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Exchange Rate killing you?

May 14, 2016

    1. Hey guys,
      I guess I just wanted to post a little rant here or not even a rant more a :evil: thread. The exchange rate between USD and AUD is KILLING ME right now when it comes to paying off my doll. Like I can still pay her off, but it seems that she's now gotten at least $100 more then her original price or even more then that.
      It just sucks so bad and is making a lot of people question why I even brought her, which in turn is making me question if it was the right thing to do and even though she already has a name and personality all this questioning and the up and down of the exchange rate is doing my head in *_*

      So yeah... Just wanted to put that out there and make a thread where others can come in and rage about exchange rates. Because right now they are sooooooooo bad!
    2. Don't even! D: I just cant even handle how much more things are. Especially for a full set. And it's way more than $100.. particularly for fullsets :(
    3. AUD to USD is ridiculous. Especially when I have no idea whether something is in AUD or USD, buy it, then have to pay MORE for my item then expected. Postage on top of that = 3x the price I expected
    4. Ugh. Tell me about it, I've got one more layaway payment to go on my Fairyland FOP Scarlett and the exchange rate has gotten worse every time I've made a payment on her. It's insane! She's costing WAY more than she should be, I don't regret buying her but it's so annoying when I think back to a few years ago when the exchange rate between USD and AUD was great.

      It makes buying any doll related items at the moment really frustrating when they start being almost double the USD price :evil::...(
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    5. I know the feeling, I'm trying to save up for a body for my floating head but the current AUD-USD exchange rate turns $213 USD to $375 AUD! :x

      Shipping is already expensive to Australia and the exchange rate makes it even worse! I'm actually feeling worried that I will never save up to get my heads body let alone accessories. :pout:
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    6. Goodness, I didn't even know this happened. That's absolutely absurd. And here I was, questioning my insanity for buying a fullset because I wanted the hair cap. With those exchange rates, I'd have given up completely on a fullset. That's basically a fullset of clothes with the added price from the exchange rate.
    7. Yes! Its so annoying:| I'll see something and think, wow what a great price, then convert it to AUD and get the shock of my life :...( Even more so is when you pay through paypal, they dont use the current exchange rate and its always usually less to the USD current rate so its even worse than what was originally converted :vein
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    8. oh man I completely agree with you about the AUD! Dolls that used to be $500AUD are now boarding on $750 :(. The 25% dip in prices is actually quite painful! I think I have to look at sourcing things more locally (and against the Yen we're doing okay), but all the Korean stores in USD is very sad for the wallet :(
    9. I put a fullset Luna from Doll Legend on layaway as my first doll due to the sale they had going on, and now it's costing me probably more then the original price >__<!
      I honestly don't see myself getting another doll for a long time due to this exchange rate, and accessories and such are out of the question.
      I mean I found some beautiful wigs that would fit her from Angell Studio, priced them and then died at the price so I'm glad she comes with everything.

      But yeah, this rate is killing me so bad! Something that should be so exciting and joyous is becoming nerve wracking every time I go to make a payment due to this. Because I never know how much extra it's going to be to get the right payment amount. This week I'm $200 just for I think $145 :(
    10. The CAN$ is horrible right now as well. I'm saving for a trip with friends in the US later this year and I basically need to save an extra 1/3 of what I estimate I need in order to have the right amount of cash in US$. My last doll purchase was, ironically enough, from someone in Australia and, in US$, the price was very reasonable for the doll. Once I converted it to CAN$... there was gasping and wincing at the price. I still bought the doll but it wiped out my doll funds in one fell swoop.

      I've recently seen a doll that I adore and it may be going up for pre-order in the summer. Given what other dolls by this artist have sold for in pre-order, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be whimpering at the painful exchange rate that'll probably add another $250CAN to my price (before shipping *sigh*). I don't see the CAN$ improving as we elected a weak, know-nothing substitute drama teacher who's only concerned about his next photo op to run the country and his lack of experience and bumbling on the world stage hurts our dollar and lowers the value of it.
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    11. I'm glad I'm not the only Canadian who thinks we elected a doofus (I did not vote for his party, I assure you). I got pretty hopeful when the dollar reached $0.80 USD a few weeks ago, but now with the fires in Fort Mac and the crazy fluctuations in oil markets, we've slipped back once again. There's a doll I really want to put on layaway so he'll arrive around my birthday, but I cringe every time I think about that CAD to USD exchange rate. *sigh*
    12. Nope, I didn't vote for PM Shiny Pony's party either *shudders*. We've been under Liberal communist rule here in Ontario for... 13 years and it shows *weeps*.

      Buying even small stuff hurts when the exchange is so bad. I'd recently purchased some wigs from a dealer in the US and while the pricing was good and the shipping very reasonable, the exchange rate added something like an additional $20 onto my order turning a $55US cost into $75CAN. Fortunately, I was lucky this time and Customs didn't nail me on the package.

      With the doll I'd like to get, it's going to be one of those get it now or forget about ever getting it kinda deals so I'll have to suck it up and bear the dismal exchange. I'm going to make that happen though even if I have to do something desperate like put it on my CC.
    13. I feel your pain! The exchange rate for me right now is R$3.53 for $1. So I have to pay more than 3 times the price plus taxes of over 100% over the value (or the value declared if they believe it). My latest doll was declared a very low value by the store despite my request not to and I had to pay over R$1400 in taxes and fines because they didn't believe the value and the lowest payment I'd sent for the doll was way higher than what they'd declared. Goodbye my savings...
    14. Oh god I can't imagine having to pay such a high fine and tax! I hope you get it paid quickly so you can build your savings up again.
    15. I pay another deposit on my doll tomorrow and the exchange creeped up once again so now it's even more expensive.
      Really starting to worry I'm not going to get her paid off :shudder
    16. I was just about to pay off a layaway today and the exchange rate dropped :horror::eek:
    17. UGHHH!!! It's so bad I share your pain on so many levels. Why couldn't we have elected non doofuses for PMs. ITS NOT LIKE WE DIDNT HAVE AWFUL SHIPPING IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! -rageyface ;A;9- FRICKYFRACK. I'm just going to hold off on this hobby until the AUD goes up. And if it never does....
      e.e I'm making my own
      -flips a hecking table-
      -cries and melts-
    18. I feel your pain ! 1$ CAN = 0.73 US Dollars. It's pretty sad ! My doll's fullset was $547 and in canadian dollars it's 706$. So if I want to buy something from Nine9Style, TataBJDs...I add 100$ canadian dollars to the total of my purchase. I'm like preparing myself to pay 100$ more than other people haha !

      When I purchased my grail doll, Maskcatdoll Ronia, she was $500 + $150 of shipping and extras. So in canadian dollars she was 910$ with the paypal taxes. I was like...Wow...Normally people with fullset and 70cm + dolls will pay that. I was a little surprised, but I choose to pay her in layaway. It's more simple and you don't die from a heart attack like I did when I saw the price.
    19. Oh boy, Australians have it bad... & as Iron Dog & Mellu said, Canadians are no better. I got a limited doll in March which was about 900 USD with shipping included, payed over 1200 Canadian dollars... This has gotten ridiculous. I know a currency's value varies across the world, but this system basically means I have to work 120h to pay my doll while an American could work only 90h doing the same work. It's not fair no matter how you put it.
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    20. Maybe the Canadians and the Australians should all rise up against their governments...
      I know how you feel. I just put a big guy on layaway, and I know he'll end up costing me somewhere between $1000-$1500 AUD. Insane! Farewell, dolls for a little while.
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