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EverPurple ~2nd pre-order service~

Sep 5, 2007

    1. [​IMG]


      Hello everyone = D
      this is Everpurple.
      We receive 2nd pre-order service!
      Hope you like our eyes~~ XD

      New eyes were added(no.27~no.49) and Special pupil eyes are
      available at this 2nd pre-order.

      Please visit Everpurple web-site for more information : )

      Thank you.

      Everpurple : http://www.everpurple.com/
    2. I love the colors... but i cant find the price?
    3. It's under "Order" in the links on the left of the page, in the "How to Order Everpurple Eyes" sticky, right above where all the blue "Shipment Completed" lines begin. Found it?
    4. I have a question. You say custom pupils? Can you do custom shapes? Or enlarged pupils? :)

      I didn't see any thing about pupils.
    5. any plan on dark gray color? all colors are so nice but I've been waiting for some gray colors :...(
    6. Hi, are these urethane or glass eyes? I can't find info. Sorry, just found the answer. The colours are beautiful. I hope you will make smaller sizes like 10mm and 12mm.
    7. Hi! I see that it says "We receive orders for special pupil colors. All colors of Ever Purple's iris are available." --- But where can I find pupil colour samples? :) THX!
    8. What is the time limit on this preorder? When does it end?
    9. Is 035 or 045 a pale gray? I would love a pale gray pair. Thanks.