I'm going to start selling some of my gothloli headdresses, and maybe some doll clothes, on Etsy. I have also picked up an interesting idea from my mother: I take out enough cash for what I need on payday, and pay for things with only bills. All the coins I get go directly into a jar. If I don't make enough by tax time next year then I know exactly where my return is going...

      Which doll were you saving up for?
      Dollzone Hong. ^_^; Not limited at all, so I'm pretty much freaking myself out for no reason. I need him in tan though, so secondhand isn't an option for me if they DO discontinue him for some reason...

      Did you eventually get her/him in time?
      Still saving. ^_^;;
    14. Not really. All my dolls are limiteds, and most were sold out when I first heard about them. Point is, there's always a good chance you'll be able to get the doll you like in the marketplace her on DoA or on Y!J. Maybe (s)he will cost more, but the you will also have more time to save up.

      That's how I got my dolls anyway.
    15. I'm worried I won't get the doll I want before the end of 2010. I'm wanting a Ringdoll Kyo and I read on the Ringdoll site that the face-up is free till the end of 2010. And I only just started saving too @_@ I might just put whatever money I don't need to use on things like bills and animal stuff into the saving account xD

      Also I might try and make art to sell, but I don't think they will sell, I should really try and sell these keyrings I made to >.<
    16. When I decided that I wanted to buy a Unidoll UH-14 I was so worried that she would be out of stock by the time I had saved up enough money, because I saw other limited edition dolls go out of stock within months (this was several years ago). She was a limited edition of 200 dolls and I ordered her with layaway and I literally had to scrape by to make ends meet as I had just graduated and working a very low pay job while job hunting.
      It turned out that my UH-14 is #19 out of 200. XD

      I no longer worry about not being able to afford a doll in time. ;)

      [edit] I just remembered that I wanted to buy a CP Lu-Wen (which is limited), but I couldn't save up enough money in time and the doll went out of stock at the international Luts website a few years ago. So I paid a lot of money to buy an open eyed and a dreaming Lu-Wen head from two different sellers, paid shipping twice and paid heafty customs fee also twice. Then Luts moved some of the Lu-Wens still in stock on their national website to the international website and I think you can still buy a Lu-Wen from Luts today.
      1) There's always the secondary market and 2) strange things can happen in this hobby. ;)
    17. Has this ever happened to any of you?
      Of course. Most of my dolls are limiteds... they just happen to appeal to me (I certainly wouldn't mind if they were all easily available--it can be tough and agonizing to fall in love with a limited and rush try and buy or just give up for lack of money).
      It helps when the company has layaway!!! Otherwise I just have to try and get the money together or forget about it. One specific case-- Soom Euclase... I just couldn't afford another doll at the time, so I didn't order him.

      What have you done to save money faster?
      ... but regarding Euclase... I got some contract work that was decent money. So I put a "Want To Buy" up in the Marketplace.

      Which doll were you saving up for?
      I wasn't actually saving up for Soom Euclase... it's hard to do that when they offer their dolls monthly! Agh! I just have to try and keep some money around just in case, because I never know what's going to come on sale when! Same with other limiteds... It's just rough.

      Did you eventually get her/him in time?
      I was lucky with Euclase. I got him in bits and pieces in the Marketplace and it didn't cost me too much more than retail, although it was not easy collecting all the right pieces! The economy was turning bad, so dolls were a little more available than they used to be... I pretty much got him not long after he was shipped out to buyers--maybe about a month or so later for everything...

      I think nowadays that I can't buy any doll if they don't have some layaway...!
    18. Has this ever happened to any of you?
      Yes, most of the time I fall in love with limiteds...

      What have you done to save money faster?
      I asked my Mom to lend me some money and also asked my Yahoo Japan auction agent to give me more time to pay them off... Also I worked every Sunday and holiday to earn some more extra cash.

      Which doll were you saving up for?
      Volks Hijikata and Okita2 which unfortunately got released at the same time - and shortly after I had paid off my Volks Minoru & Iple LE CHase. For them I was really sure they will be sold out VERY fast, so I quite got in panic.

      Did you eventually get her/him in time?
      Yes, both of them. But I'm still paying back my Mom, still some more months to go (will take longer because at this time I'm in panic again to get Iple's Special Edition Tedros fullset..........)
    19. I do worry about this constantly because I'm a really really slow saver (there always seems to be other pretty things to buy!). But I figure if it does go out of stock, then it wasn't meant to be.

      Has this ever happened to any of you?
      Yes this has happened to me. A case of bad timing really.

      What have you done to save money faster?
      I tried not to buy books and manga and anime.

      Which doll were you saving up for?
      Impldoll Gray Christopher which is now out of stock on the company's site. Although I would have got it as a boy hybrid.

      Did you eventually get her/him in time?
      No. I'm still struggling to save except for another doll but it's slow going.

      Good Luck with saving for your first doll! Hope you are able to get it soon!
    20. Thank you so much! I'm currently working 7 days a week to save up for her! I've got to put most of what I make into my college account, but I hope to have enough by the middle of August or sooner! =]