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Everpurple Iris

Nov 10, 2009

    1. Dunno what I would do with her, but I love the body.. pity she's so small. She does remind me of a cross-breed between Iplehouse, Unoa and Serendipity. Looks like the arms are double jointed, but I would say the knees are not. Looking forward to a complete review and dissection when you get her, A;)
    2. I really like her. A lot. She is a one piece torso, which is something I adore, and I love the knee joint style, like the dollmore model knees, and the zaoll knees, it's my favourite knee joint type. The face is less interesting to me, but actually I think I might get her anyway. That body is wonderful, and the face can grow on me :lol:
      Is anyone else totally enchanted? The price is a big lure too!
    3. Her body is like a SD/Unoss crossing *O*...I'd love to see more pictures of her body!!!

      I rather seen her with normal balljoints though.. I'm actually not such a fan of the double joints actually..:).

      But her torso, legs and price are really making it hard to resist her XD...

      Other than that *O* will they be available on the english website if not how do we order from the korean site..*rolls*.

      Some other things I would like to know:
      -does she come with high or flat feet?
      -can foreigners order too?
      -How do we order?
    4. I love her body! Her knees are so beautiful!
    5. I'm totally with you! I do love the one piece torso. I never have found a multi-part torso to add that much to the posing, anyway. I wonder if she can sit nicely? That's a real big one for me.

      But, I too am puzzled as to how to sign up. I believe ordering is similar to Dollstown in that you go to their order board and post your request. But how does one sign up?


    6. She has such a beautiful face! Not sure how I feel about the one-piece torso, but the Elegance body is perfect for a small-breasted character I want to make. Unfortunately, the order period is too short for me. I can't justify buying another doll before next year. Do you think they will offer her again?
    7. This doll is perfect for a character of mine. I had just bought an Iplehouse Freezia but something was just not quite what I wanted, but Iris is! I really hope I can manage to sell her before the end of the ordering period. I want this girl so bad!
    8. Oh, I would very much like to know these two things. She is one of the few SD dolls that have caught my eye and I would lov eto start saving for her. I would like her and like to know how to buy her~~
    9. My guess it's like ordering the Everpurple eyes - you just post on their Doll Order board. I think posting is disabled there until they open orders on 11/13.
    10. Do you think it might be possible to order on the english board?
    11. Oh, I like the boy body very much... the price is really attractive too :3 Think I'll wait a bit and see owner pics and resin comparisons before diving in.

      I think it would be a great idea for someone to host a group order.
    12. On the English side, all the info is up, including how to order... bunch of pics too! You don't need to use the Korea side.
    13. Omg fab thank you Armeleia!! I'll run straight ahead lol..
    14. I'm so glad they have a boy version as well. This is quite tempting as I have always liked these sorts of "girl" heads, but I don't have the time or money to find a boy body to go with them! Very tempting...

      I wonder if I could snag a boy with the girl's faceup....?
    15. I'm totally sold for the boy I think, I love the boy's body and the price is fantastic! The face totally looks like a grown up Unoa, but I think I'm going to get the body for a Hoshino Mitsuki... Oddly for me though, I'm actually really torn between the boy and the girl! Her body is truly truly fantastic! I love her legs so much... If I could afford both right now, I'd get both of them and make a pair of twins. :/
    16. I think I may give her a try. I don't like how flat her face looks in 3/4 views, but perhaps that's not so troublesome in person? I'm happy to see another small girl with a nice body sculpt! :D
    17. I had a Freezia picked for the character I want this doll for too.
    18. Does anybody know how long the waiting period is?
    19. It's up on the site. Shipping starts the week after orders close, and the dolls will be shipped in order of being paid.

      So excited about her! :aheartbea