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Everpurple Eyes 2+1 Event!

Jan 15, 2010

    1. Hello=)
      This is Ever Purple
      We've prepared a small event for welcoming the 2010.

      Event: 2+1 event for Welcoming the 2010

      Detail: Customers who buy 2 pairs of EverPurple eyes will get 1 extra pair of eyes for the gift.

      (ex. For 2 pairs for Normal eyes, 1 pair of normal eyes will be offered.
      For 1 pair of Normal eyes and 1 pair of Special eyes, 1 pair of normal eyes will be offered.
      For 2 pairs of Special eyes, 1 pair of special eyes or 1 pair of normal eyes will be offered.)

      Event period: 2010/01/18 ~ 2010/02/18

      Please keep this in mind,
      Production period will take about 3 months.
      For the high quality of eyes, we need certain amount of time.

      Thank you!
      Ever Purple
    2. Doesn't work:

      Not Acceptable

      An appropriate representation of the requested resource / could not be found on this server.
    3. Augh. Looks like Firefox can't read the website then. My Safari seems to be having issues as well.
    4. I'm using Firefox for Mac, having no problems...
    5. Couldn't get it to work on Firefox either, but it works fine on Google Chrome.
    6. I'm on Firefox for Windows, no problems; the bandwidth may have been exceeded or there may be an extension interfering in the cases of those having trouble.
    7. I'm not having any trouble getting the sites to load in Firefox for Mac ( http://www.everpurple.com/ redirects to http://www.edoll-e.com/ -- I've successfully ordered from them previously, and it loaded just fine for me just then), but when I click on the eyes category, only one thing pops up (the notice for the eyes event), and this message is in there:

      "1. Please check Old English Site for
      ordering, checking of available eyes, and size cheking.
      (Please check the below image)"

      The event period is listed as "Event period: 2010/01/18 ~ 2010/02/18", so maybe it isn't up yet?

      A little clarification might be in order . . . because it would be nice to see what eyes are available! ;)

      Has anyone been able to see the actual eyes, vs. just getting the site itself to load?

      Edit: Found it!! It's in tiny text underneath where it says "English Site" -- here's the link: http://www.everpurple.com/ehome.htm

      -- A <3
    8. Thanks Ashbet!

      Do the B-eyes and S-eyes come in the flat shape or is that just a distortion of the photo?
    9. I can't see prices anywhere on the English site. Where do I look for prices?

    10. I'm still seeing the 'sold out' moniker on the eyes. I also was unable to find pictures of the different eyes they offer on the site.
    11. $44.00 for the normals, don't know about the special....you may have to scan thru the old site, it's right under the words 'English site'
    12. http://www.everpurple.com/ehome.htm (Thanks Ashbet)

      Left hand menu: click 'Notice'
      On the center of the page, last item: click 'How to Order Everpurple Eyes'

      Will get you to the page showing information on how to order, prices (B=$44, S=$50), and shipping fees.
    13. Just in case no one noticed this on the eye order area, EP has a very generous discount if one orders more than various base levels of pairs. It doesn't matter what type (if you say order 5 S and 5 B types you get the 10 pair discount) just # of eyes ordered.

      I love their eyes, but from my personal experience they do tend to take a little longer than their estimated time range so please be aware of that when ordering. ^^;
    14. They're SOLD OUT. I guess that means the event ended early.
    15. No, the event did not end early. You place orders by making a post on the message board for the colors and sizes that you wish to purchase.