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Everpurple 2011 christmas & new year EVENT

Dec 17, 2011

    1. 2011 christmas & new year EVENT★

      ★We'll be getting last order of everpurple as christmas& new year event.

      1) 2+1 event

      If you order two pairs of eyes, you'll get one more event eyes.
      (You can select color and size of event eyes)
      (If you order 3pairs of eyes you can get one more event eyes
      And If you order 4 pairs of eyes you can get two more event eyes)

      2) This event is between 2011.12.19 ~ 2012.1.31

      Non-yellowing urethane eyes
      2011 event eyes use high-quality None-yellowing resins so there's color is more colorful And yellowing dosen't come to white eye area.

      If you have any questions , please let us know at QnA board of our homepage.

    2. What size eyes do you offer and are you only offering the B and S colors and not the "normal" colors you were offering in 2009?
    3. Will you do smaller irises and do you offer 12mm size?