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Everpurple 57cm doll 'Iris'

Nov 10, 2009

    1. There's no notice or update on Everpurple English page, but Korean site updated with new doll, 'Iris'.




    2. there seem to be two versions of Iris- one with a small bust and high heel shoe/feet and one with flat feel and no bust. But there is no text telling you what comes with the doll, size, wait time ect yet.
      Lovely looking girl
    3. Is the Classic one a boy? The body is totally different.
    4. I think that "no bust/flat foot" version is a boy, not a girl. The female "Elegance" Iris doesn't just have a different (larger) bust and different feet - the entire body is a different sculpt from the "Classic" Iris. Plus, if you look at the starred-out genital area in this picture, it appears to be male, not female. :sweat So it's two completely new dolls, not one girl with two bust sizes.
    5. would love to know the prices..I can't see it anywhere in the site D:
    6. Anyone know the measurements of these lovelies?
    7. I think Everpurple is still adding information on her. ^^;

      I just that the following info was added:

      she has open mouth and that she has a separate teeth plate. Her eye default is 18/10 and order will be taken between 11/13-11/16
    8. Her price and such is up!

      She's so pretty <3
    9. Is she a slim MSD or SD? She is very beautiful! The male version is very cute too. :)

      EDIT: Nevermind. I'm an idiot and totally didn't see "57cm" in the title.:doh
    10. Very pretty. I wonder if it would be possible to get the flat feet on a girl. Great price too.
    11. 57cm, so she is SD ^_^

      The chest wouldn't be possible as they have a one piece torso ^^;
    12. does she have white skin version?

      I feel Iris basic version(the boy's looking) is better than girl's looking~~his feeling quite nice~~
    13. The message boards says the head takes 9-10 inch wigs, so looking at those proportions I would assume it is an SD. But more measurements would be appreciated.
    14. Measurements are up~ :)

      ...I think I'm very very sold :aheartbea
    15. I get this strange error when trying to get to the site:

      Not Acceptable

      An appropriate representation of the requested resource / could not be found on this server.

      Anyone else have this problem?
    16. Does anyone know how to become a member of their board? I can't find anything on the board and I need to know how to use babblefish or something to read Korean. TIA.
    17. I would like to know about this as well. Are the high heel feet shown with shoes or painted on shoes?


    18. Yes, she does. I read it on their site.


    19. Is this the only order period for her? Or is Everpurple only taking orders at certain times?
    20. I'd like to know more, has anyone started a specific discussion thread for these dolls?