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EverPurple - new kids arrived!

Jul 10, 2008

    1. [​IMG]

      Hello = D

      This is Ever Purple.
      Here we introduce our new kids "Miyu","Ryun","Miyang"
      Their height is 11cm and they are 3 month old Turkish angoras.

      The first one of triplet "Miyu"

      The second one of triplet "Ryun"

      The lastborn of triplet "Miyang"

      No makeup head+body+acrylic eyes(8mm)+wellmade box are included.
      Price will be $110 per kid
      and we take orders during 7/11 ~ 7/27

      for specific info, please visit www.everpurple.com
      Thank you = D

    2. Reminder: Anthros have to be approved by the mods before it can be posted or discussed on this board
    3. These dolls have been deemed "on-topic" for DoA!
    4. when you go to the website and click the english site then doll nothing shows up for me. do you need to be a member?
    5. Click on the link labeled Order the notices for these dolls are there.

      To avoid discussion in news I started discussion thread in anthros
      Discussion thread for Turkish Angora triplets
    6. These are so cute! But I can't seem to find details on how to purchase them with the make-up, just without?
    7. Please advise whether the default makeup is the same as you show in the pictures you displayed here. Also, now that default makeup has been added, is the price different? I want to order all three kittens, but am having difficulty joining because all the replies are in Korean!
      thank you
    8. Maggie, I asked about the faceup on their Q & A and here is the respone:

      All Dolls goes with dafault makeup.
      thank you!
    9. You say you're taking orders from 7/11 to 7/27, so does that mean they are limited or will you be taking orders again in the future?