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Everpurple Eyes ~ 1st reservation

Jul 6, 2007

    1. [​IMG]


      Hello everyone = D
      this is Everpurple.
      I am here to introduce Everpurple shop and Everpurple eyes
      (I was very surprised that DOA already knew the news of Everpurple!)

      Everpurple receives first pre-order eye service from July 6th to July 22nd
      14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm are available.

      Please visit Everpurple web-site for more information : )

      Thanking you in anticipation.

      Everpurple : http://www.everpurple.com/
    2. gorgeous eyes. Is there a chance you will make smaller sizes in the future?
    3. Great eyes!
      Any chances for photo of those in doll?
    4. Go Eye Gallery, then click the title.


      You'll find the wearing sample picture.
    5. Hi, are these high domes or low domes? I love the colours alot! <33 XD Am also interested in smaller sizes like 12mm!
    6. I tried to click the title,a window jump out with no image...@.@?
    7. Every how much time do you have preorders? I love these eyes <3!!
    8. Very beautifull eyes and a very good price! And the eyes are made very fast!! How much is shipping to Europe??
    9. How much is shipping to Canada? I see you don't list Canada on your site...is it the same as U.S.?
    10. I have been looking for several of these colors for an affordable price :aheartbea !
      After this preorder, when will the next be? and will the same colors be available? thank you very much.
    11. Perhaps I've just missed it somewhere, but what material are these eyes? Glass? They look like they're urethane, maybe?
    12. They're urethane. :)
    13. Is there any examples of eyes with no pupils? They are something ^-^ very nice. Interesting you do odd eyes. Thats a bonus :)