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Everpurple Turkish angoras discussion thread

Jul 11, 2008

    1. Starting a discussion thread for Turkish angoras by everpurple to avoid chatting in news.

      Everpurple announcement
    2. I just have to know what that orange stuff is floating in the bowl of milk with them in the last picture on the announcement page?
      It's really nagging me, is it dried fruit or something? o.o;
    3. I like the peaks of head fluff for sure. They're pretty neat. They have a slightly more human aspect with their flat faces and heads that aren't quite so massive.
    4. I really like Miyang! Squeezed shut eyes...so cute!
    5. It took a second look, but really, they are quite adorable. <3 I like them!
    6. They are really cute. I think I want the one called Ryun :kitty1
    7. I have to admit that they are really cute.
    8. I was just thinking the same thing. I'm not generally into the anthro type BJDs but I've liked a few of them, these are my favorite so far. :)
    9. LOL! I'm not interested in anthros either but a Turkish angora?
      I really want to get one and name him after my cat! :P
    10. *raises hand* Is this from the same Ever Purple that does the urethane eyes?
    11. I think they´re quite cute, especially the grumpy looking one.
    12. Yes it's the same Ever Purple! ^_^

      I wonder if they'll come with eyes...Probably not...>_>
    13. These are very cute! I like their fringed ears. Miyang is definitely my favorite--such a happy little face!--but the other two are growing on me.
    14. I really like them and want one, but I'm disappointed it says they come without makeup. I don't want to do the face-up myself. I'd rather have the kitty arrive all finished. I also wonder if they have magnetic tails?
    15. how do you order these? I can't see any info on the webpage.
    16. Click on the order link they have some posts there regarding the sale and how to order.
    17. They are so cute! I especially like Miyang and Ryun. They seem to be pretty reasonably priced although I too would rather have a face-up included.

      LittleSkyLark, it looks like dried potpourri pieces. Like a dried apple or flower that you find in some potpourri mixes.
    18. I'm confused, I keep looking at them and going "ew" and then going BACK to look at them and going "hmmmm".
      I just can't make up my mind, they're SO unusual looking.
    19. I hope they'll be available again. I think they're adorable. Though I'd love Ryun's eyes with Miyang's mouth.
    20. I for one would like a fluffier tail, though. Turkish Angoras have sort of fluffy tails, don't they?