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Ever worry your dolls look uncomfortable?

Feb 7, 2017

    1. One of the great things about bjds is the fact they can have different poses. But I also find I can get pretty nit-picky about how they are sitting or standing. I might set them down, go sit on the other end of the room, and look over to realize their pose looks really uncomfortable. I can't ignore it, haha, I have to get up and fix it. Even if it takes several tries and I just wanted to get back to my other task or the TV. It can get a little annoying even, but it is also what makes them unique and fun.

      It's not unusual in the sense that, even stuffed animals are often placed upright by people. But because dolls have more articulation, and human-like quality, they demand more time from me to look like they are sitting comfortably, like a person.

      Do you fret over your doll's pose, for when you have decided to set them down for the day? Or maybe you tend to be more relaxed about it? Or perhaps other things, like some clothing, or the vase in the room, has made them seem uncomfortable; what did you then?
      #1 Lehst, Feb 7, 2017
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    2. I don't have a bjd doll yet but I did arrange all my Ever After High dolls and have watched so many youtube videos and photos.

      Quite a few times I was bothered by how the doll was handled because it looked "rough", the pose didn't seem natural or the clothes didn't seem to fit nicely. it reminds me of those days where you wear something that usually sits in your wardrobe for most of the year and the day you wear it you just wish you didn't...

      EAH dolls don't really have many options when it comes to posing them but I always try to go for a natural pose and I do spend quite sometime doing that...(and everytime I wonder how can time pass by so quickly when posing dolls) but I agree, it is really fun and satisfing once everything looks the way you want it.
    3. @YellowRaven omg it is so true. the time passes like crazy, and you think, "but I haven't done that much! how did it get so late?" Yeah, I even feel funny if I see someone else's doll posed unnaturally. I have MH dolls and one EAH so I totally pose them too. I move them around less often though, so I don't have to fix them often either lol.
    4. Yeah xD my EAH dolls have been pretty much in the same position for some time, I do move them from time to time though because I'm trying to recreate the school grounds and rooms (really really slowly though) but most of the time they just end up in the same position they were before.
    5. i definitely get bothered if i notice any doll of mine looking uncomfortable, whether it's a resin doll or a MH doll. one of my dolls never seems to pose naturally no matter how much i tweak her pose, but i think that's partially because she needs to get restrung.
    6. Oh my gosh yes, absolutely. I obsessively rearrange my doll until he looks natural and comfortable, even if I'm just putting him out of the sun before I leave. It bothers me so much!

      I try to arrange him properly when I carry him around, too, so it looks more like he's willingly being carried instead of just an inanimate object on my arm. I rarely bring him out and about, so its even more unecessary, but i do it anyway.

      It also bugs me a lot when other people are messing with him and dont fix his poses! But I dont tell them that ahaha;
      #6 Crimson-Catalyst, Feb 7, 2017
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    7. @vani I'm glad I'm not the only one that is definitely bothered lol. Yeah, I had a doll with some stringing issues. Made posing a tenuous affair. Good luck with yours, hopefully things work out. ^^

      @Crimson-Catalyst I can never figure out how to carry mine. I rarely do, except to lug then here and there for a picture. oh man, let's hope not too many people give your dolls irksome poses!
    8. Sometimes more than others. I usually leave them on their beds or couch when I'm not messing with them, and I have them in sitting or lying positions. It bothers me if a hand or food is twisted weird, or if they look like they were just dropped in a pile of resin and string and everything is bent wrong at bad angles. I do fix that just because I've spent so much money on these dolls, I don't throw them around like cheap junk. But....if they aren't perfectly posed...that's ok.
    9. I am a sucker for good posing because my doll doubles as an artist's model. Whether it's just a slacky just-chillin' pose or a prim-and-proper kneeling pose (which my doll often does because of her character and ethnicity), I keep readjusting until I reach the Goldilocks' zone. I had to break in her strings to be able to do it because she arrived really kicky from the company and could hardly sit well at first.
    10. @Lehst haha, my boy is a Very Big, so it's honestly easier for me to carry him in the crook of my arm than any other way! He sits on my forearm perfectly, and then I can put a hand around his knees to ensure stability without looking like i'm carrying him - more providing him with a faster ride, haha. I usually take a moment to put his one hand in his lap and his other against my arm so it looks like he's holding on. I have no idea how I'll eventually carry two, though, lol.
    11. All the time! And it's not just the poses either; I keep my dolls in my wardrobe and had to custom sew two long cushions (one for sitting on and one as a backrest) so they'd be more comfortable. Nobody wants to sit on a hard surface for a long time. :sweat

      Once they're seated, I could spend a long time arranging their hair and clothes to make it look more natural too.
    12. Totally, I also feel bad when they're unstrung and in pieces haha, I feel like I need to get them strung back up asap so they can be comfortable again?? It's weird how we feel emotions for dolls, but we can't help it :P
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    13. For me it's the hands and feet. I just don't like it if they look awkward or unnatural. I walk by and am always adjusting them. Well, also elbows. Uh, yeah, it does seem to bother me more than I realized. Now I'm wondering if I need to look at my dolls to see if someone needs adjusting!
    14. Lol...totally. If I see a hand or foot in an awkward position, I fix it. I try to pose them so they look natural while sitting. If a joint gets twisted, I need to fix it. Haha....yes, I pay attention to the comfort of my dolls. ;):XD:
    15. I am conscious about my dolls posing in natural-looking potions when I have them out of their boxes. I strip them of all clothes and wigs when storing them for more than couple of days (to avoid color transfer), so I guess I am only concerned about them being comfortable when I can actually see them lol.
    16. @CloakedSchemer I wish I could be more relaxed about it like you are! I think that's a good way to go about it.

      @AntarelNefertili oh cool, they are a model! well I hope the strings are working well for you now.

      @Crimson-Catalyst thanks for the tips!

      @izumiyavi Dedicated cusions! sounds great. I'm able to keep mine out so they have some chairs, but they don't always sit on them... right now they stole my pillow so they could lounge elsewhere.

      @PaigeyLeigh I had to keep two boxed for a year a couple years ago, and after awhile it seemed kind of sad ha. but also kind of a waste since I wasn't playing with them. When unstrung I rationalize their soul is resting somewhere else (if I have to think about it.)
      Yup, humans are often built to care, even for dolls! It's funny but also fun lol.

      @kurogane and @mdonline03
      Yes, the hands and feet! Those have to be fixed the most. I totally relate! xD

      @nemirorox yeah, it's all about how I see them. I packed them that way too, or check them once in awhile if they haven't changed clothes in a long time, to make sure the dye doesn't... dye them lol. If they can't be seen, it is less of an issue. xD

      cool, thanks for the responses guys! Seems the general consensus is we like them to be posed naturally, at least to some extent. ^^
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    17. Yes, this bothers me as well! Especially the feet! I always use time to make sure she looks comfy:XD:
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    18. Actually.... yeah. 'SIlly as it sounds, I can't deal with having any of the crew in an awkward pose, or sitting with a foot or a hand turned the wrong way, or anything like that. It just bugs me, even though I *know* on an intellectual level that the doll itself couldn't care less. Resin can't get a cramp, after all. But to my brain? It's still just... badwrong mustfix.
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    19. Ha ha... Yes, I hate it. Especially Thranduil's jointed hands - sometimes his fingers bend backwards, and even though I know he's a doll and not in pain, it looks so horrible!
    20. Oh absolutely right, I'm just the same. My Katie has to be comfortable at all times otherwise I get one of those 'looks'. Yep, I just can't bear it if she's in the slightest sitting awkwardly. Her feet and hands always have to be in a natural position.